rried that it was nearing its lifespan.
But, I believe that I could survive by hand-washing my clothes now that I lived alone, and I, fortunately, possessed a washboard!

I ate my handmade dinner.
Since living alone, I often left the radio playing while I ate since it felt a little lonely.
Today, the news was playing.

—The consolidated earning of Kaname Cloud is forecasted to be raised for this term.—

News on Lord Takaoka's company was playing on the radio.
I wasn't well-versed in economics, but I was sure that this meant he was doing well.
It was amazing to appear on the news!

It really felt like we belonged to two different worlds.
It made sense why the heroine Ms.
Miu Yuuki wanted to warn me.
It was normal to view Lady Sara and the others becoming friends with a poor person like me as strange.
That might have been her way of showing kindness.
But, back in middle school, a girl with a strong sense of justice tried to protect me, but in the end, she hated me more than anyone else.
I probably had a bad habit of not being self-aware enough.
…That reminded me.
Yuuki said that I had a condescending attitude.
In other words, that meant I appeared too arrogant? What should I do to appear normal?

After my meal, I cleaned up after dinner and entered the bath.
I believed that taking baths was a luxury.
I was glad to be born in this era.
I heard that it was difficult to enter a bath in the past.
Fuki had told me that it used to be the norm for homes to not have baths inside.
When I was a child, I commented to the landlady that it must be difficult to use firewood for her boiler, but she said that this was easier than in the past.

Tomorrow was school.
I overcame the temptation to use my smartphone and went to sleep! Was what I thought, but in the end, I grabbed it.
Oh, there was a video of Lord Shiroyama's performance.
Hmm, I wasn't very fond of his playing.
I enjoyed intellectual performances.
His relied heavily on emotion.
But, if this performance was highly rated in competitions, did this mean that this was the mainstream way now? After all, Lady Mary was an old, old-fashioned person.

After that, I listened to a performance from a famous pianist, but they weren't seen as a performer who was as emotional as Lord Shiroyama.
I guess that the type of people who enjoyed Lord Shiroyama's performance enjoyed that kind.
People enjoyed the performances that fit their tastes.
Well, it didn't matter to me.

Was what I had thought, but Lord Shiroyama showed up in front of me the next day.

“My rival, Reiko Kujouin!”

As I enjoyed lunch together with Lady Sara and Lord Souju at the café in the salon, Lord Shiroyama appeared.
What was this? Could I not enjoy a peaceful lunch? Lady Yuria Sakurada's capture targets were all crazy people.
Naturally, Lord Souju was the exception.

“I won't lose to you!”

He said and promptly left.

“Is he really a quiet person? He doesn't look like one at all to me.”

“I'm also very surprised.
He used to always be in a daze.”
“Well, that just shows how amazing Rei's performance was.
But, if his attitude continues to escalate, I'll need to hammer the nail.”

Lord Souju's wicked smile was scary.

“I'm also here! So, do relax, Rei.
I'll also ask Grandfather and Grandmother.”
“Thank you, Sara, Sou.”

Having said that, I didn't want to trouble them.
Lady Sara and Lord Souju were my precious friends.
There were many insane characters around me, but the only physical attack was that tackle from Lady Yuria Sakurada.

Although there were slightly uncertain factors in my school life, I was doing okay.
Of course, I wasn't close to the other new students, Ms.
Miu Yuuki hated me, and every time I encountered Lord Shiroyama, he declared, “I won't lose!” By the way, I hadn't encountered Lord Katsuragi.
This was solely thanks to Lord Madenokouji.
I was truly grateful to him.
Even if Lady Yuria Sakurada was watching me from afar, she hadn't called out to me.
My presence in the school stood out, but I didn't mind since I had Lady Sara and Lord Souju.
Rather, I was worried that the two would get too angry on my behalf.

Another piano performance was quickly booked for me next month.
I also took first place in the term exams.
Fufufu, I was a scholarship student after all! Until now, Lord Souju held the top spot.
Surprisingly, the top of the second-years was Lord Katsuragi.
Third-years was Lord Madenokouji.
Even though Lord Katsuragi didn't listen to people, I guess he properly listened to classes.
The student council president had to not only be a salon member but also have excellent grades.
I understood why they nominated Lord Souju.

“Rei, you're really smart, aren't you? I heard that Lord Juuichirou Kujouin also had an unbelievably keen mind.
Grandfather told me that when I told him you stole the first place spot from me.
His data processing abilities exceeded the normal person's comprehension, and he could make accurate judgments.”
“Lady Mary never told me anything about Grandfather, so I don't know.
So, Grandfather was smart, huh.”

Why did Grandfather marry Lady Mary? It was strange.

Everything was going so well that it scared me.
After the exams, the school was bustling with preparations for the cultural festival.

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