his big brother, but this big brother is not willing to look at him.
He could only desperately do childish things to attract the attention of his big brother.
He had no idea that the things he did were simply unforgivable in the eyes of those who were tired of him.

Fu Jiayun hated him more and more, until he went to college later and ran into Fu Jiayun who was holding his older brother and kissing him.
His older brother told him the matter clearly.

When he understood Mu Kai’s malicious intentions, he was aggrieved and angry.
He hurriedly went to Fu Jiayun to explain.
He wanted to expose his older brother’s meanness in front of his sweetheart, but only in exchange for Fu Jiayun’s contemptuous and disgusted look at him.
He remembered what Fu Jiayun said at that time, “How can a scheming nasty person like you be worthy of his kindness?”

What happened afterwards… afterwards was probably that the nasty person was exposed by everyone.
Rong Yanzhe was willing to accept him, the bad child who was rejected by his relatives and friends.
Everyone in those circles praised Rong Yanzhe as a great philanthropist.

Later, even when he died, his older brother said, “It’s all his own fault.
No one can be blamed.”


“Xiao Ke… are you blaming your gege?” Mu Kai’s voice brought him back to reality, awakening Mu Xiaoke, who was stuck in his memories.

Mu Xiaoke was very scared when he heard this, here he was again, here he was again… He curled up in a panic, and he couldn’t do anything but apologize in sign language.

The only person present who could really understand his sign language was his father, but his father hadn’t cared for him in a long time.

“Enough!” Rong Yanzhe suddenly whispered.

Mu Xiaoke’s heart was about to jump out, Rong Yanzhe was angry…

“He’s almost out of breath, can’t you see? Sorry, Uncle Mu, we came by mistake, so we will leave.”

Mu Xiaoke raised his head and looked at Rong Yanzhe blankly.
Seeing such contemptuous and disgusted eyes in his eyes, Mu Xiaoke breathed an inexplicable sigh of relief.
That’s great.
Rong Yanzhe hates him openly.
That’s great.

As for Fu Jiayun, he didn’t dare to look directly.
He knew that he was unworthy, and he didn’t dare to have anything to do with Fu Jiayun anymore.

However, Mu Xiaoke seemed to be so happy that Rong Yanzhe, who had not yet left, felt his lively breathing.
Rong Yanzhe was displeased and he wanted to flare up on the spot, but he was concerned of Mu Kai and his father being present.
He glanced at Fu Jiayun before leaving, and Fu Jiayun had the same unbelievable expression.

After the outsiders left, Mu Xiangyang looked at his two sons.
He had to admit that his younger son’s aphasia made him feel guilty for a long time.
His eldest son has now replaced the younger son as the default heir of the Mu family.
No one in the Mu family’s circle of friends cares about the origin of the eldest son anymore, but has a lot of complaints about his disabled younger son.

No one is optimistic about Mu Xiaoke’s future.
It is already a blessing for the child who can’t even speak clearly to be able to support himself in the future.
How can he expect that he can bring any benefits to his family’s company? Therefore, after Mu Xiaoke gradually regained the ability to speak, Mu Xiangyang also became tired of this noisy and pushy son.

When Mu Xiaoke had another accident, it was inevitable that Mu Xiangyang’s memories of the accident before were brought back.
Mu Xiaoke was not born mute.
It was because Mu Xiaoke was kidnapped by Mu Xiangyang’s business rivals and caused serious psychological trauma, which in turn led him to be a mute.

Now that Mu Xiaoke has a recurrence of his old illness, it must be because he has encountered something again.
He is really negligent as a father.

“Xiao Kai, don’t disturb Xiao Ke’s rest.
You’ve worked hard today.
Go wash and repose.” Mu Xiangyang waved his hand.
Mu Kai was surprised, but did not disobey his father, “I see, then I’m out.
Xiao Ke, you can rest well.”

After Mu Kai went out, Mu Xiangyang gently touched Mu Xiaoke’s head, “Have you… had dinner?”

Mu Xiaoke shook his head softly, and Mu Xiangyang hurriedly asked the aunt to cook.

Mu Xiaoke looked at his father’s leaving back.
His vision blurred again, he didn’t know that his father had also been caring for him, but for him, such care was so distant that it was hard to remember.
If his mother was still alive, would his life be completely different?

He secretly squeezed the notes under the pillow.

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