Maya was satisfied with the gold finger she had received from the Will of the World. She didn know how to use it but she liked it. She had to thank the guy who had given her this opportunity.

She realized that she did not know his name.

It was okay.

It was time to see what her first power would be. Maya hoped for a cool one like telepathy or invisibility.

She opened the gold finger panel in her mind. She clicked on the button to reveal it.

Maya excitedly waited to see her new power.

It was origami power.

Maya was really shocked. Did this system hope for her to make origami? How was it useful to her now?

Maya scratched her head in confusion. She now realized how funny it was to rely on good fingers. She should work by herself.

Maya wanted to go find Riya but she realized that she was in school now. She had to go to her next class.

It was P.E. anyway and she knew for a fact that this was a free class. Whatever you want, you do kind of class.

Maya went outside the building and headed for the empty area behind the cafeteria. No one normally hung out there and it was perfect for her.

Maya first needed to recharge her energy.

She sat on a log and felt around her.

As she closed her eyes, she could feel the green energy surging around her.

That was the essence of plants. This was like oxygen for humans. For plants, the essence was like their power. She borrowed it from them and then she gave it back. This way, the plants got a purified version of their power back.

A win-win situation for the plants and the plant vampires.

Thats why plant vampires were one with nature. Plants were like their best friends.

Maya slowly absorbed the essence. It was the first time she did this after coming back here. Absorbing once was enough for a week for plant vampires.

But blood vampires needed to be fed regularly, at least once in two days. Otherwise, they would wither like waterless plants.

But blood vampires possessed stronger powers. They could do all kinds of difficult stuff like throw fireballs, air balls, water balls, and even rock balls. But plant vampires couldn do anything except do some tricks.

Like the one Maya did with the air spell using the help from the nearby plants.

Maya recharges herself and she felt that the air was fresher. Like the time, when you are really thirsty and when you drink water, you feel that there is nothing better in this world other than water.

Maya felt the same way.

She played with some of the grass stalks and her origami power played its use without her knowledge. Maya made a crown, a ring, earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, and even anklets.

Pity, she didn notice.

Maya thought she was just twisting and breaking the twigs. No one could really blame her. She honestly forgot that she had a new power.

Maya got up to leave. She had to eat.

She went to the cafeteria through the backdoor.

Riya was already sitting at the corner table waiting for her and eating chips, actually devouring them.

Maya who was very full took four apples.

”Hey, ” Riya greeted her.

”Hi, got any cutter? ”

Riya nodded.

”The girls who were confronting us yesterday. I found out their info. The taller one with the ponytail is Kriya, the daughter of the council member of the werewolf high command. The other one is Hima. Her parents are the golden professors at the Science Institute. ”

Maya understood why they felt like queens. Kriya was a kind of princess and Hima was a rebel. Their acting out was natural. Or maybe they liked bullying. The environment couldn be blamed always.

Anyway, she wasn here to set them right or redeem them. She needed them to stay away like at least the suns distance from earth, from her.

”More sauce? ”

”Kriya is arrogant and doesn like civilians. She had princess syndrome. Hima is her follower because she likes to do whatever Kriya tells her. ”

Weird. Seeing them like this, Maya didn know what to say.

The book characters who were mentioned in the plot were weird. Take these two princesses as examples.

In the book, Kriya falls for the civilian male protagonist, and then she starts her journey of getting abused. Hima, her loyal friend gets the same treatment because she never abandoned her friend.

Both were stupid enough.

Talk of the devil, they came right towards her.

They weren even strong. They bullied others because of their parents power. Otherwise, these princesses would cry even if one of their hair strands breaks.

”Well well well, look who we have here. An air user. Who does a party trick. ”

Kriya sneered.

Hima just gave a long hmm.

Maya wanted to roll her eyes.

”What do you want? ” She asked the two princesses.

She had the patience to deal with them. The ones with who she wasn patient enough were the main characters of the book. If she could Maya wanted to hit them all at the same time.

”Yesterday, you somehow escaped from me. Lets see who is tough. ”

She cracked her knuckles like it showed how much strength she had.

Riya was actually a good fighter. And Maya saw her looking at her with schadenfreude.

Riya was actually the shadow and Maya was the light in their team. Riya wasn supposed to draw attention so she had to solve this trouble.

”How about we have a competition? ”

Kriya nodded.

”Lets see. How about you lift the center table with your air power? ”

Maya wasn hit on the head. Why would she agree? ”

”You can demonstrate first. Ill learn from you. ”

Her humble appearance enraged Kriya.

”Hmph. You civilians, you don have any qualifications yet you come here. ”

Maya didn actually like this.

”Civilians are actually entitled more to this school than you. Your family works for us, civilians. And you shouldn talk to your employers like this. ”

The whole hall was silent. Everyone was paying attention to this drama but Maya actually successfully entered everyones eyes with her performance.

Kriya was now as red as a tomato. Perhaps no one had talked back to her.

Maya didn need to cater to her needs. She wasn involved in this circle anyway. Plant vampires were the sole survivors in the forests. And these stupid politics didn affect them. But her cover needed to be kept safe.

”Sorry. Sometimes, I speak out like this. I shouldn say that. You are very noble. I should be very happy here standing with you. ”

Maya looked like she was about to cry.

Kriya couldn say anything. She was a proud girl and she didn see a situation like this. Maybe this was why she was often defeated when she faced the sinister heroine of the book.

She snorted and turned away intending to leave.

She couldn stay here to fight with words. And she already lost her face today. But no one would talk about her behind her back.

Kriya was leaving in a hurry and Hima followed her. They walked like they owned the place but if they walked slowly it could be cinematic. They were actually fleeing. And walking fast on a floor which was just cleaned and had food as milkshakes dropped was a really and idea.

Maya had slipped many times in her home.

She intended to teach the girls a lesson but she didn want them to be embarrassed like this. Teenagers feel that high school was their life. And because she didn want to be reprimanded, Maya had to think fast.

She picked up the chips bag and her fingers folded it like they had done this a thousand times.

Maya shot it and it wedged between the chair and a table making the chair beside topple over. The noise caught the attention of the girls and they didn trip.

No one saw what Maya did. But only two people noticed because they were watching her. Riya saw Maya folding her chips wrapped into a plane dagger which flew and did this stunt.

And the other person was the boy responsible for Mayas golden finger.

He was somehow attracted by the magic and checked the source.

He then saw the girl nimbly make a dagger out of a packet and shoot it like a gun. The important thing was that it worked.

And here Maya felt that the golden finger was good. Not that miraculous but it was awesome.

She just shot a dagger.

Maya also understood that no matter what power you have, you should know how to use it. Even useless powers were very useful when used right at a useful time.

Moreover, she didn have time to practice her newly obtained powers to perfect their way.

Maya made a paper boat to commemorate this moment.

She loved paper boats. Every person who loves folding papers should love making them. Rainy days with paper boats were the best.

And also making daggers out of papers with the same lethality was even better. Could save your life in dangerous moments.

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