Shouting these words, both the speaker and the listener almost have a heart attack!


    Mu Xiaoke turned around and ran away like a chick being targeted by an eagle.
Is Rong Yanzhe crazy, calling him his wife?!! Even in his previous life, Mu Xiaoke had never heard such a shameless name, okay? Sure enough, Rong Yanzhe’s madness will not change because of his age and experience!


    “Wait! Mu Xiaoke!”


    Rong Yanzhe can say nothing this time to let Mu Xiaoke run away under his nose again.
Not to mention that Mu Xiaoke finally has a better attitude towards him, he can’t let Mu Xiaoke misunderstand anything anymore!


    Rong Yanzhe chased for hundreds of meters, and finally caught up with Mu Xiaoke, “Why are you running? What’s wrong with you, why are you running so fast, did you join the sprint team?”


    Mu Xiaoke looked at Rong Yanzhe vigilantly.
Even if Rong Yanzhe saved him two days ago, he still didn’t dare to let down his guard against potential lunatics.


    “I…” Rong Yanzhe wanted to explain, but he couldn’t say it.
Could it be that he dreamed of marrying Mu Xiaoke, so the moment he saw Mu Xiaoke, he went crazy and shouted wrong?


    He’s afraid that Mu Xiaoke will treat him as a potential criminal even more!


    “Stop talking, I didn’t hear anything! You can save these words for Mu Kai! I’m going back, goodbye!” Mu Xiaoke hurriedly typed, to prevent Rong Yanzhe from saying anything more outrageous. 

After Mu Xiaoke released his voice, he stared at Rong Yanzhe stepping back step by step.
Seeing that Rong Yanzhe was still following, he quickly raised his hand, “Don’t follow me, I’m afraid!”


    Rong Yanzhe stopped in his tracks instantly, and the sentence Mu Xiaoke shouted in horror in his dream echoed in his mind: “Don’t touch me!”


    Why is Mu Xiaoke so afraid of him?


    When we met for the first time at Mu’s house, Mu Xiaoke was very willing to get close to him, but for some reason, after Mu Kai handed him a piece of cake, Mu Xiaoke started to hide when he saw him.
Why did a child who was so squeamish and eager for attention suddenly become like this?!


    Mu Xiaoke didn’t know what was going on with Rong Yanzhe when he saw Rong Yanzhe’s eyes suddenly reveal sad emotions.
What are you sad about? Is he sad that he rejected him?



    Then what’s so sad about it, they shouldn’t be close to each other, if the two of them get close, he will die and Rong Yanzhe will go crazy.


    Rong Yanzhe watched Mu Xiaoke run away, but in the end, he didn’t chase anymore.


    Mu Xiaoke managed to escape back home.


    At home, Mu Kai just came back from the training institution.
The moment Mu Kai saw Mu Xiaoke, his eyes changed, and then bowed his head and went back to his room.


    Because of Cao Chengli’s matter, the police came twice, and Mu Kai was trembling after being questioned by the police.
Even if only the two brothers were present, Mu Kai did not dare to do anything wrong to Mu Xiaoke again.


    Regarding the case of Cao Chengli planning to harm Mu Xiaoke, the lawyer Lin Jun hired contacted him and told him that because Cao Chengli was an adult, even if he did not cause any actual harm, the subjective intention was too bad, so he was sure to let Cao Chengli stay in prison for several years.


    As for Mu Kai, the police only reprimanded him a couple of times and treated it as a family conflict to mediate.


    Mu Xiaoke didn’t know what method Mu Kai used to let Cao Chengli take the blame for everything.
In addition, Mu Xiangyang came forward as Mu Xiaoke’s guardian, emphasizing that the two brothers just had conflicts, and Mu Kai didn’t really intend to hurt Mu Xiaoke, so even with Rong Yanzhe’s testimony, only Cao Chengli was ultimately punished by law.


    This result was actually within Mu Xiaoke’s expectations, but he was still unwilling to let Mu Kai get the punishment he deserved.


    “Xiao Ke, the property owner called and said that someone sent you something, and asked if it was true, would you let someone in?” The nanny came over with the phone, Mu Xiaoke was puzzled.
Someone sent something?


    “Then let him in.” Mu Xiaoke typed.


    Mu Xiaoke walked to the gate of the courtyard and waited.
The visitor was sent by the villa security.


    The visitor was wearing a suit and uniform, carrying a small bag commonly seen in jewelry stores.
He got off the car and asked, “Are you Mu Xiaoke? I’m the manager of Jinsheng Jewelry Company.
This is the tourmaline gemstone that Mr.
Chu Han ordered for you.
Please sign for it.”


    Mu Xiaoke’s eyes widened, what?!! Tourmaline? Why did Chu Han give him such a valuable thing again?


    The other party was waiting for him to speak and was puzzled when he saw that he hadn’t spoken for a long time.
It was the security guard who reminded him, “He has a problem with his voice, but Mu Xiao is alright.”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded quickly and typed on his mobile phone to express his thanks.


    The manager quickly apologized, “Oh, sorry, I was rude, because these tourmalines are more expensive, so I have to deliver them to you safely, please forgive me.”


    How many???


    Mu Xiaoke’s eyes widened, and the other party said, “If you need it, I can inspect the goods for you.”


    Mu Xiaoke quickly invited him in and thanked the security guard.


    The security guard waved his hand and said, “You’re welcome, then I’m leaving.”


    Mu Xiaoke led the manager into the room, and the nanny quickly poured tea when she saw this.


    Back in the house, the jewelry salesman took out the velvet jewelry box in the bag.
Inside the box were five colorful tourmaline gemstones of different sizes. 


“They are considered high-quality stones in our warehouse, but Mr.
Chu Han said that you are using them to make jewelry yourself, and the number of carats does not need to be too high, so we picked these few.


What else?


    Mu Xiaoke saw that he was wearing gloves and would pick up the inner slot of the box and put it firmly on the side.
There was also a small plastic bag at the bottom of the box containing nearly ten small gemstones the size of rice grains.
“This is an extra gift from us.
Tourmalines of this size are very useful in jewelry, and you should be able to use them.”


    Mu Xiaoke’s first reaction was that: Does the value of these slightly larger tourmalines was already high enough for the jewelry store to give extra gemstone scraps?


    “These are gem identification certificates.
If you have any questions, you can consult us or inquire at the identification center.”


    After speaking, the salesman said goodbye and left.


    The shining gemstones on the table firmly attracted Mu Xiaoke’s eyes.


    The nanny came over to take a look and exclaimed: “Oh, this gemstone is so beautiful.
It looks colorful from a distance.
Xiaoke, did you buy it?”


    Mu Xiaoke shook his head, he never thought of buying such a precious gemstone for making hairpins, but Chu Han bought it for him without hesitation.
Mu Xiaoke’s latest homework is to identify gemstones, and he can tell whether they are good or bad.


    Even though these gems are small, the largest is only about 1 carat, but their luster is enough to show their preciousness.
Mu Xiaoke took out a sea-blue tourmaline and placed it under natural light.
The perfectly cut surface reflected sunlight and scattered beautiful neon brilliance.
These are Paraiba blue tourmaline gemstones! It is a precious gem whose value can almost be compared with padparadscha and emeralds!


    Chu Han himself is still a student who hasn’t graduated, how can he always indulge him like this? First with the antique hairpin, and now with these tourmaline gems.
These two things are absolutely impossible without six figures… How could he accept such an expensive gift?


    Mu Xiaoke put away the gem and hurried back to his room to contact Chu Han.


    While waiting for the video to connect, Mu Xiaoke was a little bit looking forward to it and a little nervous.
These days, because of Cao Chengli’s matter, Mu Xiaoke’s mood was ups and downs, but he didn’t dare to tell Chu Han.
He was afraid that Chu Han would worry about him.
There are many difficulties in studying abroad, and he can no longer divide Chu Han’s heart.
But when he saw the tourmaline being delivered, he felt that if he didn’t contact Chu Han, it would make Chu Han feel strange, let alone make Chu Han feel at ease.


    Not long after waiting, Chu Han connected the video.


    “Xiao Ke, have you received the gift?”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded quickly.
He saw that Chu Han seemed to be busy, and there was no smile on his face.
He couldn’t help worrying whether Lin Jun had already told Chu Han what happened at home.
“I received it, thank you…” Mu Xiaoke signed, and Chu Han could already understand such simple phrases.


    Mu Xiaoke looked at Chu Han, “Did I worry you again?”


    Chu Han looked over, staring at Mu Xiaoke with a burning gaze, “What am I worried about?”


    Mu Xiaoke gritted his teeth, and Chu Han really knew, otherwise, he wouldn’t have that expression now, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hide it from you, but I’m afraid that telling you will make you worry again, and I don’t want to burden you anymore.”


    Seeing this, Chu Han made it very clear: “So you just don’t tell me anything.
I want to know your situation and I have to rely on others to tell me, right?” He doesn’t like the feeling of being kept by Mu Xiaoke.  In the past two days, he can even feel that he is a little irritable because of Mu Xiaoke.
If there is another time, he will go back and catch Mu Xiaoke and teach him well.


    Chu Han’s words made Mu Xiaoke’s heartbeat speed up inexplicably.
He didn’t know why he felt Chu Han’s domineering.
He was obviously such a gentle gentleman, why did he suddenly become domineering? But this kind of aura did not make Mu Xiaoke feel uncomfortable but made him feel that Chu Han was close to him and liked him.
If it was him, he would definitely not like getting news about Chu Han from others.


    In this way, he is still somewhat selfish and arrogant and subconsciously regards Chu Han as a close person.
The relationship between outsiders and Chu Han cannot be compared to that between him and Chu Han.


    “Mu Xiaoke?” Chu Han frowned.
How could this kid be in a daze when facing him? Is he no longer attractive to this kid?


    “Then I will come to you for anything in the future, you can’t find me annoying!” Mu Xiaoke said this, he was a little embarrassed himself, it looked like he was acting like a baby, he bit his lip and waited for Chu Han’s answer.


    Looking at the shy child in front of the screen, Chu Han felt inexplicably relieved, and said with a smile, “I don’t find you annoying.”


    Mu Xiaoke blushed.
Why didn’t he find him annoying? He knew how troublesome he was, even his father thought he was troublesome.


    “I’ll go back for the spring break, remember to come and see me.” Chu Han smiled.
Mu Xiaoke was dumbfounded by his handsome face.







The author has something to say: Mr.
Chu is the real attack, the kind whose status cannot be shaken! At present, only Xiao Ke has been reborn!


   The Scum will be tortured after he dreams more “beautiful dreams”.

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