oo much sugar on this thing.
Is it delicious?”

Mu Xiaoke was a little moved.
Although he is no longer a child and has no special preferences, there is someone who pays so much attention to him and cares about him.
Even if this person is just a nanny who is not related by blood, he feels happy.
He smiled obediently, then nodded to thank the aunt.

After eating something, Mu Xiaoke wanted to go out.
These days, in order to avoid Mu Kai, he always hid in his room, but it was really bad to stay in a narrow space for a long time, especially when he had been imprisoned.
So he packed his schoolbag early and planned to get some fresh air when his older brother left.

His father sent Mu Kai already.
Mu Xiaoke was sure that his older brother had left, so he excitedly carried his small school bag and went out.

When he rushed out of the iron gate, he still had a smile on his face.
Suddenly, a large hand suddenly yanked his school bag and dragged him away as he crashed directly into the man’s chest.

Mu Xiaoke’s smile was broken, and when he looked back, he saw that it was Rong Yanzhe!

He was so scared that he jumped three feet away, but the strap of his school bag was immediately grabbed.

Mu Xiaoke frowned and looked at Rong Yanzhe.
He didn’t understand why this person was still at his doorstep, let alone why he started targeting him again! He still felt fear of Rong Yanzhe, and he had no confidence that he could fight Rong Yanzhe, who was taller and tougher than him.

“You’re happy that your brother went to school, huh?” Rong Yanzhe looked down at him.

Mu Xiaoke knew that he was going to blame him again.
He trembled involuntarily, but his hand still held his school bag tightly.
After taking a few deep breaths, he began to pull his school bag hard.

Rong Yanzhe was obviously surprised and refused to let go, “Mu Xiaoke!”

This name and surname hurt Mu Xiaoke’s heart, Rong Yanzhe was angry… No, he can’t be afraid, he can’t be like in the past, he can’t be at the mercy of Rong Yanzhe, he doesn’t want to die!

Mu Xiaoke suddenly slammed into Rong Yanzhe and knocked him away.
Rong Yanzhe was caught off guard and fell into the grass.
Mu Xiaoke hurriedly grabbed his school bag and ran away without looking back.

Mu Xiaoke ran non-stop for several minutes, and then ran to the West District Garden near Rong’s house.
Mu Xiaoke looked around at a loss.
This area of green plants grew very densely.
Because it was too dense, the elderly and children in the community didn’t like it, so gradually no one came here for a walk.

Mu Xiaoke hesitated whether to go in.
He had struggled in the uninhabited forest for a few days in his previous life.
It would be a lie to say that there was no shadow in the past when he encountered this dense forest, but after a while he heard Rong Yanzhe’s voice.
He didn’t care about anything else, so he broke in.

Mu Xiaoke walked into the depths, the sunlight became less and less, and his heartbeat became faster and faster.
He didn’t dare to continue walking.
He clutched his school bag, he couldn’t go in and he couldn’t get out.

“You’re being sought outside?”

Suddenly there was a voice from behind, and Mu Xiaoke was so terrified that he almost fainted.

Fortunately, the other person caught him so that he didn’t fall on the ground.

The other person is a young man, wearing casual clothes, with tall and long legs, and his appearance is comparable to that of a TV star, with sword eyebrows, and handsome.

“Are you okay?”

The other person asked him softly.
Mu Xiaoke didn’t know why his eyes were a little hot.
It turned out that there was such a gentleman in this world, or a man who could be so gentle to him.

“Your name is Mu Xiaoke?”

Mu Xiaoke nodded, raised his head and tried to smile.
Then he took out his notebook and began to write, “Sorry, I disturbed you.”

The other person smiled slightly, and looked at him very gently, as if he was treating a child, “Why did you apologize to me, I scared you.” After that, the other person bowed slightly close to him and looked at him face to face, “You don’t want to be found by him, do you?”

Mu Xiaoke nodded slowly, and the other person pointed to an alley in front of him, it was a small junction that he had just missed.
“I just came from there, to Gate 2 of the West District.”

Mu Xiaoke’s eyes lit up and he immediately wrote, “Thank you!” He walked over excitedly, and before turning into the small dense forest, he couldn’t help but look back.

The young man noticed his gaze and cast a puzzled look at him.
He pursed his lips and smiled.
He bowed his head to thank him again.

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