y detergent when Chu Han’s sudden words scared him enough.

“It seems that there is.” Chu Han became serious.

Mu Xiaoke quickly waved his hand, “How could a girl write me a love letter?” Mu Xiaoke didn’t dare to admit such a thing and always felt that if Chu Han knew that someone wrote a love letter to him, his ears would be twisted.

What’s more, there are really no girls that hand him love letters, it’s all…boys.

But he didn’t dare to keep any of them.
When he received the first messy love letter from a boy, he was so frightened that he almost fainted.
He was very afraid of an inexplicable man approaching him.
He has always had this problem since he was reborn.
Of course, Chu Han is an exception because Chu Han has been kind to him since the first meeting.

But other people, especially the unreasonable greasy boy, really can’t accept it!

Afterward, several boys came to tease him, but he still asked Luo Jiaming to help him solve it.

Chu Han didn’t quite believe it, Mu Xiaoke’s expression seemed to be lying, “Really?”

Mu Xiaoke immediately shook his head, no, no, absolutely not!

“Good boy, you can’t fall in love early, understand?” Chu Han stroked the little head.
For a moment, Mu Xiaoke couldn’t tell whether it was a caress or a threat.

The two wandered around the supermarket for more than half an hour, pushing a cart full of goods to check out.
It happened to be the evening peak, and there was a long queue.

Probably to alleviate the anxiety of queuing, there is a TV on top of the cash register, and Mu Xiaoke glanced at it casually and unexpectedly saw someone he was so familiar with.

Chu Han noticed that he was stunned, and turned his head to look in the direction where his gaze was pointing.
There was a talent show on TV, and the student performing at this time was Mu Kai!

Mu Xiaoke was really stunned.
He hadn’t contacted him for a year.
He didn’t know what happened to Mu Kai.
He didn’t expect him to participate in a talent show.
What has Mu Kai been doing in the past year?

“After last year, can he still act?” Chu Han asked.

Mu Xiaoke shook his head, he didn’t know, because he really didn’t want to care about Mu Kai, but seeing him appear on this show today, he might become popular.

“Don’t worry about it, since he wants to go this way, he won’t have any contact with you in the future.”

Mu Xiaoke turned to look at Chu Han, who lightly patted him on the shoulder, and Mu Xiaoke slowly felt relieved.

After coming out of the supermarket, Chu Han took Mu Xiaoke to the clothing store again.
Chu Han was very generous.
He bought two high-end men’s clothing and picked out a dozen sets of clothes and specially bought two or three sets for Mu Xiaoke.

“Why do you buy so many clothes?” Mu Xiaoke was dumbfounded.

Chu Han looked at his sign language and then replied: “I just brought these two clothes back.
How can I not buy more?”

Mu Xiaoke couldn’t believe it.
Chu Han clearly brought a big box back.
Why didn’t he bring this or that? He didn’t even pack two clothes?

After returning home and following Chu Han into the room, Mu Xiaoke finally understood what Chu Han had brought.

Mu Xiaoke exclaimed: “Live broadcast equipment?”

“I also have homework this time.
Station X is doing live broadcast promotion, and there are rewards for the live broadcast.
Won’t you participate?” Chu Han smiled and pulled Mu Xiaoke to sit in front of the desk and taught him to use these devices.

“But I don’t know what the live broadcast is about.” Mu Xiaoke looked up at Chu Han with wide eyes.

Those big innocent eyes just looked at Chu Han like this, Chu Han’s heart beat violently.
His eyes couldn’t help but tightly locked with Mu Xiaoke’s, and subconsciously said: “Then live broadcast with me.”

Live together???

Chu Han is a person who will do what he says.
As soon as he finished speaking, he posted a notice of tonight’s live broadcast on his account.

In the afternoon, Mu Xiaoke helped Chu Han move the live broadcast equipment to his workbench, so he couldn’t even hear his aunt calling them to eat.

For the live broadcast tonight, the two of them just ate two bites.
Mu Xiaoke sat in front of the workbench and began to make hairpins, while Chu Han adjusted the equipment to find the best live broadcast camera.

At 8 o’clock in the evening, Chu Han opened the live broadcast channel on time.

Chu Han used his magnetic voice to greet the fans who rushed into the live broadcast room for the first time, “Good evening everyone, I decided to start the broadcast in a hurry today.
Thank you all for joining us.”

Mu Xiaoke couldn’t even do the hairpin on the side, so he turned to look at Chu Han.
Chu Han raised his hand and patted Mu Xiaoke on the shoulder, “Let me introduce to you my…brother, a little hairpin maker, Ke Yan.”

Chu Han turned the camera in the direction of Mu Xiaoke, but the fans saw only Mu Xiaoke’s hand.
Mu Xiaoke was greeting everyone in sign language.

Fans in the live broadcast room sighed: Why they can’t see anyone?

“These hands are so beautiful, is it a boy?”

“It must be a boy!”

“It’s a boy! It’s the handmade hairpin maker, I even made an order to him!”

Chu Han was guided by the barrage and couldn’t help but look at Mu Xiaoke’s hand.
Looking at Mu Xiaoke’s hands, the boy’s fingers are long and slender, and his bones are thin.
Because he has not experienced the ravages of wind and rain outside the world, his skin is fair, tender, and beautiful.
Obviously, it was hard work, and it was still because of proper maintenance that such beautiful skin could be maintained.

The person who always reminds Mu Xiaoke to take care of himself is the man holding the camera.

“What story will Mr.
Han tell us today?”

“Hairpin man? Do you want us to pay attention to the handicraft industry?

Mu Xiaoke looked at more and more barrage screens, and couldn’t understand for a while.
What Chu Han usually does with this account, and what fans are asking, why can’t he understand any of them?

“I’m not talking about money today, I’m just trying to live broadcast with my younger brother.”

As soon as Chu Han said this, the barrage exploded.


“Something is wrong with Mr.

“There is something wrong with Mr.


“+ ID number!”

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