The gorgeous fireworks all over the sky seemed to celebrate the two people embracing each other.

Mu Xiaoke looked towards the sky subconsciously, seeing the fireworks feast so close, he forgot to think for a while.
Chu Han hugged him tightly, unable to take his eyes off Mu Xiaoke.

After 1 minute, the fireworks show ends.

Mu Xiaoke turned to look at Chu Han, and Chu Han’s gaze touched Mu Xiaoke’s heart as gently as water.
Mu Xiaoke raised his hand to gently stroke Chu Han’s cheek, stood on tiptoe, and kissed Chu Han’s lips.
After a few years of acquaintance, Chu Han always gave, and always took the initiative.
When the critical moment came, he ungratefully avoided him.
This kiss is his apology.

Chu Han didn’t expect to get this kiss.
After Mu Xiaoke let go of him, he couldn’t help chasing those lovely lips and kissing back.
Gently kissing and pecking the lips of his beloved, exchanging breaths with each other, both physically and mentally occupied by the person in front of them, this feeling makes the two of them have an unprecedented sweetness.

“Come home with me.” Chu Han gently opened Mu Xiaoke’s lips, but their lips were still sticking to each other, unwilling to leave each other.

Mu Xiaoke nodded slightly, he would agree to whatever Chu Han said, he didn’t want Chu Han to go, he wanted to be with Chu Han all the time.

Chu Han kissed Mu Xiaoke’s lips fiercely, and the two finally separated, “Let’s go.”

Mu Xiaoke was pulled by Chu Han against the flow of people, Mu Xiaoke looked at the two hands clasped tightly.
He swears that he will protect Chu Han well and prevent Chu Han from being threatened by the Rong family.
He will work hard so that the Rong family will never come to harm his future.

Chu Han took Mu Xiaoke into the car, drove across a street, and arrived at a community that Mu Xiaoke had never been to.

Mu Xiaoke looked at Chu Han, who smiled at him, obviously trying to keep it mysterious.

Chu Han parked the car in the underground parking lot.
Mu Xiaoke saw that his movements were very skillful, and he was obviously very familiar with this parking lot.
When Mu Xiaoke got out of the car, Chu Han stood at the front of the car and reached out to him.
Mu Xiaoke gave him his hand without hesitation.

Mu Xiaoke squinted at the cars next to him, all of them were luxury cars worth over one million.

Mu Xiaoke is not someone who has never seen the world.
The cars here are almost the same as those in Fenglinyuan, or even better.
Does Chu Han have a house here, or did he borrow it from someone?

Chu Han swiped his card to get on the elevator, and immediately pressed the top floor as soon as he entered! Mu Xiaoke was really stunned, the top floor, the top floor of this top-level community on the bank of the river??

Chu Han smiled, pinched his face, and held his hand tightly.

The elevator quickly took them to the top floor, and when the elevator door opened, there was an entrance.
Chu Han helped him take out a pair of cotton slippers from the shoe cabinet.
This pair of cotton slippers looked very familiar as if it was the same as the one in his own home!

The pair at home was actually bought by Chu Han for him.

“This is my home, left to me by my parents.”

Left…Mu Xiaoke grabbed Chu Han’s hand, and Chu Han hugged him with a smile, “It’s okay, they’ve been gone for almost ten years, there’s no taboo.”

After changing their shoes, the two walked to the other end of the long hallway.
The quaint double doors opened from the inside, and a middle-aged woman helped to open the door, “Mr.
Chu, you are back.”

Chu Han asks her to cook something to eat, and then take Mu Xiaoke to the second floor.
Mu Xiaoke was stunned just by looking at the guest dining room, which was bigger than his home.
Pushing the door on the second floor is the bedroom.
The bedroom is illuminated from three sides.
The huge floor-to-ceiling glass is illuminated by the river view outside and the lights of the commercial building opposite, like a fairyland.

Chu Han helped him take off his coat and hat, and took his hand to take a closer look, “Do you like it?” This position can have a panoramic view of the scenery on both sides of the river bank.
Standing at this height, you really have a sense of seeing the mountains.

Chu Han hugged him into his arms, “I wanted to bring you here on your birthday, but it’s a pity you escaped.”

Mu Xiaoke turned his head and couldn’t help feeling sad, “I’m sorry, it’s my fault.”

Chu Han kissed his forehead, “I don’t want to see you apologize.”

Mu Xiaoke turned around and hugged Chu Han, obediently sticking to Chu Han’s arms.
He closed his eyes.
Such tall buildings are not the key to attracting him, but the people around him are the source of his happiness.

The two hugged quietly for a while, and Chu Han found that Mu Xiaoke was very tired, so he took him to the bathroom.
There was a round bathtub in the bathroom, and there were still transparent glass windows on both sides.
Mu Xiaoke blushed suddenly, the space on the top floor was too open.

Chu Han saw that he was shy, so he teased him: “My mother designed this before her death, specially prepared for my wife.”

Mu Xiaoke was so frightened that he almost ran away.

Chu Han quickly grabbed him, “I’ll pull down the curtains for you, and you can lock them up later so no one can see, okay?”

Mu Xiaoke didn’t dare to see what he said, okay?

Turning on the faucet, Chu Han took Mu Xiaoke to the cloakroom.
The cloakroom was about the size of a bedroom in Mu Xiaoke’s house.
There was a bench in the middle and wardrobes with mirrors on both sides.
Chu Han took out a set of pajamas from one of the cabinets, Mu Xiaoke knew it was his own at a glance, Chu Han explained: “I took it from home.”

Mu Xiaoke looked at Chu Han and suddenly realized that this man really has all his things fully prepared.
Is Chu Han so confident that he will follow him here?

“You prepared so well on purpose, do you think you’re going to eat me?”

Mu Xiaoke’s sign language caused Chu Han to show a smug smile, “Yes, I never fight unprepared battles, as I said, I don’t want a relationship that I can’t get.
Baby, you can only be mine.” After finishing speaking, Chu Han hugged him and kissed him deeply again.

It was only then that Mu Xiaoke understood the meaning of Chu Han’s words.
If he didn’t agree, Chu Han would find a way to make him agree, instead of really giving up on him and breaking up with him.

Mu Xiaoke was helpless, and he really couldn’t let go of Chu Han.
After this month of torture, he couldn’t bear the pain of losing Chu Han.
Being hugged and kissed by Chu Han, Mu Xiaoke felt that he really came alive.

The two kissed passionately.
Mu Xiaoke couldn’t count how many times he was kissed tonight.
His brain was dizzy from lack of oxygen and could only be manipulated by others.
Fortunately, Chu Han was not such a beast.
At the moment when he was about to lose control, Chu Han let go of him and pushed him into the bathroom.

Lying in the bathtub, Mu Xiaoke instantly lost all defenses.
The warm water wrapped his whole body, healing his pain from the cold wind.
Looking at everything around him, Mu Xiaoke felt like he was dreaming, being kissed by someone he was thinking about in such a beautiful place…

Mu Xiaoke subconsciously stroked his lips, which were still slightly red and swollen with the heat from the kiss just now.
The flesh of his lips was a little itchy, and a light touch could arouse his memories, the memories of those kisses.
He was so ashamed that he covered his face.
How could he be so presumptuous? He just held hands and kissed so many times.
Why is he so clingy? Would Chu Han not be able to stand his clinginess?

However, Chu Han seemed to be more eager for skin-to-skin contact than he was.

Mu Xiaoke snickered, Chu Han really liked him, he liked to kiss him, he liked to touch his head, he liked to squeeze his hand tightly, and he liked to hug him and not let go.

“Xiao Ke, I’m almost out, don’t soak for too long.”

Chu Han had already finished washing in the bathroom next door, and stood outside Mu Xiaoke’s door and called him.

Mu Xiaoke quickly tapped on the stone platform next to him to express that he knew.
What he was doing just now, he was just thinking wildly.

Mu Xiaoke hurriedly dressed and went out.
At the moment of opening the door, Chu Han saw his feet and carry him horizontally.
When he suddenly flew into the air, Mu Xiaoke was so frightened that he hugged Chu Han’s neck tightly.

“Why don’t you put on your slippers?”

Mu Xiaoke looked back, the cotton slippers were dragged down the steps, and he forgot to put them on impulse!

Chu Han glanced at him, eyes full of “then you can’t help it”, then carried him all the way to the bed, and then went to get the cotton slippers by himself.

Chu Han came back with the slippers, and squatted beside the bed to help Mu Xiaoke dry his feet with a towel, “Even if the air conditioner is turned on at home, you should pay attention, there will be no next time.”

The man squatting beside his feet to help wipe his feet did these things as a matter of course.
Mu Xiaoke’s eyes were hot, but there was a cute smile on his face.
He was very happy, really happy.
Obviously, these trivial things are not worthy of tears, but he is so happy that he wants to cry.

The nanny knocked on the door at this time, and Chu Han went to bring in the food.
Mu Xiaoke sat in front of the window with Chu Han with the cotton slippers that Chu Han helped him put on.

The nanny made two bowls of wontons, which smelled very delicious.
Chu Han handed him the spoon, “The aunt at home cooks local dishes, especially this wonton.
Try it quickly.”

Mu Xiaoke is not polite.
When he came out with Chu Han, he hadn’t had dinner yet.
Although Chu Han bought some snacks for him, he was really hungry by now.

The wonton skin is thin and the stuffing is big.
There is a delicious shepherd’s purse meat and a big shrimp hidden in the middle.
The fresh meat of the shrimp makes the whole taste fresher, which is really amazing.

Seeing him eating happily, Chu Han smiled again and enjoyed the food with him.

After a while, both of them ate up the delicious food in the bowl, and the nanny came up in time to help them clean up the mess.

After the nanny left, there were only two of them left in the room.
Mu Xiaoke’s heartbeat accelerated inexplicably, and then…

“Go wash and go to bed.
You are tired today.
Have a good night’s sleep tonight.
Let’s talk about everything tomorrow.”

Chu Han’s sudden words made Mu Xiaoke’s nervous heart suddenly relieved, and even a little disappointed.

Chu Han seemed to see his disappointment, and looked at him maliciously, “What are you thinking?”

Mu Xiaoke covered his face, got up, and went to wash up.

Chu Han refused to let him go and followed him into the bathroom.
Each of them occupied a porcelain basin.
They didn’t look at each other as if competing but couldn’t help but peek at each other through the vanity mirror.

After dawdling, and brushing his teeth, Mu Xiaoke was caught and kissed by Chu Han.
Chu Han euphemistically said: “Checking the child’s toothbrushing.”

Chu Han, the “teacher”, helped the child to check the teeth brushing situation, and then directly carried the child and threw him to bed.

Mu Xiaoke’s heart trembled with the body that fell on the bed, and Chu Han’s slender body directly covered him.
Mu Xiaoke stared at Chu Han intently, and even his breathing became tense.
He wanted to get close to Chu Han, but for some reason he was faintly uneasy, some inexplicable images reappeared in his mind, and he froze instantly.

At this time, Chu Han lowered his head and kissed his forehead, his nose, his eyes, and his lips, but it was limited to this.
Such a gentle kiss made Mu Xiaoke slowly settle down.
After that, Chu Han turned over and lay down, covered the two of them with the quilt, and did not make any more intimate moves.
Under a quilt, Mu Xiaoke felt Chu Han’s strong arms hugging him tightly, Mu Xiaoke turned around and faced Chu Han face to face.
The two were lying together so close that Mu Xiao could feel Chu Han’s impulse.

Chu Han held Mu Xiaoke’s hand and kissed gently, “Sleep, I’m by your side.”

Mu Xiaoke closed his eyes and buried his head in Chu Han’s arms.
Chu Han understood him.
Perhaps, he should tell Chu Han something, and Chu Han might tell him something too.
On that day, he will be able to unreservedly… give himself to Chu Han.

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