Xiaoke rushed to the pick-up exit, Chu Han’s plane arrived at 5:30!


    When he arrived at the airport pick-up port, fortunately, it was a working day and there were not many people coming to pick-up at the airport, so Mu Xiaoke directly took the best place to find someone.


    After waiting for a few minutes, he finally saw a cool guy wearing sunglasses and a black slim trench coat coming out.


    Mu Xiaoke waved his hand excitedly to attract the handsome guy’s attention.     


   Seeing Mu Xiaoke, Chu Han took off his glasses and walked toward him.
At the same time, he opened his arms and asked with a bright smile, “Hug?”


He hugged him tenderly, and hugged him hard, “A little fatter…” 


Chu Han let go of him, touched his head, and measured, “Has grown taller too.”


    The smile on Mu Xiaoke’s face never went down, and his eyes were shining brightly, looking at Chu Han for a moment, “I had eaten well and exercised!


    “Good boy.” ChuHan fondle admiringly of Mu XiaoKe’s little head, dawdle for a while, and took him out together.


    Mu Xiaoke looked at the hands of the two holding together and inexplicably felt that the big brother beside him was taking care of his little brother.


    The two took a taxi back to Shihua Community.
Mu Xiaoke had consciously brought Chu Han home.
He had a place at home, so how could he let Chu Han go outside and be wronged?


    Chu Han still lived in the previous guest room, and while Chu Han was tidying up, Mu Xiaoke went to heat up the prepared dishes.


    Chu Han changed his clothes and came out.
Seeing the busy figure in the kitchen, he couldn’t help feeling a little moved.
How many years has it been since he felt at home like this? He can’t remember.


    Mu Xiaoke turned around and saw Chu Han’s dazed appearance as if he was still staring at him.
He gestured and asked what was wrong.


    Chu Han smiled, walked over and grabbed his shoulders, and took him to see the food, “What delicious food did you cook?”


    Seeing this, Mu Xiao didn’t ask any more questions, “Home-cooked food.
This chicken soup is stewed by my aunt.
It’s Cantonese cuisine, the soup is very clear, of course, it’s very fresh and sweet.
I’m afraid you won’t have an appetite just after getting off the plane, so I don’t dare to cook too greasy foods.”


    “It’s okay, I love them all.” Chu Han coaxed him.

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