Ch1 – Rebirth? Doomsday!

After the snow fell heavily, till about a foot thick, it gradually began to melt under the power of the scorching sun overhead.


Terrified screams, wailing, and loud roars broke the scenery that should have seemed quiet and peaceful.




Some were running, some had fallen, and some were thrown to the ground by their former peers and friends, getting bitten and chewed on, dyeing the pure white snow red.


In the middle of May, the season known to have a scorching sun and hot temperatures, a strange and incomparably heavy snow suddenly fell across the world, and white instantly covered the whole planet.



Everyone knows that this snow is definitely not normal, but they continued on with their day.
But after a few hours of heavy snow falling, everyone who has been in contact with these snowflakes fell into a deep sleep inexplicably.
People are also powerless to do anything, and it is not until more than ten hours later that people gradually wake up.



But after waking up, people who still retain human reason are faced with this hell-like scene.


Wei Xuan stood in front of the window a little stunned, looking at the city completely covered with snow.



It’s obviously mid-May, but at this time the streets are covered by a layer of white snow…


However, it is not this weird sight that makes Wei Xuan stand at the window in a daze.
The snow began to melt, but the screams, the cries for help, fleeing people rushing out of their homes, and the figures chasing behind them…


This is such a familiar scene, it’s almost exactly the same as the scene he saw three years ago when the apocalypse arrived and when he woke up early in the morning…


In the street, a person is desperately trying to run to a parked car, but he didn’t notice that in addition to the figure chasing behind him, a figure suddenly jumped out from the side of the car, throwing him to the ground.
The white snow was instantly colored bright red.


It didn’t take long for the figure who was knocked down and the figure who had thrown him to stand up slowly one after another.
The figure who was knocked down was obviously missing a few pieces of flesh, and half of his body was dripping with blood.
He staggeringly joined the attacking group.



He turned around a little dazedly, Wei Xuan walked back to his bed, picked up the phone on the bedside table, and when he saw the time displayed on it, he couldn’t help muttering to himself: “May in XX At 7:14 in the morning on the 15th…” After that, his previously dazed eyes gradually became focused, “…So, I’ve been… reborn?” 


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He closed his eyes and recalled the last thing he saw, a red fireball rushed towards him, towards the figure that hugged and tried to protect him.


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Thinking of this, Wei Xuan immediately turned around, opened the door of his bedroom closet, pulled out a backpack from the corner, and began to collect everything that might be useful to him.


In City T, heavy snow began to fall around yesterday afternoon, and many people were still working at that time.
But when they returned home one after another, these people fell into a deep sleep.
As a result, some moving vehicles caused a series of car accidents, but neither the people in the car, the police, nor the people passing by woke up. 


In the early morning of May 15th, as the sun began to melt this crystal-white city, the whole world instantly turned into a living nightmare!


In his last life, Wei Xuan struggled in the apocalypse for three years, even now he doesn’t know who betrayed him and Du Hang.
Someone led a certain force in the base to secretly set a trap for him and was kidnapped for research!


If they hadn’t underestimated Du Hang’s powerful ability as a half-zombie and let him rescue him, if they hadn’t been chasing after him, meanwhile blocking the zombies, he wouldn’t have been able to blow up the laboratory’s core energy room… and he wouldn’t have returned to the third to this point in time, right?


“Du Hang…” With a low murmur, Wei Xuan accelerated the speed of packing.
He wants to find Du Hang as soon as possible! But unfortunately, although I lived with him for three years in the apocalypse, because Du Hang has become a half-zombie he has no memory of the past, and can’t communicate with him at all.
The only thing on him that can prove his identity was the driver’s license that he had long lost in the early days of the apocalypse.
Now, if he wants to find him, if he wants to reactivate his abilities just like in his previous life, Wei Xuan can only follow the exact path from his past life.


He hurriedly packed his things, Wei Xuan looked at the clock on the wall and waited quietly for the time to come, and looked out the window and downstairs from time to time.
His past ability, he must seize the opportunity, he must not make any change!





Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! The metal stool slammed into the woman who threw herself on top of

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