, he had no interest in pleasing his father.

Mu Xiangyang looked at the glass of warm water in front of him and felt that his position in his son’s heart had dropped sharply.
He asked anxiously, “Xiao Ke, why do you want this house?”

“This is the house my mother bought before marriage.
It is the only part that is not part of the common property between you.
I am not afraid of your anger.
If I don’t take this house now, I am afraid that you will hand it over to Mu Kai.”

“What are you talking about? Why would I give this house to Xiaokai? Besides, if your brother needs it in the future, shouldn’t you help him?”

Mu Xiaoke was extremely disappointed, “Now that you’re saying this, can I believe that you won’t give all of the Mu family, including this house, to Mu Kai? I know you like Mu Kai more than me, and I won’t force anything.
I have said many times that I don’t want a cent of your property.
I don’t want any, I just want this house, and I will slowly repay you for your kindness in nurturing me in the future.”

“Mu Xiaoke, are you talking in human terms?”

“Then what you do, is it decent?”


“Brought the illegitimate child home on his wife’s birthday in full view, forcing the wife to admit the status of the illegitimate child.
Is what you did very decent?”

Mu Xiaoke stood up, condescending looking at his father.
He also didn’t want to use his mother as a bargaining chip to blackmail Mu Xiangyang, but he really couldn’t bear Mu Xiangyang’s insult to him.

“Until now, you have not asked Mu Kai to apologize to me about Cao Chengli’s matter.
It seems that everything Mu Kai did was right, and I was too fussy.
I can’t even bear to let my brother and friend rape me, do you think so?”

“If you think you are doing the right thing, and you want to occupy my mother’s inheritance and pass it on to Mu Kai, I can only sue.”

Mu Xiangyang looked at Mu Xiaoke, and he felt chills in his heart, “Who taught you to do this!”

“No one taught me..”

“Are you trying to force your brother to death?”

Mu Xiaoke was very puzzled, “How can I kill Mu Kai if I want a house? Could it be that you are going bankrupt and need this house to save your life?”

“Your brother just wants to be better than you, and he just wants to get more than you.
Now he has failed the exam, and you are still in the top three of the grade.
If you can get this house, but he can’t even get a leading role in a web drama, he will collapse!”

Mu Xiaoke smiled disdainfully, “Then please go through the transfer procedures as soon as possible and settle the matter quietly, and I will keep the secret for you.
But if you insist on refusing, I can only make things worse, and still, get the house in the end.
I’m afraid you can’t hide it if you want to.
Mu Kai will be even crazier.
If he is crazy, your favorite son will lose his future.”

Mu Xiangyang raised his hand fiercely and was about to slap Mu Xiaoke’s face, but Mu Xiaoke immediately dodged to the side, “If you do something, I will ask a lawyer to sue tomorrow.”

Mu Xiangyang shouted: “Mu Xiaoke, why on earth do you want to do so desperately!”

Mu Xiaoke frowned, why did his father and half-brother like to blame him for the root of the problem? Is he their original sin?

“You should ask you and Mu Kai this question, I can’t answer.
I used to believe so much that you guys love me, but you guys have done it time and time again and let me down.
If I can’t protect myself, then I will be eaten by you guys and there’ll be not even bones left of me.
My mother has become your victim, she died to protect me.
I can’t let myself go on the road of death, otherwise, I won’t live up to her motherly love.”

Mu Xiaoke finished typing these words.
Mu Xiangyang completely sat down on the sofa, “Everything was fine at home, but since you suddenly lost your voice, everything has changed…”

“It’s good to change, and only when you change will you have a new life.
I am living very well now.
Dad, the happiest day in my life, except when my mother was alive, is now when I leave you.”

Away from you all, some people appreciate his handiwork, some cherish his friendship, and some enthusiastically celebrated his birthday, and there was another person who extended a helping hand when he was in a state of despair, protecting him, pampering him, and supporting him throughout the year.

Under your shadow, I am only qualified to face the pain.

“Do you have to do this?”

Mu Xiaoke nodded, it has to be so.

Three days later, Mu Xiangyang took Mu Xiaoke to the relevant department to complete the process, and Mu Xiaoke got his first property..

Coming out of the office hall, Mu Xiaoke bowed his head to Mu Xiangyang, “Thank you, Dad.” After speaking, he didn’t want to ride in Mu Xiangyang’s car either.
He took a taxi by himself to go home.

The first thing he did when he got home was to take a photo of the real estate certificate and send it to Chu Han.

Chu Han didn’t know about Mu Xiaoke’s plan in advance, and he was really shocked when he saw this certificate, so he immediately made a video call with Mu Xiaoke.

“What’s going on?”

Mu Xiaoke lay down happily holding the certificate, “The house has been transferred to my name, and I already own a house!”

Seeing how happy he was, Chu Han felt less worried.
“How did you get it? Did your father bully you?”

Mu Xiaoke shook his head, “I’m happy that you are worried about me! But he didn’t bully me.
He was afraid that I would affect Mu Kai, so he followed me in everything.”

Chu Han sighed unconsciously, “Why are you so anxious to get the house, I can help you when you grow up, or when I go back.”

“Of course, I know you can help me, but I can’t wait.
When I become an adult, I will separate my account as soon as possible.
I don’t want to have anything to do with them anymore.
Brother Chu Han, you understand me right?”

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