his father would bring Mu Xiaoke back.
If Mu Xiaoke really came back, he would definitely find a way to drive Mu Xiaoke out again!

When Mu Xiangyang returned home, Mu Kai went to greet him immediately, “Dad, you’re back.”

Mu Xiangyang glanced at him, thinking of what Mu Xiaoke said, he felt really bad.
Why did his two sons change their relationship so much that one mountain cannot accommodate two tigers? “Why are you back? Have you finished the work in the crew?”

Mu Kai nodded, not really, but he asked for leave.
Now he is no longer the kind of little actor who just debuted in obscurity, and now he is filming Muyan Company’s own ancient costume web drama, he is the male lead, and he is qualified to negotiate conditions with the crew.

“What about Xiao Ke, isn’t the ranking announced today? How did Xiao Ke do in the exam? Why didn’t you bring him back?”

Mu Kai’s eager questioning showed his guilty conscience.
In this case, Mu Xiangyang felt very uncomfortable, “It doesn’t matter how he did in the exam.
If he comes back, how are you going to bully him? He is your brother! What have you done to make your brother don’t dare to go home for several years? Now that he has managed to get good grades in the exam, are you still planning to make him fail to go to school?!”

Mu Kai didn’t expect that he would get such a harsh rebuke from Mu Xiangyang for just asking a few simple questions, “Dad, I never had such an idea.
Is Xiao Ke talking nonsense again? I told you, he is mentally unstable, and everything he said about hurting him is his delusion.”

“Delusion! Can delusion conjure up a Cao Chengli? That bastard is still in prison, do you think I have amnesia? Mu Kai, if you dare to bully Xiao Ke again, you can stop thinking about the family’s resources!”

“Dad! Are you going to frame me for something that hasn’t happened yet? I’ve never…”

“Shut up!”

Mu Kai watched Mu Xiangyang just shake his hand and leave.
He was very scared, and his mind was a mess.

Two months later, Mu Xiaoke successfully entered the History Department of Zhengying University and became a college student.
Since the school is willing to recruit a disabled person, it naturally tries to provide convenience for his life as much as possible.
When assigning the dormitory, it was specially arranged for students from the No.
1 Middle School in City Y to live with him.
This allowed Mu Xiaoke to get three friendly and kind roommates.

The three boys in the same dormitory belong to three departments, which means that four people in one dormitory belong to four departments.
Zhao Pengyuan from the Department of Mathematics, Chen Ying from the Department of Biology, and Lu Chao from the Department of Geography, and the only one from the Department of Liberal Arts is Mu Xiaoke.

Several big boys are interested in everything when they just entered college, but Mu Xiaoke is very calm about everything and ignores the work of club students.
The three of them think that maybe it is because Mu Xiaoke can’t communicate with others normally, so especially like to stay quiet.

In the end, Mu Xiao chose an extracurricular activity that surprised the three roommates—to work and study in the library.

Zhao Pengyuan asked carelessly: “Xiao Ke, are you short of money?”

Mu Xiaoke shook his head, how could he be short of money? In fact, his family conditions did not meet the standard of work-study programs, but he is disabled, and there were no rigid requirements for part-time jobs in the school, so he passed it as soon as he signed up.

“The work in the library is not tiring.
I should go to the library to read books often.
It would be nice to have a part-time job by the way.”

Mu Xiao Ke explained so.
This is actually what he had in mind, since he was going to major in arts, he had to improve his reading significantly The best way to improve his reading is to stay in the library, help organize books part-time and be familiar with the collection of books in the library.
This is a good job with no harm.

The other three boys looked at him, unable to refute his words for a while, so they could only let him be.

However, since living in the dormitory, Mu Xiaoke has faced a problem, that is, the video with Chu Han cannot be seen openly.
After all, if his roommates saw him, he wouldn’t be able to explain why he had to make video calls with a man every day.

Well, no matter what, he must see Chu Han every day.

So every night, Mu Xiaoke hid in bed early and pretended to go to bed early, and then used the cover of the bed curtain to make a video call with Chu Han on the bed.

Chu Han was glad to see Mu Xiaoke’s guilty look.
He knew that he was ashamed and that it was not customary to see each other every day, but he still insisted on meeting every day.
Why did Chu Han not ask? Chu Han didn’t ask, and Mu Xiaoke didn’t say anything.
It’s just that the two of them looked at each other more and more ambiguously, making people more and more shy and red-faced.

As Mu Xiaoke’s birthday approached, there was only one thought in Mu Xiaoke’s mind, and that was to spend this birthday with Chu Han.
So Mu Xiaoke asked Chu Han a week before his birthday, “Have you graduated recently, can you come back?”

Mu Xiaoke felt that if he asked this, Chu Han must know what he was thinking, but did not expect Chu Han did not seem to remember his birthday and just said, “Wait a little longer, I still have some things to deal with, and I will definitely go back on New Year’s Day at the latest.”

Mu Xiaoke was extremely disappointed.

On his birthday, Mu Xiaoke did not invite his classmates to celebrate, but silently completed his homework and slowly returned to the dormitory against the cold wind.
Opening the door of the dormitory, he didn’t expect it to be almost 8 o’clock, and his dormitory was still pitch black.

He fumbled to find the headlight switch, and suddenly several big boys jumped in from the balcony, “Happy birthday to you…” Several boys sang, and a tall figure came behind them, holding a candlelit cake.
Mu Xiaoke recognized the figure at a glance, it was Chu Han!

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