The barrage was full of amazement, but Chu Han still said calmly: “Don’t mind them, start making your hairpin.”

Then, the audience saw the split screen of the live broadcast room, with half of the camera facing Chu Han and half of the camera facing “Ke Yan” craft process.

Chu Han sat next to Mu Xiaoke and started the business.

“I don’t have a topic today.
If you have any questions, just leave them on the chat.
You can also ask about my brother’s handiwork.”

A lot of question marks popped up in the bullet chat.

“UP Master is really here to take care of your younger brother today?”
(TN: So, UP master refers to Unknown video Uploader.
So, basically, creators/vloggers that upload their videos but remain unknown.)

“Boss Han, is this your biological brother? So spoiled?!”

Chu Han chuckled, “My own brother can’t compare with him.
He is very cute, so I can’t let him show his face.”
(TN: The second sentence refers to MXK)

Mu Xiaoke was stringing beads, and when he heard this, the copper wire pricked his hand!

Chu Han quickly took his hand and rubbed it lightly, “Why are you so careless?”

Mu Xiaoke quickly took his hand back, sign language to indicate that he was fine.

“Brother can’t talk?”

“Brother is saying it’s okay, oh my god, I’ll drink this cp first as a respect!”

“Stop it, kswl!”

(TN: KSWL means and what Chinese people use to react to couples that seem just too cute to be true.
KSWL is short for 磕死我了(kē sǐ wǒle) and is like a big “awwww” when used.)

“Who would have thought that I’d be drinking cp with a political UP master!” “

“Mom asked why am I on my knees looking at my phone!!”

“Boss, are you trying to make news yourself today!”

Chu Han raised his eyebrows and looked at those gossip remarks, and said coldly, “It seems that you don’t want to hear my exclusive talk anymore!”

The barrage immediately flashed the words “Respectfully welcome the boss”.

“The news of the launch of the ‘Yue’s no.4’ project was released last week.
You can pay attention to it.
The new energy technology developed by this project may be used by civilians in two years.”

“Civil use!!”

Mu Xiaoke was at a loss when he heard these two sentences.
This should be something their teacher said, but he never thought that these trivial things could be taken out so seriously.

“If the civilian use is successful, the country will have new adjustments in terms of environmental protection emissions, and the national strategic direction will also change.” Chu Han pointed out these interests in an orderly manner.

The barrage can’t be calm anymore.

“Fuck, the boss is so sure, is there any insider information?” “

Even if it doesn’t come out immediately, it must be not far away.
The predictions of the boss in the past few years have never failed!” “

“Next year’s college entrance exam will not test this thing, right?!”

Chu Han’s expression was still so calm, and he was so excited when he saw the barrage, so he reminded: “It may not be popularized within two years, so don’t be so blind, just listen to it.
Just lick the pie, don’t really want to eat it in a short time.

“I helped my motherland eat such a big cake, and no one can snatch it from my stomach!”

“I ate it too!”

Mu Xiaoke didn’t even have the mind to make a hairpin anymore, so he kept staring at Chu Han, his eyes full of admiration!

Chu Han turned to look at him, just in time to catch Mu Xiaoke’s amazed expression, he smiled and turned sideways to rub his head.

As a result, the people in the live broadcast room saw that their UP master turned to the next door; what are they doing! have no idea!

It’s not kissing in public, is it?

“Ahhh! Move the camera next door! I want to see it in high definition!”

“I want to see it too! What the hell did Mr.
Han do to the little brother!”

Chu Han quickly turned around and looked at the barrage with dignity, “If you continue to harass minors like this, I will kick you out.”

“Harassment of minors?!”

“Boss, you’re going too far!”

After laughing and making noise for half an hour, Chu Han directly turned off his camera and handed over the entire live broadcast screen to Mu Xiaoke.

Of course, Chu Han didn’t leave, but acted as a commentator at the side, and by the way, he showed his fans the materials on the wall of Mu Xiaoke’s workbench.

The barrage sighed at the wall material.

“This younger brother is really rich.
He actually bought so many gem materials to make hairpins.
This is a paradise for rich women!”

“Fortunately, my brother also has hairpins at ordinary prices, but he now accepts more custom-made orders.” Commented by an old customer.

“The fans of the Keyan family who came here after hearing the news drifted by.
My brother is super attentive! The hairpin is super beautiful!”

Chu Han read the barrage to Mu Xiaoke.
After Mu Xiaoke heard it, he quickly made sign language to express his gratitude.

In about an hour, Mu Xiaoke finished a simple wooden hairpin, and Chu Han was in charge of shooting it, letting him show it off.

The wooden hairpin was carved by Mu Xiaoke with ebony wood before.
It is a plum blossom hairpin.
The plum blossoms on the wooden hairpin are inlaid with ice-grade agate.
The red plum petals are decorated with white crystals to simulate snow water.
A picture of red plums in the twelfth lunar month emerged.

Mu Xiaoke showed off and wrote four words on the white paper on the table: Luoxue Silent.

(TN: Luo Xue means fallen snow.)

Mu Xiaoke looked up at Chu Han, and Chu Han said into the microphone: “This Luoxue Silent lottery is for the friends in the live broadcast room.
Now, everyone is ready.
I will say three two one, and send the words Luoxue Silent, the first one in the screenshot is the winner.”

The live broadcast room burst into bullet screens instantly, and no matter who the fans were, they started sending those words frantically.

In the end, the lucky viewer who was drawn happened to be a girl from Mu Xiaoke’s fan group.
The girl was so happy that she sent out ten tips on the spot, which were almost worth more than the hairpin itself.

“I didn’t even get on the list! I didn’t expect to get it on the live broadcast! Madam Ke Yan, you are amazing! I love you!”

(TN: The “list” of orders of MXK.
He’s totally booked, remember?)

Mu Xiaoke blushed.

Chu Han coughed twice at the side, “My younger brother is still underage, please pay attention.”

Rows of “jealous, he jealous!” flashed across the bullet screen in an instant.

At this time, the prize had already been drawn, and Chu Han didn’t talk nonsense to them, so he turned off the live broadcast directly.

Mu Xiaoke was about to say something, but when he raised his head, he saw that the screen was black.
“Why is it closed so quickly?”

“Do you know that it will be recorded as a bad record if you exceed the time limit?” Chu Han began to talk nonsense in a serious manner.

Mu Xiaoke was extremely puzzled, is this really the case, does the website not want the UP masters to work overtime?

However, Chu Han didn’t give him a chance to be suspicious, and directly rushed him to take a bath, “You have to go for a run with me tomorrow, so you can’t stay up late.
Go and wash up.”

That’s right, he has to get up early!

Mu Xiaoke was so obedient.

What Mu Xiaoke didn’t expect was that the live broadcast video of his and Chu Han’s cooperation this time became popular on Station X the next day.
The two or three things between the big bosses in the political area and the big traffic in the hand-made area are raging wildly in the “pure love” label.

And this really brought huge traffic to the two of them, Mu Xiaoke’s X station fans increased by 10,000 overnight.

For Mu Xiaoke, who originally only had tens of thousands of fans, this is a qualitative leap!

Waking up early the next morning, Chu Han saw Mu Xiaoke smirking while holding his phone.
Chu Han looked down, and Mu Xiaoke caught him and excitedly gestured: “Just three hundred more, and I will reach a hundred thousand fans already!”

Chu Han was amused by him, “Brother will help you buy enough.”

“No! I want real fans, not fake fans!”

Mu Xiaoke frowned seriously, which made Chu Han feel soft, “Okay, if you want real fans, there will be more in the future, one hundred thousand, one million, as long as you work hard, there is nothing you can’t do.”

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