Mu Xiaoke suddenly sent inexplicable words, which Chu Han could not accept.
He called Mu Xiaoke countless times, but there was no reply.
Mu Xiaoke is hiding from him, because of Rong Yanzhe’s appearance, is Mu Xiaoke so frightened that he wants to sever ties with him?

Chu Han went to Mu Xiaoke’s school to look for him again.
However, after guarding downstairs in his dormitory for a whole day, Chu Han didn’t see Mu Xiaoke.

“Where are you? Tell me clearly!”

Chu Han said harshly.
He didn’t like such an uncontrolled situation.
He couldn’t let Mu Xiaoke disappear without saying a word.

Mu Xiaoke hid in a hotel near the school.
When he saw Chu Han’s messages, he couldn’t hold back his tears.
His heart seemed to be cut to pieces.
He could not let go of Chu Han, he really could not, but he could not be selfish, if he continued to stay by Chu Han’s side, he would destroy Chu Han.

In his previous life.

Mu Xiaoke still remembers that it should be that he had just been sent to that unknown small building.
That was when Rong Yanzhe further restricted his freedom.
His range of activities was reduced from the large flat floor in the suburbs to only one room-sized space.
Rong Yanzhe said it was his punishment for running away.

When Mu Xiaoke saw the trees behind the balcony, he thought Rong Yanzhe had locked him in a guest room of Rong’s house.

Mu Xiaoke could still speak at that time, he struggled for help, but no one was willing to help him.
Except for a housekeeper who has been in Rong’s family for many years to deliver meals to him, he has never had contact with a third person.
The housekeeper didn’t like him, and the timing of delivering meals was very wrong, and sometimes he only delivered one meal a day.
At that time, Mu Xiaoke thought Rong Yanzhe tortured him on purpose, but now he thinks it was because the place where he was imprisoned was too remote, and the housekeeper had no interest in coming over to take care of him on time.

At that time, Mu Xiaoke was so afraid of Rong Yanzhe that he didn’t dare to disobey Rong Yanzhe at all.
He could only silently endure such inhuman abuse.
The housekeeper got worse and even came only once in two days.
The scariest time was that the housekeeper didn’t come for three days, which finally caused Mu Xiaoke, who was short of food pass out due to starvation.

After returning from the hospital, Mu Xiaoke found that Rong Yanzhe seemed to hate him even more.

At that time, Mu Xiaoke had the idea of ​​committing suicide, because he didn’t know why he was still alive, and there was only pain in his life.
He was locked in a room less than 20 square meters, without food or drink, and was forced to be tortured by Rong Yanzhe who treated him as a tool to vent his desires… That kind of life, without hope, without any happiness, even thinking about it now, he doesn’t know how he survived.

Later, another person came to deliver the meal to him.
It was a college student of the same age as him, and his name was very nice.
Mu Xiaoke will never forget the name of this benefactor – Li Mingyao.
Mingyao is a very optimistic boy.
When he comes to cook for Mu Xiaoke, he always talks to Mu Xiaoke about many things.
He is the eldest brother in the family, and he has three younger siblings.
College students who have been admitted to first-class universities in the metropolis from the countryside help their families while working and studying.

He heard that Rong Yanzhe paid a very high salary, so he worked tirelessly from the school more than 20 kilometers away to work on time every day.

After Mingyao got acquainted with him, he realized that Mu Xiaoke was not the mentally ill brother that his employer said, but a poor man imprisoned.
Seeing Mingyao’s sympathy for him, Mu Xiaoke made the decision he regretted most in his life.
He asked Li Mingyao for help.

Li Mingyao helped him…

But when they were running away, Rong Yanzhe appeared.

In a rage, Rong Yanzhe tortured Mu Xiaoke for a whole day.

And Li Mingyao… died under the sharp teeth of the Rong family.

Li Mingyao’s death was tragic, the Rong family even recorded the scene at that time into a video disc, and the Rong family specially handed the video disc to him, asking him to “appreciate” the content in it.

Looking at the terrifying and bloody image, Mu Xiaoke remembered that when he was on the bed, Rong Yanzhe asked him repeatedly: “Do you still dare to ask for help?”

Not anymore… In this life, he dare not speak to anyone again.
He didn’t even dare to ask someone to save him…

After being frightened by those images and fainting, Mu Xiaoke woke up again and couldn’t speak anymore.

Li Mingyao died because of him, Li Mingyao’s family lost hope because of him, it was him, Mu Xiaoke, who killed Li Mingyao’s family.
Mu Xiaoke could not repay this sin in two lifetimes.

And now Rong Yanzhe from his previous life has also come to this new world, he can’t repeat the same mistakes, and he can’t let Chu Han become the second Li Mingyao, if something happens to Chu Han, he really can’t survive.

Mu Xiaoke hugged the bracelet made of blue tourmaline and cried.
Chu Han said he hoped that he would live a safe and happy life, so he gave him this precious tourmaline gemstone.
Now he doesn’t dare to ask for happiness and safety anymore, as long as Chu Han is well, he doesn’t want anything.

On the third day Mu Xiaoke hid in the hotel, Rong Yanzhe sent a photo taken from the porthole of the plane, “I went back to school, you don’t need to hide anymore.”

Mu Xiaoke didn’t know whether to believe him, so he still didn’t leave the hotel.
Two days later, Mu Xiaoke saw that Rong Yanzhe’s circle of friends was the gate of his foreign school, and the time displayed on the door card outside the door was indeed today.

Mu Xiaoke decided to go back to school.

After Mu Xiaoke went back, his roommates came to care about him one after another.
Seeing that he had lost a lot of weight, they couldn’t help sighing: “Those friends of yours are too scary.”

Mu Xiaoke shook his head weakly, but luckily he didn’t involve a few of them, the others are not important.

In a blink of an eye, it’s December.

Mu Xiaoke habitually turned on his phone, found Chu Han’s name, and opened his circle of friends.
These days, Chu Han really didn’t contact him again.
It seemed that he really left City Y as he said, left him, and lived a new life.

At night, Mu Xiaoke looked at Chu Han’s different state of life every day.
He was in great pain.
He missed Chu Han, but he didn’t dare look for him.
He was afraid that once he spoke to Chu Han, Chu Han would step into the quagmire again.
He was even more afraid that he would no longer be loved by Chu Han.
Chu Han would not like a bad boy like him who broke his promise and made decisions without authorization.

One day, Mu Xiaoke sorted out his hairpins, and there was already a backlog of orders, so he had to find a way to finish them.

But sitting at the desk for a long time, he didn’t have any inspiration.

Chen Ying saw it, walked up to him, and patted his shoulder, “Xiao Ke, are you… heartbroken?”

Mu Xiaoke was terrified, what… heartbroken?

Chen Ying also seemed to have expected his reaction, “It wasn’t your own brother who came to celebrate your birthday that day, right? You…like him, right?”

Mu Xiaoke immediately lowered his head to deny it, Chen Ying had no choice but to say, “Actually, we can all see it, but Pengyuan and the others said that it is not good to interfere with your private affairs, so they have not bothered you.”

But seeing that you are so troubled, and your life and study are also affected, I think we can not let you continue to be so depressed.”

Mu Xiaoke frowned, his eyes hot, “Thank you, Chen Ying, thank you very much.”

Chen Ying persuaded: “You look like you are hiding a lot of things on your own, in fact, it is better to talk about things, maybe it’s not as bad as you imagined?”

But how can I say it, what can I do if I say it?

“Is it really that bad?”

Mu Xiaoke nodded slowly, so bad that he might die.

“Then I won’t pry, but I see you like him very much, can you really resist not contacting him for so long?”

Mu Xiaoke’s eyebrows drooped, and he couldn’t help it… It’s just that in the past two weeks, he couldn’t get a word from Chu Han, and he was already in pain and restless day and night.

During this period of time, he lost weight at a speed visible to the naked eye.
He was very afraid that something would happen to his body.
He didn’t want to die, he wanted to continue to live, and he wanted to have a new life… Maybe one day, he can also get the life that he wanted.

Mu Xiaoke discovered that he was lucky, and the source of this luck was… Chu Han.


He shouldn’t think so much, he can’t think so much.

Half a month later, Rong Yanzhe really didn’t bother him again, and Chu Han… really didn’t contact him anymore.

Mu Xiaoke searched for Chu Han’s living conditions every day like self-torture.
He felt that he was crazy, driven crazy by all kinds of things that happened in his past and present lives, but he could only taste those bitter fruits by himself.

On December 31, when Mu Xiaoke was walking back to the dormitory, the phone suddenly sounded the notification tone that belonged to Chu Han, and Mu Xiaoke was so frightened that he almost dropped his phone on the ground.

He stabilized his hand, and actually saw the word “Chu Han”, it was really Chu Han!

Without thinking about it, he clicked on the connection, the pain of lovesickness these days is enough, he wants to hear Chu Han’s voice, and he wants to see Chu Han’s smile.

The moment he was connected, his tears fell down unexpectedly.
He was so shocked that he quickly wiped them away, showing a smiling face, and asked Chu Han in sign language if he was okay.

The expression on Chu Han’s face was as cold as ice, which froze the smile on his face.
He looked at Chu Han and painfully endured the bitterness.

Chu Han didn’t say anything, just looked at him like this, and he almost collapsed.
There was only one thought left in his mind, “I want to see you!” Tears blurred his vision, and he felt pain all over his body.
Unable to straighten his back, he held the phone tightly and squatted down slowly, covering his eyes with the other hand, tears streaming down his face.

How could he say “I want to see you” like that, he couldn’t say that!

Chu Han put down his phone and walked slowly to the poor man who broke down and cried bitterly, his heart was also bleeding.
After a whole month of separation, he didn’t say a word, and Mu Xiaoke couldn’t bear to ask him.

He wanted to see how much love Mu Xiaoke had for him, but when he saw it today, Mu Xiaoke was tortured to death by this deliberately designed “broken relationship”.
For the first time, Chu Han doubted the decision he made, why did he torture each other like this? Why did he design his beloved to suffer like this?

Chu Han pulled Mu Xiaoke up and carried him into his arms.

Mu Xiaoke smelled the cologne that Chu Han used to wear, and forgot to cry for a moment.
Chu Han… was by his side!

He originally thought that it would be a lonely New Year’s Eve, but now, the person he misses the most is by his side!

Chu Han took Mu Xiaoke out of school and helped him wipe away the tears on his face in the car.
Mu Xiaoke’s face was not big at all, but now he was so thin that he was almost out of shape.
Chu Han held his face and stared closely into Mu Xiaoke’s eyes, “Are you trying to kill yourself?”

Mu Xiaoke shook his head again and again in fright.
Except for such a worthless thought in his previous life, he never thought about dying.
He can’t die, he doesn’t want to die!

Chu Han took a deep look at him and turned to drive.

Mu Xiaoke tightened his seat belt.
He didn’t know where Chu Han was going to take him.
In fact, Mu Xiaoke would follow wherever he went.
What he was nervous about was how Chu Han would “deal with” him.

However, Chu Han brought him to the riverbank again, where a grand New Year’s Eve event was being held.
Seeing the bustling crowd, Mu Xiaoke suddenly remembered what the girls in the class said.
This is a rare New Year’s Eve event in the whole city.
Many students in the school have plans to come over for New Year’s Eve.

Mu Xiaoke looked at Chu Han, and his heartbeat stalled due to the sweet smell.
Chu Han led him into the crowd, Chu Han turned around and reminded him: “Don’t get separated from me.”

Mu Xiaoke looked at Chu Han, couldn’t understand what Chu Han said, and just nodded habitually.

They moved to the center of the long street together with the flow of people.
Mu Xiaoke’s eyes moved back and forth between the party in the distance and Chu Han, while Chu Han kept looking at him, still without a smile on his face.

Near midnight, the drone show started, and the crowd began to stir.
Mu Xiaoke was hit by someone next to him, staggered, and fell down.
Chu Han’s heartbeat almost stopped, he pushed aside the crowd and hugged Mu Xiaoke.
Before Mu Xiaoke could react, Chu Han took him away from the place where he watched the party and came to the embankment.

Mu Xiaoke was pushed against the fence by Chu Han, and Mu Xiaoke saw Han’s face clearly.
There was no smile on Chu Han’s handsome face, and even his eyes were so fierce.
Then, Chu Han questioned him: “You said you want to see me, why do you want to see me? Didn’t you drive me away, why do you still want to see me!”

Mu Xiaoke was startled and panicked.

But the next moment, Chu Han lowered his head and kissed him!

Chu Han’s lips felt slightly cool, and Mu Xiaoke clearly felt the heart-warming contact when he pressed it.
Chu Han held the back of Mu Xiaoke’s head, not letting him have any chance to escape, and deeply kissed him, not giving Mu Xiaoke any chance to refuse.

Mu Xiaoke closed his eyes, opened his lips and teeth, and let the other party wreak havoc.
He knew that Chu Han was angry, and he was also angry with himself.
He is a useless person, a trash who harms others and himself.

With lips and tongue intertwined, Mu Xiaoke’s tears fell again, and he clasped his hands on Chu Han’s shoulders, standing on tiptoe to cooperate with the angry lover.

After being entangled for a long time, Chu Han finally let go of Mu Xiaoke’s lips slowly and wiped away Mu Xiaoke’s tears.
Mu Xiaoke opened his eyes, and seeing Chu Han’s still serious expression, he unconsciously lowered his head.

“Are you planning to avoid me after tonight?”

Mu Xiaoke gritted his teeth, sure enough, he couldn’t hide anything from Chu Han.

“For Rong Yanzhe, you want to give up on me?”

Mu Xiaoke frowned and shook his head vigorously.
Chu Han raised his chin so that he could not escape his gaze, “You are afraid that the Rong family will harm me, and you are afraid that I will be killed by Rong Yanzhe because of you?”

Mu Xiaoke was shocked, how could Chu Han know this?!

Chu Han was extremely helpless, “Your face is full of your worries and thoughts, I can see clearly at a glance.” Chu Han gently stroked Mu Xiaoke’s ever-changing little face.
This is what he loves and he doesn’t want to lose.

“Xiao Ke, I love you.”

Mu Xiaoke’s heartbeat and breathing almost stopped.

“I won’t let you go easily, but I don’t want a relationship that I can’t get.
I just ask you this time, do you want to be with me?”

Suddenly, the clock struck zero, and dazzling fireworks burst out in the sky.

Under the reflection of the fireworks, Mu Xiaoke looked at Chu Han, at the person for whom he was in pain and couldn’t sleep, this person stirred all his thoughts, looking at him, it was as if he saw the whole world.

Mu Xiaoke nodded.

I want, I want to live, I want my own happiness.

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