oke squeezed the phone tightly, and sure enough…

    “Wu Yi?” Li Fengming said the real name of Mrs.

    Lu Jianmin was not very clear about this, “Maybe, I don’t have any impression, I just remember that she should be a star.”

    Mu Xiaoke looked at Li Fengming, Li Fengming also looked at Mu Xiaoke, and raised her hand to stroke Mu Xiaoke’s head, “I’ll help you, Xiao Ke.”

    “Who are you, why…” Mu Xiaoke couldn’t understand for a moment, why Li Fengming come here suddenly, and suddenly said something to help him take revenge.

    “Fengyan is Fengming’s phoenix and Yan Xin’s Yan.”

    Mu Xiaoke was completely shocked by this explanation, Fengyan Studio… Could it be that his mother and Li Fengming founded it together?!

    “Fengyan Studio is the lifelong painstaking effort of your mother and me.
After your accident, I also wanted to visit you, but your father never gave me the chance.
A few years later, your father proposed to withdraw from Fengyan Studio and sell your mother’s shares in Fengyan at a low price.”

    Mu Xiaoke clenched his fists tightly, his fingers pierced into the soft flesh of his palm, almost bleeding.

    His father is really a good father.

    “Those years have passed, and I don’t want to participate in your Mu family’s family affairs anymore.” If Chu Han hadn’t created that encounter, she would not have been nosy anymore,  but now she knows that there was a conspiracy in the death of her friend who was like a sister at the time, and the person who destroyed her friend’s family wanted to continue to hurt her friend’s child.
Li Fengming can’t tolerate it.
“But now, I will help you and make Wu Yi pay the due price!”

    Hearing what they said, Lu Jianmin finally realized that he was also being used by others.

    “Is that woman trying to trick me on purpose!”

    Li Fengming stared at him, “You don’t have to excuse yourself, if it wasn’t for your evil intentions, even if you were given 10,000 hints, you wouldn’t have made it to that point!”

    Lu Jian Min lowered his head in shame, “I know, I know I was wrong, and now I have ended up in such a desolate situation with my family ruined and my family dying.
I deserve it.
You should ask what you should ask.
If there is nothing else, I will leave first.”

    Mu Xiaoke watched the other party leave, no matter what, Lu Jianmin had spent ten years of his life to pay for the crime, and Mu Xiaoke didn’t want to spread the hatred.

    The only one who is still free is Wu Yi.

    “But Lu Jianmin’s unverifiable memories cannot convict Wu Yi.” Mu Xiaoke typed.

    “It doesn’t necessarily mean that she will be punished by the law.
Some are punishments that make life worse than death.
It is easier for a star like her to be pushed down.” 

The next day, a video suddenly began to spread around the Internet:

    The newly promoted movie queen and the new generation of traffic looks like mother and son.


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