“I know it’s absurd to be so afraid because of a dream, but that dream is so real, so real that I can feel the pain brought by every heartbeat and every breath.  I am very afraid that Rong Yanzhe will trap me in order to keep Mu Kai’s status as the patriarch as in the dream, and I am even more afraid that someone will lose their lives because of me.” 


Mu Xiaoke’s mood began to be chaotic.
Chu Han felt it keenly.
He held his mobile phone in his hand for the first time, then hugged his back with both hands, hugged him tightly and comforted him over and over again, and promised in a deep voice: “I am by your side, I will not let Rong Yanzhe hurt you.”


    Mu Xiaoke hugged Chu Han tightly, knowing that Chu Han would not leave him.
He knew he had someone to rely on now.
If he was still imprisoned by Rong Yanzhe like in his previous life, Chu Han would definitely overcome all difficulties to find him, just like he had traveled all the way back from abroad for his tears.
Thinking of this, the pressure on Mu Xiaoke from his previous life instantly diminished.
Why is he still afraid? He is not afraid at all.
With Chu Han around, it is impossible for Rong Yanzhe to have a chance to hurt him.


    Chu Han hugged the person in his arms and secretly contemplated the dream that Mu Xiaoke said.
Rong Yanzhe was the one who held the knife, and Mu Kai was the one who handed the knife.
Mu Xiangyang, the extremely biased father, has never thought about saving this imprisoned young son.
So when Mu Xiaoke woke up from the dream, the first thing he did was to find ways to arrange a way out of the Mu family.


    That’s why there is an independent family after that.


    But now it seems that Mu Xiaoke’s dream is not wrong, Mu Xiangyang can indeed persecute his legitimate child for that illegitimate child, and Mu Kai is certainly so vicious that he plans to instigate others to rape his own brother.


    But what kind of dream can predict the future so accurately?


    Why would it mean “losing a life” in Mu Xiaoke’s eyes?


    Is it really just a dream?


    However, regardless of whether it is a dream or not, the Mu family cannot go back, or the Mu family with Mu Kai in it cannot go back.
As for the Mu family’s property, Mu Xiaoke may not want it, but with him, he will not let Mu Xiaoke suffer such a big grievance, and he will not let the mother-in-law who has not met him not be at peace in Jiuquan.


(TN: Jiuquan is the underworld of Chinese mythology)


    Mu Xiaoke looked up at Chu Han, found that he was pondering on something, and looked at him suspiciously, “What are you thinking?”


    “Thinking about your family.”


    Mu Xiaoke thought for a while, not quite understanding what else to think about in his family.
What is there to think about, anyway, in the eyes of his father, he is already a rebellious son who has run away from the family, and he will no longer get involved in the affairs of the Mu family, wouldn’t it be good to leave it out?


    “Perhaps your thinking is very simple, you think that you can avoid those right and wrong by not associating with them.”


    Isn’t it? I don’t want anything from my family anymore, and there is no need for Mu Kai to trouble me anymore.
That’s what Mu Xiaoke thought.


    “But if something goes wrong with Mu Kai one day, your father will still come looking for you.” 


    What could happen to Mu Kai? In the past two years since his debut, he has gone smoothly in the circle because of his appearance, and now he has been marketed by Mu Xiangyang’s agency as the pinnacle of the young generation’s appearance in the circle.
If there is no accident, he may become a top-tier star in two years.


    “Based on your understanding of Mu Kai, do you think he can really go smoothly in the industry?”


    Especially since Mu Xiangyang’s decision on Mu Yan’s company is no longer entirely up to Mu Xiangyang.
Mu Xiaoke never knew Chu Han had already started buying shares in Muyan Company a few years ago, so Mu Kai has never been able to get high-quality resources from the company.
He can only play in some low-cost online dramas, or at most play the male lead in an ordinary cost idol drama.


    With Mu Kai’s character, maybe he wouldn’t have to wait too long before he will have a bad idea.


    Mu Xiaoke was reminded by Chu Han.
With Mu Kai’s competitive and narrow-minded temperament, it is impossible not to have a rival in the industry.
Although Mu Yan Film and television have begun to enter the ranks of first-line film and television production companies in recent years, it is not an opponent of those large companies.
If Mu Kai wants to become a first-line artist, it will definitely affect the artists of those companies.
It is absolutely impossible for the two parties not to have conflicts.
Once there is a hard stubble, Mu Kai may also implicate Muyan Film and Television.


    “But it’s useless for Dad to find me, and I can’t help them either.”


    “Once Mu Kai’s reputation is rotten, your father will train you to be the  heir instead of Mu Kai under the pressure of the board of directors.”


    This is why even if Mu Xiaoke said such hard-hearted words over and over again, Mu Xiangyang still didn’t really give up on his son.
In Mu Xiangyang’s mind, Mu Kai is obviously not the best choice for a successor.
Even though Mu Xiaoke has not recovered his ability to speak, he is still better than Mu Kai who is muddled in the entertainment industry.


    “I don’t want to do those things, I don’t like it.” Mu Xiaoke lowered his head, thinking of the possibility, he was very resistant, let alone actually taking over that company.
He would go crazy if he associates with those fake people in the mall with fake faces.


    “I know you don’t like it, but if your father really comes to beg you, can you really refuse him?”


    Mu Xiaoke thought he could, seeing Chu Han’s suspicious eyes, Mu Xiaoke solemnly emphasized in sign language: “I really can!”


    Chu Han smiled helplessly.
Forget it, his baby can only be pampered, he can do it if he says he can.
Anyway, if he can’t, there is still him, Chu Han, it is impossible to let a villain like Mu Kai succeed.


    “As for Rong Yanzhe, I will find a way to prevent him from coming back in a short time.
As for the Rong family, I…” “


    “I understand, your plan should not be influenced by me.
I support you.
If you want revenge, you have to be patient.
You have been waiting for so many years, and you must not fall short.”


    Mu Xiaoke was typing and doing sign language, and everything he said was for Chu Han’s sake as if he had already regarded himself as Chu Han’s good helper.


    Chu Han smiled and kissed him, “Okay, since you support me so much, I have to support your career too.” 


    “You always help me attract traffic at station X, isn’t that supporting my career? Now that I’m working at Fengyan Studio, my list is already very full, and these days I’m…”


    I was immersed in lovesickness and cannot extricate myself.
I have already delayed two orders.
I have to find a way to make up for the loss of customers.


    “Not in the future.
I dare not ignore you anymore.
It’s all my fault that you are so thin.” Chu Han reflected again.
In the beginning, he deliberately ignored people so cruelly, but in the end, he still hurt his beloved.
He really dare not do this anymore.


    Mu Xiaoke didn’t care.
In fact, it was the separation these days that made him fully understand that he really couldn’t do without Chu Han.
Chu Han ignored him.
He felt worse than death.
This lovesickness defeated his fear of the tragedy of the previous life, and this made them really come together.


    Suddenly, Chu Han’s cell phone vibrated, and Mu Xiaoke looked at it curiously, but only saw a string of numbers, which was a strange call.


    Chu Han let go of him and went to the balcony to answer it, Mu Xiaoke then turned back to continue watching TV.


    “Chu Han! You have ruined my family, and you still want to take him away! I can’t let you go, I mustn’t let you go!”


    The one who roared was Rong Yanzhe.


    Chu Han was very puzzled by Rong Yanzhe’s words.
He hadn’t made a move yet, so how can Rong’s family be ruined? Did Rong Yanzhe travel through time?




    Chu Han’s pupils dilated, no, no, something’s not right!


    Mu Xiaoke said that he had a dream and predicted a terrible future.
Such a dream made Mu Xiaoke lose his ability to speak.
Did he really have such a dream? Did he really have such a dream that frightened him?!


    What is Rong Yanzhe talking about? Did Rong Yanzhe predict the future? How did Rong Yanzhe know that his family would be destroyed in the future? How did he know that Chu Han was the one who did it?


    No, none of this is logical.


    Unless there is really time travel!


    “You have to be responsible for saying such unfounded and unsubstantiated words.”


    “I don’t care much about your Shao family’s things! But Mu Xiaoke is mine! He is my wife! He is mine! Even if he dies, he’s mine!”


    “Xiao Ke is not yet old enough to get a marriage license, it seems that you are really mentally disturbed, do you need me to introduce you to a foreign psychiatrist?”


    Chu Han sneered – wife, you are still delusional about forming a covenant with Xiao Ke, are you worthy to be his husband?


    “I didn’t…” Rong Yanzhe was stunned for a moment, where is he, where is he now, why is he abroad, he has never left his homeland, because he cannot leave Mu Xiaoke, even if his parents strongly asked him to go abroad, he has never left! Mu Xiaoke is so stupid, as long as someone treats him a little better, he will foolishly think that they like him.
Fu Jiayun is an example.
He carried him once more than ten years ago, and he remembers it all his life! That’s how Mu Xiaoke was willing to marry him back then.
He just lied to Mu Xiaoke a little bit, and Mu Xiaoke believed everything!


    Why should Mu Xiaoke trust him, why should he trust him? If he didn’t believe in him, Mu Xiaoke wouldn’t suffer so much, and wouldn’t die in the wilderness.
Why should he trust such a man-eating ghost?!


    Xiao Ke, where are you, I admit my mistake to you, don’t be angry, don’t be sad, don’t cry, really don’t cry anymore!


    Mu Xiaoke, you don’t want to be with Chu Han, why are you with him? Why do you take the initiative to kiss Chu Han even though you have never kissed me before?


    Rong Yanzhe’s mind has become a mess, and illogical, and the only center is Mu Xiaoke.


    Chu Han turned his head to look at Mu Xiaoke.
Mu Xiaoke noticed his gaze, turned his head, and smiled at him.
It was hard for Chu Han to keep a straight face, looked at him dotingly, and said in a very low voice: “Rong Yanzhe, just thinking of you will make Xiao Ke tremble with fear, to him, you are a murderous devil, stop deceiving yourself with hypocrisy.” After that, he hung up the phone directly and walked towards Mu Xiaoke.


    Murderer… devil!


    Rong Yanzhe’s cell phone hit the ground and the screen shattered.
Up to now, Mu Xiaoke still regards him as a murderer… After the college student died, Mu Xiaoke had a mental breakdown.
He took care of Mu Xiaoke for a whole year before Mu Xiaoke returned to normal, but every time he saw him, he would tremble with fear.


    Mu Xiaoke still remembers those things now… Then what can he do to make Mu Xiaoke no longer afraid of him? What should he do?


    Chu Han went back to the sofa to watch TV with Mu Xiaoke.


    The local news on the TV is reporting the New Year’s Eve party held on the bank of the river last night, “Last night’s drone performance was a highlight of this party.
In addition to completing the performance, the drone also acted as a cameraman looking for the most beautiful New Year’s Eve scene, let’s enjoy it together.”


    A few shots flashed, Chu Han and Mu Xiaoke were both stunned.
The kiss between the two of them away from the crowd was captured by the drone camera, and both kisses were filmed!


    Mu Xiaoke and the others don’t know that the kissing video of them on Weibo is gradually fermenting.
Rong Yanzhe from his previous life was stimulated by this video to reappear again.

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