few days.
All the people who came to the funeral came to watch the jokes.
They had never heard how much Rong Yanzhe liked Mu Xiaoke before, and no one had ever seen Rong Yanzhe take Mu Xiaoke out to meet people.

Now that a person is dead, he puts on an affectionate look.
They didn’t know if he is really sad or guilty.

After the funeral, Rong Yanzhe took Mu Xiaoke’s ashes to the seaside and scattered all of Mu Xiaoke’s ashes into the sea.

No one will lock you up anymore.

Afterward, Rong Yanzhe lived alone in the small building surrounded by woods where Mu Xiaoke was locked up.
Rong Yanzhe seemed to be punishing himself, he locked himself in that room, holding Mu Xiaoke’s clothes day and night.

After an unknown amount of time, Rong Yanzhe saw another self.

Rong Yanzhe woke up from the dream.
When he saw the familiar yet unfamiliar decoration in the room, Rong Yanzhe was so shocked that his heartbeat even stopped.

The first thing Rong Yanzhe reacted to was that Xiao Ke couldn’t speak anymore.
In a world different from his existence, Mu Xiaoke became mute again in high school! He didn’t even think about going straight to the school to find Mu Xiaoke.

Mu Xiaoke, who works part-time in the library, did not expect to see Rong Yanzhe again.
He stood between the bookshelves, watching Rong Yanzhe who was running around in a panic, and the book in his hand fell into the cart next to him.

Seeing Mu Xiaoke alive, Rong Yanzhe was so excited that he rushed over to hug him, “You’re still alive, you’re still alive!”

When Mu Xiaoke heard that sentence, he felt like a bolt from the blue for an instant.
He immediately struggled and resisted violently.
He couldn’t be caught by Rong Yanzhe, absolutely not!

Rong Yanzhe let go immediately after being resisted, “I’m sorry, Xiao Ke…”

Mu Xiaoke wanted to run away, but Rong Yanzhe knelt down directly, “Xiao Ke!”

Mu Xiaoke took two steps back in fright, why did he kneel down? Why did Yanzhe kneel down to him?

“Tell me, you can still talk, you can still talk.
You don’t talk, it’s just because you don’t want to talk to me, right?” Rong Yanzhe seemed to be begging, his eyes were full of pain, hoping to get Mu Xiao Ke’s answer.

A ridiculous thought flashed through Mu Xiaoke’s mind, the person in front of him also came from a previous life, not Rong Yanzhe who was only 20 years old yesterday! Then he can’t speak even more, if he can speak, he will definitely be locked up like in the past, in that isolated place, and no one will know when he dies!

Mu Xiaoke was terrified, shook his head vigorously, turned around, and was about to run.
He can’t be caught by the Rong family again, he doesn’t want to die!

Mu Xiaoke escaped from the library, and Rong Yanzhe chased after him.
After being caught up, Mu Xiaoke trembled with fear, and gestured with his hands in a panic, “What are you doing, let me go!”

Rong Yanzhe didn’t want to let go, and couldn’t bear to see him so terrified, so he could only let him go, “I didn’t come to bully you, don’t be afraid.
I really didn’t come to bully you, I just wanted to come and see you, listen to me, okay?”

Rong Yanzhe was afraid that Mu Xiaoke wouldn’t understand, so he signed in sign language.

Mu Xiaoke’s mind has gone blank, this Rong Yanzhe…can sign language, he can sign language! No, things don’t work like this! Why let him face this Rong Yanzhe?!

“Xiao Ke, please, don’t be afraid of me… I have nothing left, please…”

Mu Xiaoke didn’t dare to hear another word and ran away crazily.

“Chu Han, leave City Y, go as far as possible!”

“What did you say?”

Mu Xiaoke hid in an empty classroom.
He was sobbing and his heart was bleeding.
In the past two years, he had longed countless times to face Chu Han every day, but now, he could only let Chu Han leave.
He had to let Chu Han leave.

God is always so stingy with him.
When he understands his heart, when he thinks he can be happy in this life, when he can have someone who loves him and understands him, and when he is about to make a promise to Chu Han, he breaks all his thoughts… he should not wish for it, he can not wish for it.

Chu Han, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…

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