Additional 5 chapters because I got accepted as a writer in my school’s Marketing Department.
They offer me a tuition discount, so I won’t be burdened.
This is worth celebrating and I’m extending my happiness here.



When he was about to leave, Chu Han helped Mu Xiaoke put on his clothes, “Are you satisfied with today? Will you be inspired when you go back?”


   Mu Xiaoke nodded like pounding garlic.
Before, he always felt that he couldn’t understand the things in the fashion circle,  but now he has discovered that looking at these things more can really get a new feeling.


    Mu Xiaoke put away his mobile phone well.
He can’t lose tonight’s material!




    “Uh…you two, please stay.”


    A lady suddenly stopped them, and Mu Xiaoke turned his head to look.
It was a middle-aged woman who had been sitting next to him just now.
The woman was dressed extravagantly, and it could be seen that she was a lady in the fashion circle.


    Chu Han asked, “What can I do for you?” The woman kept staring at Mu Xiaoke.
Mu Xiaoke felt a little uncomfortable being watched by her and silently hid beside Chu Han.


    Only then did the woman realize that she had lost her composure, she quickly put away her blunt eyes, tried to lower her voice, and said, “I heard your conversation just now, so I would like to ask, are you his brother?”


    Chu Han shook his head, “I’m his teacher, what do you want to say?”


    “Oh, what hairpin did you just talk about, who is making the hairpin?”


    Chu Han raised his hand and patted Mu Xiaoke’s shoulder lightly, “It’s him.”


    ” Then… would it be convenient for me to see his work?”


    Chu Han was very cautious about this and looked up and down at the woman and the young girl beside her, “Are you going to buy accessories from him?”


    “Oh no… I’m taking the liberty, this is the business card of our studio, please keep it.” The girl next to the middle-aged man immediately handed the business card to Chu Han.


    After Chu Han took it, he only glanced at it and handed it to Mu Xiaoke.
Mu Xiaoke took a look, and it said “Li Fengming, Chairman of Beacon Studio.”


    Mu Xiaoke’s expression instantly became exaggerated, and Chu Han asked: “know them?”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded vigorously, and looked up at the lady with eyes that turned into admiration! Fengyan is currently the top studio in the jewelry circle.
He had always heard that the studio is headquartered in Y City.
Mu Xiaoke originally thought about visiting it through Mu Xiangyang’s relationship.
He didn’t expect to meet her directly at this show today, and the chairman of the company has been sitting next to him, and didn’t even notice it! He is really blind!


    Li Fengming couldn’t help laughing when she saw Mu Xiaoke like this, “It seems that the kid also knows the company, I wonder if I can see your previous works now?”


    Of course! Mu Xiaoke immediately took out his mobile phone that was about to be powered off, opened his Weibo account, and showed the other party the photos on it one by one.


    After looking through it, Li Fengming fell into contemplation, and asked after a long time, “Have you learned from a teacher?” When Li Fengming spoke, her eyes wandered between Chu Han and Mu Xiaoke.
The two knew that she had misunderstood, and Chu Han explained: “I am his high school intern teacher, not a handiwork teacher.”


    Li Fengming seemed relieved and focused on looking at Mu Xiaoke, but Mu Xiaoke shook his head, “I did it according to the notes left by… my family.” Mu Xiaoke typed an explanation.


    “You… your family is very nice, but without a teacher to guide you, it’s easy to go astray.
If you are interested in entering this industry in the future, you should find a teacher to learn from.” Li Fengming said, from her own bag she took out another business card, “This master is an old man in our studio.
If you want, you can try to contact him and learn from him.”


    The old master of Fengyan Studio! That’s a leading figure in the industry! Thinking of this, Mu Xiaoke didn’t dare to accept it.
He just became a monk halfway through, relying on some experience in his previous life to achieve such achievements.
Can he really get in touch with that old master? Can he really learn from him? Mu Xiaoke’s palms were sweating, he rubbed his palms unconsciously, looking at the business card and then at Li Fengming.


    Just when Li Fengming was about to lose patience, Chu Han took the business card away and smiled at her, “Thank you for your kindness.
We will contact you when we get back.
I don’t know how we can thank you if the apprenticeship is successful?”


    “You don’t have to thank me.
It would be even better if the children can join our studio after they have learned something.
But whether you can learn from a teacher and how much you can learn after learning from a teacher is entirely up to you.”


    Li Fengming showed a gentle smile and encouraged Mu Xiaoke: “I’m very optimistic about you, I hope you won’t let me down.
See you again.”


    Mu Xiaoke watched them leave, and he didn’t recover from the shock and excitement for a long time.


    Chu Han took him back to Shihua and stopped at the door, and Mu Xiaoke came back to his senses.


    Seeing the gate of the community, Mu Xiaoke was amazed that he had already arrived home.
Chu Han stopped the car and kept looking at him, his face slowly turned red, the opportunity he got tonight really shocked him.
He initially thought that he could have a small studio on his own to help the little sisters on the Internet make better jewelry, but he never thought about entering the core of this industry.
The business card in his hand is so precious that he is afraid of it.


    Chu Han asked, “Don’t dare to contact?”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded slightly.
He would definitely show his timidity when communicating with such a powerful teacher.


    “Then forget it?”


    Mu Xiaoke shook his head immediately, how can that be done, such a chance of pie falling in the sky must never be passed up!


    Chu Han smiled and didn’t continue to provoke him.
He turned around and handed a gift bag to Mu Xiaoke from the back seat.
Mu Xiaoke looked at Chu Han suspiciously.
Chu Han said: “I came back in a hurry, so I bought this from the school supermarket.
See if you like it.” 


   Did he even bring him a gift? Mu Xiaoke was a little embarrassed.
Chu Han took him to dinner and to the show today, which was already costly.
How could he accept this gift?


    “Open it and have a look, don’t be in a daze.” Chu Han urged Mu Xiaoke.
He had no choice but to listen.


    Inside was a gift box containing three hand creams.
It was a high-end foreign brand of hand cream.
Mu Xiaojian had seen several aunts in the family use it.
But Mu Xiao is a boy, and his family is full of men, so he seldom cares about this aspect.
He didn’t expect Chu Han to give him this.


    “You often do handwork, so take good care of your hands.”


    Mu Xiaoke looked at his hands, which were indeed much rougher than half a year ago.
There are many tiny small wounds on his forefinger and thumb, all of which were hurt when he was making hairpins.
If the injury is serious, he usually puts a band-aid on it at most, and never thinks about how to take care of it.


    Chu Han cared so much about things that he didn’t even notice… Mu Xiaoke raised his head to look at Chu Han, his eyes were full of emotion.
Chu Han received so much emotion from Mu Xiaoke that Chu Han was even a little embarrassed.
He raised his hand and patted Mu Xiaoke’s head, “Okay, let’s go back.”


    MuXiaoKe had to reluctantly say goodbye to him.


    He opened the car door and suddenly realized that Chu Han didn’t rent a house anymore, so where is he going to live now that it was so late?


    Mu Xiaoke immediately asked his question, and Chu Han pointed to the headlight sign of a convenient hotel nearby, “I’ll go there to spend the night, and go back to school tomorrow afternoon.”


    How can this be done? Chu Han came all the way back just for him.
How can he stay in a hotel? “You can stay at my house!” Mu Xiaoke has a serious look.
Anyway, there are still two rooms in his house, and the working aunt has always helped him to take care of it, so he can stay there any time.


    Chu Han looked at Mu Xiaoke without speaking for a long time, and Mu Xiaoke was still tugging on his sleeve and refused to let go.
Chu Han suddenly became serious, “Do you know what you are doing?”


    Chu Han’s eyes suddenly changed.
Well, Mu Xiaoke inexplicably felt a cold light, a bit like… like the gaze of a lone wolf in the middle of the night seen in the documentary, it can’t be called a threat, but it always makes people feel a little bit dangerous.


    But Mu Xiaoke didn’t care anymore, and said straightforwardly: “I invited my good friend to live at my home, what else am I doing?”


    Maybe it was because Mu Xiaoke was too “overbearing”, and Chu Han can’t resist in the end, so he can only drive into Shihua and follow Mu Xiaoke home.




    As soon as he entered the house, Mu Xiaoke turned on the water heater and helped Chu Han take his bag into the guest room, “Hurry up and go to bed.
I will ask Dad to call a driver to take you to the airport tomorrow!” 


Chu Han saw that Mu Xiaoke still wander around.
When he opened the wardrobe, he had to get the quilt on the top shelf, so he quickly took his hand.
“Okay, okay, I’ll get it.” 


Chu Han got it with a little tiptoe, and Mu Xiaoke couldn’t even touch it by jumping and jumping.
This made Mu Xiaoke frustrated for a while, he seemed to have only started to grow this year, and he didn’t know when he would be as tall as Chu Han.


    Chu Han put down the quilt, turned around, and saw Mu Xiaoke gesticulating, he couldn’t help rubbing Mu Xiaoke’s head again, “Little friend, you are still far behind! Hahaha!” 


   The child ran away angrily.


    The kid turned around after running not far and gestured “good night” to him.


    Chu Han replied softly: “Good night, cutie.”


    It was late at night, and Mu Xiaoke fell asleep with all the good things he saw today.


    In the guest room, Chu Han stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows looking at the bustling night scene outside, wondering what he was thinking.


    Lin Jun called at the right time, and Lin Jun asked worriedly: “Mr.
Chu, where are you? Why haven’t you come back? What happened?”


    Chu Han looked at the guest room where he was, showing a smug smile, “at the child’s house.”


    Lin Jun was stunned for a moment, “at Mu Xiaoke’s house?”


    Chu Han responded, and Lin Jun could almost immediately imagine how Chu Han pretended to be a homeless man.
The wanderer came to trick Mu Xiaoke into sympathy, but Jun Lin still didn’t understand why Chu Han did this, “Mr.
Chu, I don’t really understand the reason why you came back this time.”


    He hurried back to City Y, but within a day It was time to go back to school again.
Is it just to watch that insignificant fashion show?


    Chu Han was silent, he knew very well that he came back for Mu Xiaoke.


    From the first time he met Mu Xiaoke in Fenglin Garden, Chu Han remembered this thin and submissive dumb boy, a poor man who was chased by Rong Yanzhe to his wits.
Chu Han doesn’t like to pity the weak, but Mu Xiaoke is not really weak.
The superficial weakness is just a way for him to protect himself.
Chu Han can see the endless tenacity in his bones.
Chu Han likes such a person very much.


    That time, Mu Xiaoke cried so sadly in the elevator, but he didn’t blame others.
Instead, he ate the dessert he didn’t like to thank him for his kindness.
After crying, Mu Xiaoke worked hard again.
Chu Han likes all of these.


    Mu Xiaoke’s world seems to be very complicated, but it is also very simple.
Just a simple gesture of handing a tissue can make Mu Xiaoke satisfied and moved.
Every time, Chu Han was able to get the “touch” and “love” cast by Mu Xiaoke’s big eyes through his insignificant “kindness.
He likes to see Mu Xiaoke’s simple and sincere happiness because it can also make him happy.


    So he doesn’t like letting Mu Xiaoke down.


    It’s a really good feeling to raise a poor little person who has been betrayed by everyone to be happy and innocent.


    However, to Lin Jun’s question, he gave another answer: “Help me invest in the new project of Mu Yan Film and Television, and I will get 40% of the proportion.”






    The author has something to say: well, manager Chu is still a straight man at this time!

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