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    Wu Yi made her debut at the age of nineteen, and her first job after resigning from the Municipal Art Troupe was an advertising shoot that she got from Mu Xiangyang.


    At that time, Mu Xiangyang was just a small director of the city TV station.
Unlike Wu Yi, Mu Xiangyang had a family inheritance and the connections of his parents, so even if he was just a fledgling, Mu Xiangyang directly got the opportunity to shoot TV commercials for the national washing powder brand.


    Wu Yi, on the other hand, became a well-known beauty through this advertisement.


    Wu Yi's life should have been smooth sailing from then on, but at the critical moment when Wu Yi was about to get the heroine role of an international film director, Wu Yi disappeared for three years.
At that time, the Internet was not as developed as it is now, and the paparazzi in the entertainment industry were not so frantic that they followed the family.
So no one knows where she went and what she did after disappearing for three years.


    After Wu Yi came back, she acted in several TV series and slowly returned to the status of a first-line actress.


    What is unexpected is that when her career is about to reach its peak again, she announces her marriage to her current husband.


    Seeing that time, Mu Xiaoke's hands were so trembling that he couldn't hold the phone.
The year Wu Yi got married was the year when Mu Kai was sent back to Mu's house.
The difference between Mu Kai's sending home and Wu Yi's wedding is less than three months.


    “Xiao Ke, what's the matter?” Chu Han quickly grabbed Mu Xiaoke's hand.


    Mu Xiaoke's mind is full of information, what Wu Yi did during the three years when she disappeared to give birth to Mu Kai and rest.
When it was time to get married, she returned Mu Kai to the Mu family.
After that, there was a kidnapping case in the Mu family, and his mother died in it.


    Mu Kai's return home, the kidnapping case, and the death of his mother all happened in the year Wu Yi got married.


    Is there really no connection in this?


    No, he didn't believe it was a coincidence.


    Mu Kai is scheming and vicious.
These characters are not similar to anyone in the Mu family.
Although Mu Xiangyang is good at calculating, he has never been a cruel person.
The only explanation for how Mu Kai's characters are formed is that he inherited them from his.


    In order to marry into a wealthy family, she directly let go of the son who has been raised by her side for many years.
This is not something ordinary people can do.
Mu Xiangyang was able to accept Mu Kai so happily at that time, Mu Xiaoke couldn't believe that there was no hint from Wu Yi.
Maybe Wu Yi gave all kinds of hints, making Mu Xiangyang think that Wu Yi would remarry him, or that Wu Yi would be willing to be a secret lover so that Mu Xiangyang could easily accept the fact that Mu Kai is his son.
In the end, Mu Xiangyang didn't even hesitate to shoot Yan Xin directly at the party, ignoring the couple's face, and vigorously recognizing the illegitimate child in public.


    Mu Xiaoke couldn't help making the most contemptible guess.
Maybe Wu Yi immediately turned away and married another rich man as soon as she saw that the child had been thrown away.  Maybe she didn't fulfill the kind of promise that could make Mu Xiangyang pay such a heavy price.


    But the problem is that Mu Xiangyang has still spoiled Mu Kai for many years, and even ignored Mu Xiaoke, the child who grew up beside him, in order to spoil Mu Kai.
Why did he do this? This is probably inseparable from the provocation of Wu Yi, who is already a married woman.
After marriage, she still gets involved with her ex.
Most people can't do this kind of shameless practice, but Mu Kai's mother and son can.
Judging from Mu Kai's temperament, they are not only not ashamed, but they enjoy the results brought about by despicable methods with peace of mind.


    “Could she be the one behind the scenes who instigated others to kidnap my mother and me?” Mu Xiaoke trembled and finally found the source of the anxiety in his heart.
He looked at Chu Han, hoping that Chu Han would give him a negative answer.
If it was as he had speculated, then how would he face his mother, how would he face his own stupid behavior?!

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