in his son’s house.


    “Who are you?!”


    Chu Han smiled, “Mr.
Mu is so forgetful.
I am Xiao Ke’s intern teacher in her first year of high school, Chu Han.
Please come in, Xiao Ke is inside.”


    It was probably because Chu Han was too upright, and he spoke too righteously.
Mu Xiangyang came in after a moment of stupefaction.
After entering, Mu Xiangyang suddenly recovered, no, even if Chu Han is Mu Xiaoke’s intern teacher, so what, how to explain it that a trainee teacher showing up at a student’s home years after the trainee period??


    Mu Xiaoke walked to the living room with a glass of water, and Chu Han invited Mu Xiangyang to sit down.
Mu Xiangyang put down the things he brought over, and was really in no mood to sit down, “Xiao Ke, what’s the situation?”


    Mu Xiaoke looked at Chu Han, and Chu Han began to explain to Mu Xiangyang: “Xiao Ke and I have always kept in touch.
I am worried about his college entrance examination, so I have come back to see him these two days.”


    Mu Xiangyang looked at Mu Xiaoke in surprise, and Mu Xiaoke nodded, that is indeed the case.


    Mu Xiangyang looked at the furnishings in the house, there were obvious traces of two people living together, and he felt uneasy, “You… live in our house?


    “Well, I’m still studying abroad and when I came back to China, I cheekily live in Xiao Ke’s house.” Mu Xiangyang couldn’t help looking at Chu Han when he heard the extra stress on ‘Xiaoke’s house’, wondering whether this boy was intentional or unintentional.


    However, Chu Han maintained an elegant smile without any extra expressions.


    “Xiao Ke lives alone.
It’s actually not very safe.
If there are more people at home from time to time, it will guarantee Xiao Ke’s safety.
Mu, don’t you think so?” 


    Mu Xiangyang determined that Chu Han knew what was happening in Mu’s family and deliberately came to deal with him.


    “Xiao Ke, don’t let anyone live in the house casually.” Mu Xiangyang got up unceremoniously.


    However, Mu Xiaoke stood before Chu Han and gestured to Mu Xiangyang, “This house is mine.
I can let whoever I want to live in it.
He is a good man and always takes care of me.” 


Mu Xiangyang looked at the two of them displeasedly, “Xiao Ke, do you really not put me, your father, in your eyes anymore!”


    Mu Xiaoke looked at Mu Xiangyang stubbornly, unwilling to give in, “Dad, I’m an adult, and I have the right to decide what to do with my house.”


    Chu Han patted Mu Xiaoke’s shoulder lightly, “Mr.
Mu, you didn’t come here today to quarrel with Xiaoke, did you? You, father and son, don’t have to quarrel because of me, but Xiaoke and I are very good friends.
It’s not unacceptable for me to stay, right?”


    Mu Xiangyang calmed down immediately, and looked at Mu Xiaoke, “You have finished the college entrance examination, so go home and live there.
Don’t continue to live here.”


    Mu Xiaoke directly refused, “Dad, you don’t have to come to me about this anymore.
I’ve already made it very clear.” 


    “You really don’t plan to go home?” He had expected this result, but he really didn’t want to believe that Mu Xiaoke would be so cruel.


    Mu Xiaoke nodded, and Mu Xiangyang gritted his teeth, “Then give me the account book, and I’ll take it back.”


    When Mu Xiaoke signed up for the college entrance examination, he asked Mu Xiangyang for the account book, but he never sent it back, and there was no need to use this certificate at home, so he kept it in Mu Xiaoke’s hands.


    When Mu Xiaoke heard this, he immediately went to the room and brought the book to Mu Xiangyang.


   Mu Xiangyang flipped through it casually, and just wanted to say something, but then he saw Mu Xiaoke’s page with the words “move out” written on it!


    “What is this!” Mu Xiangyang took a closer look.
Mu Xiaoke moved his household registration from his home to Shihua’s jurisdiction! Mu Xiaoke didn’t tell anyone about this!


    “You just moved your household registration out like this, have you asked your father? Have you asked your family? How did I have such a heartless and ungrateful son like you? What the hell are you doing?”


    “I just want to avoid bothering you in the future.” Mu Xiaoke was very calm at this moment.
He transferred the house to his own name just for such a day.
He transferred his household registration and lived alone.


    In the future, he would not need to ask Mu Xiangyang for major events in his life that required the use of the household registration book.


    He has to decide his own affairs.


    “You are all excuses! Do you want to leave the Mu family so much, and separate yourself from me and your brother?”


    Mu Xiaoke looked at the furious Mu Xiangyang, without a trace of fear in his eyes, he was not afraid of any threats from Mu Xiangyang, as long as he could separate himself from Mu Kai, he didn’t care about anything.


    “Okay, okay, I never knew my youngest son was so decisive.
I used to see you being submissive and timid, but you were just pretending! Okay, since you want to move out of the Mu family’s household registration, then from today onwards, you are no longer my Mu Xiangyang’s son, and I will not provide you with a penny.
I want to see how long you can survive!” 


After Mu Xiangyang said that, he was so angry that he slammed the door and left.


    The loud knock on the door shook Mu Xiaoke’s heart, and Chu Han covered his ears in time.


    When Mu Xiangyang left, Mu Xiaoke sighed heavily, and Chu Han looked at him, “When did you change your household registration, and you didn’t tell me?”


   Mu Xiaoke reluctantly smiled, “I took advantage of the college entrance examination registration to get the account book, and I went to do it right away.”


    “Aren’t you worried that he will really cut off relations with you?”


    Mu Xiaoke shook his head, he had already planned the worst outcome.
As for living expenses, he is now able to support himself, including the money for schooling, which he has saved early.


    With his stubbornness, Chu Han was even more curious about the past.


    However, he knew that now was not the time.


    A few days later, Chu Han was going back to school.
Before leaving, Chu Han held Mu Xiaoke’s hand, not concealing his blatant emotions, and looked straight at Mu Xiaoke, “Be good, wait for me to come back, I have something to say to you.”


After saying that, Chu Han kissed Mu Xiaoke on the center of his brows, not as quickly as before, but clearly leaving traces, telling Mu Xiaoke clearly that he was kissing him.


    Mu Xiaoke’s eyes widened, and he stood alone for a long time without recovering.

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