Regression Of The Cosmic

Chapter 3 : Sis Vs Bro

”Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! ”

I shouted as I got out of my bed. That was some wacky dream I had. I caught my head in my hand as I tried to process everything that happened in the dream.

”Sheesh… Don scare people like that! ”

I heard a feminine voice say, hearing the voice I turned towards the source.

Were my senses dulled by the dream or what?

The person that was standing in front of me was a girl in her early twenties. She had long free flowing blonde hair and crystal red eyes. She wore a white T-shirt and jean type shorts.

I then looked at my surroundings, I was in my bedroom back in my parents house. It was a big room with all the four walls painted black. The bed was towards the right side of the room with a study table and bookshelf towards the left side.

I rubbed my eyes and even pinched my cheek to see if it was a dream. The pain that I felt was proof that I was not dreaming. So does that mean the girl who is standing in front of me is the person I think she is?

”Sera…. is this…. a dream? ”

I asked the girl, yes it felt weird but I had to know. In response to my question she just gave me a forehead flick.

”Did you finally get brain damage? ”

She asked sarcastically. The pain I felt, the annoyance all brought back so many memories. This is reality, I regressed because of Dihetus. All of that wasn a dream, it actually happened.

”You wish. ”

I gave her a response and got out of bed. The girl was my sister, Sera Foster. Yeah, compared to me she is a looker and is a talented hunter.

”Breakfast is ready, come down before I finish everything. ”

”Glutton. ”

”Oh you wanna go!? ”

”Im fine right where I am. ”

”You little punk…. ”

Feeling frustrated, she left the room. I then headed to the bathroom that was attached to my room. I looked around, it was so nostalgic. There was a shower room, a tub and a sink.

I went and washed my face at the sink. I then looked at the mirror that was above the sink. The mirror reflected a blonde haired boy with electric blue eyes. The person that I was looking at really fit the term delinquent well. He looked like a 14 year old though.

”Im really back. ”

I muttered to myself as I placed my hand on my forehead and pulled my hair back. I wasn naturally blonde. I did this as an act of rebellion against my dad, I don remember why though.

I then quickly brushed my teeth and headed for the dining room. If I remember correctly, the room was on the ground floor second room to the right of the staircase.

Yeah I don want to brag but I was from a well off family. Yes, I live in a two story house, which I guess is a big thing since dad isn a hunter. Thats why I was like this, stupid, idiotic and foolish, trying to lord over others just because I was rich. I then reached the room and couldn open the door.

I grabbed the doorknob but I couldn turn it, I couldn find the courage to face them after what happened. I still remember their faces that night and I was scared. Scared that this was just a figment of my imagination and if I opened the door there they would be. Lying on the floor lifeless.

”Are you just gonna stand there? ”

I heard a rough and deep voice behind me. Hearing that voice my blood went cold, like I was petrified by a predator. I turned and saw a middle aged man with pitch black hair and electric blue eyes. He had wrinkles on his forehead, but he was good looking with his pale fair skin. The man that I regret not fixing things with, and the man that raised me…. My Dad.

This man, he was always harsh on me. He would shout at me whenever I would come home late or ask for some cash, but despite all that he cared. He cared a lot for both me and my sister, but the day I realised that, it was too late. This was a regret that was rooted so deep into my heart. Seeing that man I couldn hold back my tears from rolling down. This was the first time I saw him in so many years and I needed the reconciliation.

I hugged him as I let my emotions overflow. I had done so many disheartening things, I couldn possibly atone for all of them.

”Im sorry…. Im so very sorry. ”

I asked for forgiveness as I was still crying. Hearing the commotion Sera and a middle aged woman with blonde hair and crystal red eyes came to check.

”Whats wrong? ”

Both Sera and the woman asked as they entered. They then looked at us and gasped. Seeing me hugging dad was the last thing they thought they would see.

”Im not quite sure. ”

Dad said as he started to pat me on my head as he tried to comfort me. Seeing me in such a state the woman also came to comfort me. As she got closer I hugged her and dad both.

”Mom, Dad promise me you won go….. please. ”

I asked them as I held them closer and tighter. I felt if I let go this dream would end and I would still be in that castle regretting everything. The guilt and the resentment that I had for myself after that incident I will never be able to forget. So all thats left is to make things right now.

”Ren, whats going on? ”

As I heard that question, I knew that they needed an explanation. Anyone would, who would stay still if they saw someone they cared about in a state like mine.

”I just had a bad dream. ”

I said as I tried to pull myself together. Making them worried was the last thing that I wanted to do. So after wiping my tears I smiled the widest smile I could.

”Im fine, don worry. ”

I said as I let go of them. Seeing them right in front of me made me happy. This was the best gift I could receive.

”Are you sure? ”

Mom asked with a worried voice. She was always the one that pampered me, although that was fine its just that I misused that fact. I was the sole reason why what happened, happened.

”Yes. ”

In this chance that I was given, I will make sure that I will protect everything that is important to me.

Seeing as they didn believe me, I walked into the dinning room. I then sat on the chair where I usually sat.

Todays breakfast was toast, some egg and some juice. I then grabbed one slice of toast and ate it as I looked at them, who still looked a little shaken.

”Come on, the food will get cold. ”

I said to them after I swallowed the piece that I ate. They say everything can be solved with a conversation, so what better way to talk then over some food.

”I might finish your share too. ”

I said as I almost grabbed Seras egg. Just then Sera appeared sitting on her chair and grabbed her plate.

”Don even think about it! ”

She said as she glared daggers at me. One thing about Sera, she loves to eat. So if you wanted her to do anything all you had to do was give some food as the reward.

Seeing us, mom and dad also joined and took their seats. They still glanced at me from time to time. They were obviously still worried about me, if only I could do something to assure them.

”Hey, Sera, wanna spar after this? Since tomorrow I get my licence itll be good practice. ”

I asked as I looked at her with a grin on my face. From what Im aware of after looking through my phone is that Im in the year 2019. Im fourteen right now, and Im going to take the hunters exam tomorrow. After you turn 14 you can get a hunters licence, but you can only attempt dungeons upto D rank. Everything above that is for after graduation from Hunter School.

”You wanna get destroyed before you get your licence? ”

”No, I just wanted some real life experience. ”

I said with the brightest smile I could muster. Seeing my smile all Sera could do was look at me annoyed.

”Im warning you, youll get hurt. ”

She said in a serious tone, hearing her I actually kind of felt like laughing. She, beat me, the leader of humanity. It was like a mouse threatening a lion.

”Well see about that. ”

Seeing our banter mom looked a lot more relaxed than she was a minute before. Well it was normal for us to spar, so this was the best way to make them relaxed.

”Go easy on him, Sera. ”

”Come on mom, I can handle myself. ”

It was kind of saddening that mom didn have faith in me. I guess the numerous spars served as reference. Yup, I have never defeated Sera in a spar ever, but this time is different.

”Young man, listen here, tomorrow is your big day so getting hurt is not an option. ”

Mom said with a stern look on her face. Fine, lets not push this matter further. Moms kinda scary when she is really mad. Even worse than dad at times.

”Its good to be enthusiastic, but you gotta know there is a line between a spar and being reckless. ”

Dad said as he was reading the newspaper. The way he said it was kind of harsh but I know he meant well.

”You know you can just say that you should be careful. ”

I said as I took a bite of toast. Mom and Sera both looked surprised at me, well its understandable. Me and dad very rarely talked back in the past so I want to make the most of this time.

Dad was slightly cold to us, his kids. So me and Sera weren as close to him as we were to mom. I wanted to change that this time, to a family that I dreamt of so often. Where everyone got along well with each other.

”You can take it like that if you want. ”

He said a slight blush on his face. He didn make eye contact with me but I could tell he was embarrassed. Man, hes such a tsundere. Mom seeing him started giggling, while Sera just had her mouth agape.

”A fly is gonna enter your mouth. ”

I said as I drank my orange juice, a smile then grew on my face. These normal interactions were what I wanted for all those years. And now having them, it feels like a dream. A dream that I don want to end.

I swear on the name of Ren Foster, I will protect my family no matter what. I will pay them back ten fold if they get involved again.

”Oh yeah, dad, could you lend me some money. ”

I said as I looked straight in the eye. He gave me a very serious look as he kept the newspaper on the table. The look he gave me was a normal one he gave whenever I asked for money.

”I wanted to dye my hair back before tomorrow. ”

I said as I gave him a serious look. He never said
o whenever you had to ask him with a serious look. I think that was his way of a test if he wanted to know what you needed the money before.

”Huuuuuuuuuuuuh!! ”

Sera looked at me shocked out of her mind. She then placed her hand on my forehead to check my temperature.

”Are you sure you
e fine? ”

”Im fine! Im just tired of my blonde hair. ”

I explained, although everyone still looked like I was sick or something. Man, it really was bad.

”So how much will you need? ”

He asked me as he pulled out his phone. It was normal to use phones to do all the money transactions. Well since it was a better method than handing cash.

”However much you
e willing to give I will accept. ”

Hearing my response he looked at me again and then did the transaction. I wasn expecting much but when my phone vibrated and I looked at the amount my eyes almost popped out of my sockets

{Amount credited to your account: $500}

”Are you sure you didn add an extra zero? ”

I asked in bewilderment, this was the first time that dad gave me such a large sum. It was probably a mistake on his part, surely. Hell probably ask the amount right about now.

”No, thats the right amount. Make sure that you
e ready for tomorrow. ”

Yeah never mind, hearing his response it almost made me feel guilty, but I accepted it.

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