[Name: Scarlett]

[Age: 12]

[Race: Demon]

[Hp: 200/200]





[Stat points:0]





[Bloodline Abilities][Locked]

[Martial Arts] [Locked]







Sitting down on what she thinks is a floor, Scarlett looks at her status in front of her. Not sure how she feels about the whole demon part, she decided not to pay attention to it for now. From the looks of it she went from being an 18 year old girl to regressing back into a 12 year old.

Sigh, well I guess everything is fine as long as Im alive. Even if I have become a 12 year old demon girl.

Wait I am still a girl right?!

Reaching her hand to touch her chest, she was almost about to cry tears of joy from the fact that she felt to small lumps.

Its better than nothing! After all i am a twelve year old now Im sure my boobs with grow in no time.

Satisfied that she was still a girl, Scarlett looks back to the screen. A lot of things looked locked?

Hmm? How do I unlocked them?



[Insufficient cultivation]

Oh! Is this an interactive system like those in novels?

With a grin on her face she greets, ” Hello System ”




Okay then not an interactive system.

Pouting she trys to remember why the system reacted. All she remembered think was how to open the [locked] sections.

Maybe it responds to certain phrases?

Thinking of the right words to say was pretty easy. Opening her mouth she said softly ,

”How do I start cultivating? ”




[Cultivation for Beginners]

-a technique in which you first sense the spirt energy, this takes at most a few days. Spiritual energy comes in different forms of lights representing the elements. Next you try to gather the energy and bring it into your body. The lights which you could gather into your body correspond with your spirit root.

All beings are born with a spirit root. The more roots you have the more time itll take to cultivate. Those with only one spirit root tend to cultivate faster. But In life there are always unexpected possibilities.


When the notification of techniques popped up she new she was right about the system responding to key phrases.

Not wanting to read about the [Technique] right now, she decided it should be about time to find a way out of here.

Getting to her feet she starts groping around in the dark. After what feels like hours she manages to stumble into a wall. Walking with the wall as a guide she sets off on her great heroic quest to find an exit.

Ughhhhhh Ive been walking for hours why is there no exit!!?

Her back against the wall she slumps down on her but. Now that shes thinking about it she hasn gotten hungry, felt tired, or any changes in her body temperature. Could it be because her body isn human now but a demons?

Pulling up Status again, she figures,

Theres nothing else to do.

Sitting cross-cross apple sauce on the floor, she puts her hands on her knees.

Okay so try to sense the so-called sport energy. Easy!


One hour later


Two hour later


Just as she wash about to give up 3 hours in she saw it. Not so much as she saw it but more she felt it. Lights of all colors were surrounding her.

She saw red, green, blue, white, and purple. Red should be fire, blue-water, white-wind, green-earth, and purple should be lightning.

After sensing them for a while she decides its probably time to pull them into her body.

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