The New Year’s Day holiday passed by, and Chu Han reluctantly sent Mu Xiaoke back to school.
When he arrived at the dormitory downstairs, Chu Han held Mu Xiaoke’s hand and squeezed it again and again, “After the exam, I will come to see you immediately.” His lips are faint and shaking!


    Mu Xiaoke held Chu Han’s hand instead, leaned over, and kissed Chu Han’s cheek.


    Chu Han felt helpless.
He had no choice but to let go of him and watched him go upstairs. 


    When Mu Xiaoke returned to the dormitory, the smile on his face immediately betrayed him.
Three days ago, he still looked as if he wanted to die for love.
Now he is already full of spring breeze and full of life as soon as he enters the door.


    “Xiao Ke, there is something wrong with you!” A few roommates were studying hard to prepare for the exam, but when they saw him like this, they immediately began to “condemn” him.


    “Did you secretly fall in love!” 


    “The drum is beating and blowing, but you are not lovelorn!”


    Mu Xiaoke was amused by them, “Hey, I’m sorry to make you worry.


   “No, no, no, you haven’t mentioned the important point, which sister did you go to the two-person world with, quickly and honestly explain it!” 


    Lu Chao immediately interrupted Zhao Pengyuan, “Old Zhao, you guessed the wrong side! Xiaoke does not like a sister.”


    Mu Xiaoke pursed his lips shyly.
He didn’t expect his thoughts to be discovered by Lu Chao.
Lu Chao patted Zhao Pengyuan on the shoulder, “Xiao Ke, is it the big brother who came to celebrate your birthday that day?” “


    Mu Xiaoke nodded.
The university roommates are going to be together for four years, and he doesn’t intend to hide it from them, especially in the future he may go out often.
These things should be explained clearly to the roommates. 


    “This…” Zhao Pengyuan was obviously slower than Chen Ying and Lu Chao, and he was confused for a while, but after scratching his head, he directly gave up thinking too deeply, “Hey, no matter what, your resurrection with full blood is more important than anything else!”


    “After the exam, I will invite you all to dinner! “Mu Xiaoke typed happily.


    Although the matter has not been completely resolved, he is very at ease and confident now.
With such powerful Chu Han standing behind him and carrying everything with him, he is not afraid of anything, and one day he will see the light of day!


    A week later, several people in the dormitory had finished their exams.
Mu Xiaoke fulfilled his promise and found a nice restaurant near the school to treat his roommates to dinner.
By the way, he also called Luo Jiaming and Xiao Yin who was in the same university town.


    Since entering university, Mu Xiaoke has rarely seen Luo Jiaming and the others.
This time, he wants to catch up on the old days.


    Luo Jiaming and Xiao Yin came over, and a few friends got to know each other.
Mu Xiaoke was pulled to the side by Luo Jiaming, Mu Xiaoke knew that he would hear Luo Jiaming’s nagging, as expected.
Luo Jiaming felt distressed when he saw Mu Xiaoke so thin, “Why have you lost so much weight? Are you all right?” 

However, Mu Xiaoke didn’t care at all, and Luo Jiaming was furious, “You are still laughing, look at your roommate, which one of them is not solid? You are so tall and thin, Teacher Chu will be sad when he sees you!”


    The bystanders were fascinated by the authorities.
Mu Xiaoke actually knew for the first time that Chu Han may really be in pain because of his weight loss, and is very painful.
What did he do that month? No matter what, he can’t help but cherish his body.


    He suddenly recalled that when they met again, Chu Han asked him “Do you want to commit suicide?” How uncomfortable must Chu Han be at that time?


    “Xiao Ke?”


    Mu Xiaoke quickly recovered, “What’s the matter?”


    “What’s the matter with you.” Xiao Yin chimed in, “It seems that you have delayed the customization of the two young ladies during this period.
This is not like you at all.
You are so busy with schoolwork that you procrastinated.
Why didn’t you tell me what happened?”


“Something happened at home, but everything is fine now.
To be specific, we can talk about it in the group then.”


    Luo Jiaming and Xiao Yin are not inquisitive people, and it is not easy to ask too many questions outside, so they don’t get entangled.


    Mu Xiaoke immediately set up a chat group and pulled in all the people present.
Mu Xiaoke sent the first message: “If something happens in the future, I want you to take care of it.


    Several of Mu Xiaoke’s roommates are from No.
1 Middle School.
In fact, they all know each other before except Xiao Yin, because she often comes to MuXiaoke and Luo Jiaming, so there is no sense of disobedience in mixing with them.


    “Speaking of which, Xiao Ke is also considered a popular figure in our school.” Lu Chao exclaimed.


    Luo Jiaming didn’t like this kind of situation at all, “It’s better not to have this kind of ups and downs.
Fortunately, Mu Kai graduated early, otherwise, I don’t know how long he will stir up trouble.” 


Luo Jiaming suddenly had a flash of inspiration, “By the way, Xiaoke, did you see the queen of the Orchid Film Festival?” 


It was the queen of the Orchid Film Festival again.
Mu Xiaoke had heard this name several times in a row, but he is not familiar with the entertainment industry and had not much interest, so he hasn’t checked.
Who is this person?


    Luo Jiaming immediately found the photo of Wu Yi and sent it to the group.


    Several boys were at a loss after seeing it.
Zhao Pengyuan said straightly: “She is really a beautiful woman, but she is too old.”


    But Mu Xiaoke was so shocked by this photo that his hands and feet sweated.
Even though the woman’s face has traces of age, her eyebrows, eyes, and bridge of the nose are almost exactly the same as Mu Kai’s!


    He never knew who Mu Kai’s mother was or whether she had passed away.
And now, such a woman who is so similar to Mu Kai and whose age and identity completely match appears, if this woman is not Mu Kai’s biological mother, who else is she?!


    Mu Kai’s biological mother was a female artist whose name he had never heard of, and this female artist had recently won the Best Actress Award at a mainstream domestic film festival.
It was also at this time that Mu Kai made a name for himself in the entertainment industry.


    Is all this a coincidence?


    It can’t be a coincidence, this is what someone arranged.


    Somehow, Mu Xiaoke felt that there was something planned to happen to him, the Mu family, his dead mother, Mu Kai, and his biological mother… 


    These people and the things that have happened can be connected into a dense net, and Mu Xiaoke was in it and couldn’t figure it out for a while.


    After eating, several people went downstairs together, but they didn’t expect to see Chu Han standing at the door.
Mu Xiaoke hurried over, “Why are you here?”


    Luo Jiaming and Xiao Yin stared at each other in shock for a long time speechless, Teacher Chu came to wait for someone?!


    “Picking you up, didn’t you say you want to go home?” Chu Han helped Mu Xiaoke tighten his clothes while talking.  When he saw Luo Jiaming, he asked with a smile, “Luo Jiaming, you guys are on vacation too?”


    Luo Jiaming has never gotten such a good face from Chu Han, she immediately understood that she should not be a light bulb, so she quickly said hello and dragged Xiaoyin away.


    A few of Mu Xiaoke’s roommates also guessed it more or less, so they just walked together first.

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