n front of our school guard, which is ridiculous!”


    Fu Jiayun hurriedly pushed Rong Yanzhe aside, “Don’t force Xiao Ke, let’s go.”


    “Us? Where’s Xiao Kai?”


    Fu Jiayun sighed heavily, “He didn’t ask for leave, and the head teacher refused to let him out.”


    “What? What’s going on?” Rong Yanzhe I was stunned.
How come he can’t get a night off for self-study?



    “Uncle Mu and the homeroom teacher made a private decision.
If it wasn’t Uncle Mu who called in person, the homeroom teacher wouldn’t let him go.”


    At this time, a group of little girls in Hanfu flocked to the school gate from across the road.
Luo Jiaming was sharp-eyed, recognized Xiaoyin among them, and waved to them excitedly.


    Xiao Yin flew over, the two little sisters hugged each other, and then pulled Mu Xiaoke into the group, and a group of little girls surrounded Mu Xiaoke, the birthday star, and ran vigorously.


    Rong Yanzhe and Fu Jiayun were stunned when they saw it.
They were not ignorant people, but they had never seen so many little girls surrounding Mu Xiaoke! Since when did Mu Xiaoke like to wear Hanfu? Why did he know so many girls in this circle? These girls specially wore Hanfu to pick him up at the school gate for Mu Xiaoke’s birthday.
This is simply unbelievable!


    “What’s going on with Mu Xiaoke?” Rong Yanzhe asked.


    Fu Jiayun was also at a loss, “I don’t know, I’ve never heard Xiao Ke mention these girls.”


    Rong Yanzhe snorted coldly, “I don’t know what tricks he’s playing!”


    Mu Xiaoke was led by a group of flower-like girls.
After rushing into the shopping mall, Mu Xiaoke found out that Xiao Yin and the others had booked this tea restaurant.
The tea restaurant was decorated with balloons and ribbons in a very cute and romantic way.
The big happy birthday balloons were stuck to the glass wall of the restaurant which could be seen by people coming and going.


    “Xiao Ke, surprise!” Luo Jiaming and Xiao Yin sprayed ribbons on Mu Xiaoke together. 


Mu Xiaoke’s heart was as sweet as honey, and his eyes were hot.
“Thank you!” 

Mu Xiaoke made sign language.
Although he always tells others that he likes to be alone and quiet.
But he likes to be lively in his bones, and he likes a group of people to have fun together.
He has been suppressing himself because he knows that he can’t be so indulgent, but now he is really moved to see so many people who meet by chance are willing to get together for him.


    Luo Jiaming could understand this simple sign language, so he explained his meaning to everyone, and then laughed loudly: “Our little hairpin man is 16 years old today!”


    Everyone shouted: “16 years old!”


    After everyone sat down, Luo Jiaming explained to Mu Xiaoke, “As soon as I talked to Xiao Yin in the morning, she organized everyone in the group to help you celebrate your birthday.
These 6 young ladies have all bought your hairpins, and they happen to live here.
We took advantage of the lunch break to contact the store owner, the boss is very kind, and agreed immediately.”


    “But I’m sorry to let you spend money.” Mu Xiaoke typed.


    One of the young ladies quickly said: “It’s nothing expensive, the boss is my own brother, hahaha.”


    Others also laughed, “Yes, we usually like to book a place for social gatherings.
Her brother is eager for us to come.”


    “Thank you again, this birthday is the happiest birthday I have ever had!”


    “Don’t talk nonsense, hurry up, we have a surprise.
bring the things quickly!” Xiaoyin winked at Luo Jiaming eagerly and was more anxious to unwrap the present than the birthday celebrant.


    With that said, Luo Jiaming went out and brought in the gift.


    It’s just that he didn’t expect she would bring a person.
A young man with the appearance of an elite in a suit and leather shoes walked up to Mu Xiaoke holding a super large gift box, “Master Mu, hello, this is a birthday present entrusted to me by a friend.”


    Mu Xiaoke stood up involuntarily.
He couldn’t believe his eyes and hesitantly press his hand on the top of the gift box.
The other party looked at him with a smile, “Please open it and have a look.”


    Mu Xiaoke followed suit, and the gift box was divided into two halves, one half of which was a set of books as thick as a Chinese dictionary printed on coated paper.
Mu Xiaoke was extremely suspicious, while taking it out, he looked at the elite man.


    The elite man explained: “This is the ancient hairpin pattern, the latest complete works of the Forbidden City Publishing House.”


    Everyone laughed, “This friend’s gift is too professional.”


    Mu Xiaoke blushed, and he put the book down.
The other half came in a velvet gift box, with a pair of gloves next to it.


    “For the preservation of the gift, Young Master Mu should put on gloves.”


    “What kind of treasure is this!” Luo Jiaming and the others couldn’t hold back anymore and moved closer to Mu Xiaoke.


    Wearing gloves, Mu Xiaoke carefully opened the small gift box, and inside lay a Dian Cui tin with a sense of age.
Mu Xiaoke’s eyes can’t move away from it, this thing is not imitation! It’s true!


(TN: Dian-Cui (dotting with kingfisher feathers) refers to a traditional Chinese manufacturing technique for decorating jewelry and other precious handicrafts using the blue feathers of kingfishers.)


    “It was collected from a descendant of an ancient prince.
Although the price was not high, it was repaired by the professor of cultural relics restoration in the Forbidden City, and it was basically restored to its original state.
This tin has a history of more than a hundred years.”


    “Oh my god, What an antique!”


    “My God, who prepared this mysterious gift! Xiao Yin, are you such a rich woman?”


    “It’s not me! Luo Jiaming! What’s the situation!”


    Luo Jiaming snickered, “Oh my goodness! You Won’t understand even after talking about it.” Then, Luo Jiaming looked down at Mu Xiaoke’s expression and teased him: “He said you can guess it without saying his name.
Xiao Ke, did you guess it? “


    Mu Xiaoke gently put down the tin and closed the gift box carefully.
He already had an answer in his heart.
He snickered, and when he raised his head, he was still trying to suppress his smile, so as not to let himself laugh so ostentatiously.
He respectfully nodded to the elite man, “Thank you.” 


    The elite man re-tied the things and solemnly handed them over to Mu Xiaoke, “The gentleman wishes you a happy birthday and a happy and safe life in the future.” After the gift box was delivered, the man said goodbye and leave.


    Mu Xiaoke carefully put the box on the empty chair beside him, then blocked it with his schoolbag, and finally patted the schoolbag twice to feel relieved.


    “Xiao Ke, you seem like a little money fan now, hahaha.” Xiao Yin teased him, “Hey if I got such a treasure, I would marry the one who gave the gift!”


    “Xiao Yin, don’t be a nymphomaniac.
Xiao Ke is so cute, you can’t just marry so casually!”


    “Ladies and gentlemen, here comes the cake!”


    Luo Jiaming hurriedly stood up and shouted, “Hey, don’t talk for now, let the little birthday boy start the ceremony!”


    The cake was delivered to the table.
It was dark outside, and the lights in the shop were all out, only the candles on the cake were flickering and shining.


    Luo Jiaming put the birthday crown on Mu Xiaoke’s head, “Happy Birthday!” After singing a birthday song, Mu Xiaoke made three wishes devoutly.


    The first one is to hope that all those who care about him can have happiness.


    Second, I hope that I can live a healthy life.


    The third…


    Blow out the candles and start a happy and relaxing birthday party.


    After the party, Mu Xiaoke returned home alone.
He took out his mobile phone and solemnly thanked Chu Han.


    “Teacher Chu, thank you for the gift you gave me.
This birthday is my happiest birthday.”


    Mu Xiaoke saw that they had only a few words of chat, and he didn’t have hope for Chu Han’s reply.
The moment he was about to put down his phone, the reply came!


    “Xiao Ke, happy birthday.
Sweet dreams.”

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