s that each bead was carved with a Buddha statue, and each Buddha statue was in a different shape.
He didn’t expect that there were such exquisite things in this kind of shop.
The most beautiful thing on the stall was this bracelet!


    Chu Han looked into Mu Xiaoke’s eyes, turned around, and asked, “Boss, how much is this?”


    “300!” The boss shouted.


    Mu Xiaoke wrinkled his nose at Chu Han as soon as he heard it and then stretched out two fingers to the boss.
When the boss saw it, he was not very happy, “Brother, this thing doesn’t make you much money.”


    When Mu Xiaoke heard this, he put down the bracelet, took Chu Han, and left.


    “Hey, I’ll sell it to you, I’ll sell it to you for 200!”


    Mu Xiaoke snickered at Chu Han, and Chu Han scratched Mu Xiaoke’s nose indulgently, “Little clever ghost.”


    Turning back to buy something, the two continued to stroll around the market.
Chu Han took the bracelet and studied it for a long time, “When did you learn how to bargain?”


    Mu Xiaoke explained: “I went to the material market a few times with Master before, and the water in this business is very deep.
When I bought defective products, before I went to the market with Master, I always bought materials with certificates from jewelry stores or bought some cheaper materials online.
Only after I went there did I realize that it is not easy to buy suitable materials.” 


    Chu Han helped Mu Xiaoke put on the bracelet, “After going there, you will be able to cut prices?”


    Well, no, bargaining with those manufacturers will really get you red-faced and thick-necked, a bit brutal, and almost starting a fight.


    “This is a crystal.
The boss also earns a little for 200 yuan, but he doesn’t earn much.” Mu Xiaoke laughed as if he has picked up a gem.


    “Candied haws!” A low-quality speaker was playing the store’s recording, and when Mu Xiaoke heard it, he immediately pulled Chu Han and ran over!


    Candied haws! He only ate it once when he was very young!


    “Do you two handsome guys want to eat candied haws? Freshly made candied haws!”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded vigorously.
These candied haws are also made differently from the big red hawthorns on TV.
Each string is only as long as the index finger.
The colorful ones are extremely bright, “The pulp is all fresh, buy some to taste, the big handsome guy will buy some for the little handsome guy?”


    Mu Xiaoke turned back and smiled at Chu Han, how could Chu Han resist, “One bunch of one kind of fruit.” Chu Han’s arrogance looks like a domineering Wang Po of Tianliang.


(TN: Wang Po of Tianliang – refers to a person, but at the same time, it is also an idiom that is often used on Chinese Social Media.
It basically describes someone so powerful that when the weather goes cold and he dislikes it, he can cause the Wang (Corporation) to go bankrupt.)


    Mu Xiaoke was amused by him, but he didn’t dare to ask the boss for a bunch of each fruit but ordered five kinds of fruit.


    The candied haws were neatly placed in the box.
Mu Xiaoke picked up the strawberry skewers and handed them to Chu Han’s lips.
He looked at Chu Han with shining eyes.


    Chu Han looked at Mu Xiaoke and opened his mouth to take the first bite.
The sourness of the strawberry and the sweetness of the rock sugar blended together, making it cool, refreshing, and delicious.


    But what is really sweet is not the food but the beauty in front of him.


    Chu Han swallowed the food, lowered his head, and kissed the kid who was eating candied haws.


    Mu Xiaoke’s eyes widened, and Chu Han stood up before he could react, “It’s very sweet.”


    Although the wind at night was a bit cold, the hearts of the people around him were warm.  

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