Maya got up to early to know more about her classmates. It was just an excuse. She wanted the details of the poster guy.

But she didn find much.

Riya has detailed notes of everyone else from their favorite food to their kindergarten adventures. But there was just a name and description of the poster boy.


Appearance: Tall, brown hair, brown eyes.

What else?

Except for the name, she knew everything.

Maya was very confused.

When she asked Riya, nothing emerged.

”I have detailed information. You should see clearly. ”

Maya understood then. This guy wasn subjected to the plot so he was like a self-repairing existence and no one cared about him.

That also meant he was super powerful.

As he wasn suppressed by anything, he should be the most powerful person. And the most powerful person stayed hidden without anyones knowledge.

Maya was speechless.

She went to the class with expectations. She wanted to know more about the poster boy.

She sat at the back. Like he did. His corner was really like a blindfold. No one paid attention to her. Not even her bullies.

She waited for him.

And he came just before the teacher came.

He was surprised to see her but he quickly sat down.

Maya found that he wore a woolen hat. Was it cold today? She had to wear appropriate weather clothes. The plant vampires didn suffer from the weather but she had to behave like blood vampires.

”Do you have one more cap? ”

He looked at her like she was crazy.

She betted between saying I didn pack it with my luggage and I forgot to wear it today.

She went with the first option.

”I didn pack it with me. I had to pack just the essentials. ”

He shook his head no.

Maya felt like she was behaving crazily and she wouldn become friends with him like this.

”So you have some kind of mental magic where people don pay attention to you, huh? ”

He snapped his pen.

”You are wrong! ”

He said gruffly.

Like she would believe. They were talking here and no one noticed. No one can say this is not weird.

”Don worry. I think this power is awesome. I would literally die for it. ”

She exaggerated. She didn want to die. But maybe next time, her golden finger power could be this. She would love it.

He ignored her.

”You see, if we become friends, you can keep an eye on me. And we can hang out so you would know exactly what I am doing. ”

He stopped writing.

”I can know this without becoming friends. ”

”But becoming friends, you can keep an eye on me legally. Otherwise, you are infringing my rights or something. ”

He seemed to think about this for a while.

”Deal. ”

He was clever. She had to say this.

”I am Maya. Nice to meet you. ”

She wanted to hear his name by his mouth.

”My name is Nirup. ”

”Suits you, ” She added.

Maya felt like it was the most bizarre way of a conversation she had.

”So how long have you studied here? ”

”Five years. ”

”Oh. Now you ask me something. ”

”Are you always this uh, this… ”

Maya felt like she understood what he was trying to say.

”No. Im trying to move out of my comfort zone. You are my first friend here. In my home town, all of my friends are basically my cousins. There are two schools there. And we all are in the same class. ”

She was telling the truth. She went to the family school. Her family was the most prosperous one. They were all Natural Plant Vampires. They had only plant-growing abilities. The other plant vampires could manipulate plants. Maya had never done that. She could just politely ask the plants for things. She could never control them and she didn want to control them.

Why control plants if she could ask them?

The other thing that differentiates plant vampires was that they had a plant mate. They had a bonded plant. If a vampire can bond with a plant before the age of twenty-five, that vampire was considered an elite.

Maya had no idea how it felt. She died when she was twenty-four so she never had a plant mate.

Plant vampires had fun. The blood vampires had nothing except their royal cliches.

Like all other plant vampires, Maya also had a prejudice against the blood vampires. There were many horror stories being told about them in her tribe.

So she still had a belief that blood vampires thought with their blood lust rather than their brains. They acted that way. Otherwise, why would they want to annihilate all other tribes? And the other thing about them was that they had greed for power.

It would be good if they lived in their own world without disturbing others. But no, they had to go conquer everything.

So they were beaten back by the werewolves. It was very hilarious. The werewolves were very much concerned about their territory and the blood vampires were brutally treated by them. Maya felt that they deserved that.

Thats why she was confused when she faced Nirup. He wasn a blood vampire. He wasn a vampire. He wasn a werewolf and he wasn a wizard.

So who was he?

She wanted to ask him but it should be considered rude.

Seeing her obvious interested expression and also her hesitation, Nirup was puzzled.

”What do you want to know? ”

”What is your power? ”

”I have multiple powers. One of them is I can distinguish your race. So you must understand what Im saying. ”

Wow. This guy. He was really the person from the will of the world. He had lots of good things. People couldn get one power and he had many of them.

”Then you should understand why Im here? ”

He looked at her.

”I am here to keep stability. What about you? ”

”Funny enough. Same as you. ” She bumped his shoulder.

”Then we can be good friends. ”

Maya smiled. Yes, they can be.

Maya made an origami gift for him.

She made him a paper model. His own paper model. It had a comical resemblance to him. Maya had to make it funny. Life without fun is very boring.

And Maya wanted to live to the fullest. She had to be without regrets.

Maya didn want to wonder about what if. She hated those questions.

What if I did that? What if I tried to work hard?

Whats the use of that? If she could do that, then nothing like this would have happened. She was a human. Not a god.

But now, she could do what she couldn have done earlier.

”This is from me. ”

Nirup had known that she was doing something. He felt the magic the same as him beside him. The person beside him was her.

So he waited to see what she did.

When he touched the paper figure like himself, he was stunned.

The paper sculpture looked like a funny version of himself. He liked it.

”Maybe when you go out to do something sneaky, tell me. I can help you. We have the same goals. And I will never betray you. ”

Maya wanted to see what his expression would be when he knew about her real employer.

They worked for the same entity.

She trusted him unconditionally.

He gave her the power of getting new powers every week. His employer was the one who made her live again.

”You know, Nirup, Im sure a lot of girls will be fawning over you if you remove this magical enchantment around you. ”

”What? ”

”You are cute. If you go out there, some idiots could never get on stage. And many things won happen. ”

He got it.

”You know many things. But even if I go out now, nothing will happen. My existence will be ignored, you should understand. ”

”What about you go out gradually and influence them all with me? We will wreak chaos out there. ”

Nirup wanted to consider this seriously. Her eyes had a bewitching effect on him. He continuously gave her chances to talk to him.

Otherwise, with his powers, no one could see his presence. She was different.

What was different and why was she different, he didn know.

But he liked this idea.

”Lets break the plot, then! ”

Maya nodded.

The poster boy Nirup was with her and she was happy.

”Do you have a family? ”

”No. I came here five years ago. ”

Maya felt bad for asking this. He was like a God who had no earthly ties. She wanted him to become more human. He was a human now.

”What about we go to the library and go stalk some other people? ”

Maya has a good idea.

She wanted to go and stalk the council but she had no opportunity. The council hall was beside the library.

And this was how they were trapped by the defense mechanism of the council hall after sneaking.

Maya looked at him and stuttered.

”I will take you out. ”

He just kept looking at her. And that look was the same as his unbelieving look.

Maya was in trouble.

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