wonderful Received Pronunciation! It's highly-dignified and very good.
Everyone, please follow her example.”

I didn't notice as I was angry at daffodils, but Prof.
Koda had the same pronunciation as Lady Mary.
I see.
I was acknowledged by my brethren.
The one called upon next was the heroine, Miu Yuuki, and she read fluently.

“Oh, that is all.”

Koda was cold.
I think Prof.
Koda could have praised her a bit more.
Was it because her pronunciation was different from mine? After that, the other new students read the poem.
Koda's criticism was relentless.
I was the only one she praised.
This was very uncomfortable.

When class ended, the new students stared at me from a distance and were whispering something.
It was mostly related to the teacher's evaluation in the class earlier.
I was only praised because my pronunciation was similar to the teacher's.
It wasn't strange for them to feel wronged.

I pretended not to notice their gazes as I prepared to go home.
Lady Sara and Lord Souju called out to me that we'll be going home together today as well.
It felt so reassuring when I wasn't alone.

Lady Sara and Lord Souju walked together with me as if to protect me.
As expected, we didn't want to see Lady Yuria Sakurada on our way home.
I didn't care about being called a villainess, but I wanted to limit the number to just once a day.

When we passed through the school gates, I said my farewells and attempted to leave.
But, I was once again boarded in the car.
Just like yesterday, they said that the train was dangerous and they'll send me home.

“It's already fine.
My anti-molester strategy is water-tight!”
“When did you buy security products? Show me.”

I took out a safety pin from my pocket.

“It's this.
I can stab the person with it.”

The two froze.

“I think that's dangerous.”
“Yeah, that's no good.”

Right, stabbing someone with a safety pin was accompanied by a risk.

“There's a risk of being infected by a bloodborne disease, but if I pay attention to the stabbing tip, I should be fine.”

After stabbing with the safety pin, I could possibly stab my own finger.
However, depending on the stab's location, I think that the possibility would decrease.
I believe it would be fine to stab the person in the thigh and not remove the pin.
In the first place, if the pin wasn't removed, there would be little to no blood drawn.
And even if some blood did come out, it would only be a little and the fabric of the person's pants would probably absorb it.

When I explained such, the two sighed.

“Rei, molesters aren't only inside the trains, you know.
We only went to Hanaoka for the first time yesterday, but it's dangerous to walk when there's no one around.
You could be easily thrown into a car and kidnapped.”

It was true that I would certainly be easily thrown into a car, given my current situation.

“I have been walking by myself for the longest time.
It's nothing after all this time.”
“Isn't that simply because you haven't been met with such a situation until now? Just entertaining the thought that you could be kidnapped sends shivers down my back.”
“Yeah, even if you said that you've been fine so far, that doesn't mean you will definitely be fine in the future.
There's no guarantee, after all.”

There truly was no guarantee, but I think that can't be helped.

“Grandfather told us that he wants us to see you off.
He probably wants to repay your grandfather.
Do you think you can listen to the wish of an elder without many years left?”
If he knew of your existence yet didn't do anything in return before he died, he can't rest in peace.”

Their grandfather looked to be very hearty and lively, but was he suffering from some kind of illness?

“I do appreciate the kind offer, but I really do feel embarrassed.
Um, if my performance really has value, then, er…”

It was only an amateur's performance in the end.
It was presumptuous for me to believe that it was worth an escort home.
I would regret saying something so embarrassing.

“Exactly! Let's do that! We'll have the next party in that Western-style manor.
Please do your performance at that time.”

Lady Sara clapped her hands together and expressed with her face that it was a good idea.

“Then, that should be fine, yes? We'll have Takaoka send you again.”
“We want to accompany you back, but we have something to do today.
It's a shame.”

By no means! I couldn’t have these two waste any more of their precious time for my sake.
Starting today, I would be commuting to school via car.

Takaoka would be sending me home today, but it appears that someone else would do it tomorrow.
Thanks to my late grandfather, I could commute to a luxurious school like a high-class lady in a car.
Even though I'm dirt-poor, I could commute by car!

Thank you very much, my grandfather in heaven! How did such an adored gentleman marry thatLady Mary? It truly was a mysterious wonder.
Was it, perhaps, a political marriage?

In the end, I had Mr.
Takaoka take me all the way home.
Takaoka smoothly opened the door for the dirt-poor me.
While I did feel sorry, this was Mr.
Takaoka's job.
I thanked him and got off the car.

When I did, two men dressed in suits came towards me from the direction of the landlord's place.
I prepared myself as they addressed me.

“Are you Ms.
Kujouin? I'm Hayashida from Sakurada Online.
I have come here upon request from President Sakurada.
We could talk outside, but I would prefer to talk inside your house.
Is that fine?”
Hayashida, you said house, but this looks more like a shed.”

The men who let out such obnoxious laughs and had such arrogant attitudes were employees of the company run by Lady Yuria Sakurada's family

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