nzhe very puzzled.
Rong Yanzhe didn’t want to understand how their family offended Mu Xiaok; not only him, but even his parents were so unreliable in Mu Xiaoke’s heart.
Not only that but also Fu Jiayun.
Fu Jiayun said that his number has been blocked by Mu Xiaoke.
Even if Fu Jiayun repeatedly contacted him, Mu Xiaoke had no intention of easing the relationship.


    “Mu Xiaoke, you make it clear today.
Why do you hate me so much?”


    “I can’t tell.” Mu Xiaoke refused to communicate.


    “I don’t know if you don’t want to go anywhere today.” Rong Yanzhe became angry, hugged his chest, and said harsh words.


    Mu Xiaoke bowed his head to type, Rong Yanzhe thought he was typing for himself, so he waited patiently.


    However, what he didn’t expect was that Mu Xiaoke put away his phone after typing, and stood there completely turning his face away from him.


    “Mu Xiaoke!” 


    The two men were deadlocked for a few minutes, and an adult man rushed in.
When he saw Mu Xiaoke, he shouted, “Xiaoke, the teacher is here!”


    Rong Yanzhe was stunned.
What teacher? What happened?


    Mu Xiaoke immediately took this opportunity to rush to his teacher.
That’s right, he was in contact with his tutor just now.
The training institution was just a few steps away from his home, and the tutor came to save him without saying a word.


(TN: what he means by training institution is a cram school.)


    “It’s okay, let’s go, the class time is coming, and the other two students are waiting for you.” The teacher didn’t talk to Rong Yanzhe and ran away with Mu Xiaoke.


    Rong Yanzhe was left standing there alone in the lobby, looking a little funny.


    After the class, the make-up teacher couldn’t help asking: “Xiao Ke, you still have to be careful in the future.
There are so many bad guys now.
Even if you are a boy, you should pay attention to safety.
Call the teacher if you are in that situation like today.”


    Mu Xiaoke wanted to laugh a little, Rong Yanzhe was treated as a gangster, “Understood.
thank you, teacher.”


    The teacher waved his hand, “Go back and be careful.” 


    When Mu Xiaoke returned home, he saw his father standing at the door.
He didn’t know what to say at the moment.
Since the last fight, he hasn’t had good communication with his father.


    When Mu Xiangyang saw him coming back, he quickly said, “Why is the password wrong? My fingerprints are invalid.
Have you changed the password?”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded.
The password and fingerprints were deleted, and the re-entered unlocking order only had his and the hourly worker’s aunt’s fingerprints.


    Mu Xiaoke opened the door, let Mu Xiangyang in, and then typed: “Someone in the community was stolen a while ago, so I changed the password.”


    Mu Xiangyang nodded without asking any more questions and then walked directly to Mu Xiaoke’s workbench.
There were still unfinished materials on it.
Mu Xiangyang gently picked it up and looked at it for a moment, then put it down again.


    “If you really like making hairpins, I won’t stop you, but you have to promise your father that you can’t fall behind in your studies.”


    Mu Xiaoke was stunned and fixedly looked at Mu Xiangyang.


    Mu Xiangyang sighed, and lightly patted Mu Xiaoke’s shoulder, “Xiao Ke, don’t mention the past…”


    Mu Xiaoke looked into Mu Xiangyang’s eyes and finally gave in.
Knowing that he will no longer provoke his father with his mother’s affairs, and his father will no longer criticize his life too much.


    “Let’s go, accompany Dad to meet the guests.”


    Mu Xiaoke was taken aback, and quickly asked in sign language, “What guest?”


    “The Rong family.”


    Mu Xiaoke frowned, his eyes full of rejection.
Mu Xiangyang had long suspected that Rong Yanzhe and the others might be the real culprits that caused Mu Xiaoke to have another psychological problem, and Mu Xiaoke’s current behavior confirmed this suspicion even more.


    “Dad knows you don’t like them, but you still have to eat this meal.
Daddy will be by your side.
Don’t be afraid.”


    Mu Xiaoke took a deep breath and finally endured it.


    When he arrived at the place, Mu Xiaoke immediately saw Rong Yanzhe waiting for someone on the first floor of the hotel.
When Rong Yanzhe saw Mu Xiaoke, he showed him a smug smile.
Didn’t he hide from me? I’ll pick you up at the door, but you don’t want to.
Isn’t he obediently delivered to his door now?


    Rong Yanzhe greeted Mu Xiangyang with an evil smile on his face, “Uncle Mu, you are finally here, but you made us wait.”


    Mu Xiangyang said slightly apologetically: “It’s more important for Xiao Ke to go to class, I’m sorry.”


    Rong Yanzhe was taken aback and put away the smile on his face, “Upstairs, please.” 


    The Rong family booked a room upstairs, and the waiter opened the door for them.
After entering, the first thing Mu Xiaoke saw was not Rong Yanzhe’s parents, but a man in a suit sitting next to them! That was the man who helped Chu Han give him a gift that day!


    Mu Xiaoke was stunned, but when the other party saw his eyes, he immediately laughed and then shook his head slightly.


    The Rong family hurriedly greeted them, “Mr.
Mu is here, why is Xiao Ke still carrying a schoolbag, haha, sit down quickly.”


    Mu Xiaoke immediately put away his gaze and followed Mu Xiangyang to sit opposite Rong Yanzhe’s parents.


    And Rong Yanzhe unceremoniously sat on Mu Xiaoke’s right side, blocking the body of the man in the suit as soon as he sat down, showing a threatening smile at Mu Xiaoke.


    Mu Xiaoke was startled, Rong Yanzhe saw that little move just now!


    “He just got out of cram school, so I brought him here directly.
I’m sorry to keep you guys waiting.” Mu Xiangyang pulled Mu Xiaoke’s schoolbag to make it easier for him to put it.
Mu Xiangyang looked at the down jacket that Mu Xiaoke was wearing and continued to smile: “The weather is getting colder and his hands and feet are also clumsy.”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded, echoing his father.


    “Hey, Yanzhe, take care of your younger brother.
Don’t be such an adult.
You can’t even learn to be considerate.
How can you find a partner in the future?”


    Rong Yanzhe’s mother Shao Yuzhen suddenly said this, Rong Yanzhe suddenly got the opportunity to do something to Mu Xiaoke, and almost became excited.


    Then Mu Xiaoke moved faster, quickly took off his coat, moved his butt, and avoided Rong Yanzhe’s hand.


    Seeing this, Shao Yuzhen joked, “Xiao Ke is different from before.
He is shy now.”


    Mu Xiaoke laughed.


    Rong Yanzhe’s father, Rong Zhao, smoothed things over, pointed at the man in the suit, and said, “Xiao Ke, this is brother Lin Jun.
You can ask him for help if you need anything in the future, okay?”


    Mu Xiaoke looked at Lin Jun.
Lin Jun nodded, “Hello, Xiaoke.”


    Mu Xiaoke also nodded, and the doubts in his heart became even bigger.
Why did Lin Jun have anything to do with the Rong family? Does the Rong family have such relatives?


Rong, you are very optimistic about Mr.
Lin recently.
I heard that Mr.
Lin is responsible for the recent business?”


    “Hey, the people cultivated by the old man are of course not bad.
Lin, you can come to eat at home when you have nothing to do in the future, you know?”


    “Thank you, Mr.


    “By the way, Xiao Ke, I heard that recently you have an intern teacher with a good education.
Do you have a chance to introduce him to us? Your Uncle Rong’s company is now in need of talents.”


    Mu Xiaoke immediately understood that they were coming for Chu Han!

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