iangyang snorted coldly.
“He doesn’t study as hard as Fu Jiayun, I don’t even know where his mind is.”


    “Hey, Mr.
Mu, why do you say that to your child? It doesn’t matter if he didn’t pass the exam this time.
It’s still half a year before the college entrance examination.
Xiaokai, keep working hard, uncle is very optimistic about you.”


    “Thank you…thank you uncle, I will work hard.” Mu Kai said more and more quietly.


    This made Fu Jiayun feel distressed when he heard this, and directly return to his father: “Dad, don’t pressure him.”


    As everyone knows, the expressions of the two fathers changed when he said this, especially Mu Xiangyang, whose face was as dark as Bao Gong’s1



    “Xiao Kai, go ask your homeroom teacher for leave and come home with me tonight.”


    Mu Kai was stunned, “Dad, I want to…”


    “What do you want? Come home with me!”


    In the Mu family, Mu Xiangyang and his father sat together.
Mu Xiangyang held the transcripts that the parents would get back during the day, one was Mu Kai’s, and the other was Mu Xiaoke’s.


    “Tell me, what have you been doing this half-semester? Did you ignore what I said to you before? How can you get such grades? You still have the mind to care about what your brother is doing outside.
Even if he plays with things and loses his mind, he can get into the top ten.
What about you, you are in school 24 hours a day.
Tell me what you did!”


    “Dad, I didn’t… I just…”


    “It’s just what, your class teacher specifically came to me for a chat before the meeting.  He told me to be wary of your puppy love and your inattention to your studies! And your brother was slandered and made rumors, and it was your pursuer who did it! You didn’t even tell me anything! I’m not dead yet!! You, brothers, are thinking about how to divide my money, aren’t you!”


    Mu Kai never expected to pick up a stone and drop it on his foot2

Instead of taking all the fire on Mu Xiaoke, Mu Xiangyang scolded him like a dog! He hastily explained: “Dad, I never thought about splitting up.
It was all proposed by Xiao Ke, I…”



    Mu Xiangyang didn’t want to listen to these messy things at this time, so he interrupted him directly: “How is your brother? That’s your brother’s business.
Take care of yourself!”


    Mu Kai’s hands and feet were cold and he was flustered.


    After the parents’ meeting, Mu Xiaoke’s class was busy preparing gifts for Chu Han.
Chu Han was leaving on Wednesday.
Everyone in their class liked Chu Han very much.
Han’s class was so lively that it made the mathematics class that they were afraid of interesting, and the substitute head teacher often took them to play various group activities, which made the relationship between the students in the class much more natural. 


    In the beginning, because of Chen Xiaoxi’s instigation and isolation, there were many conflicts in the class.
Now that the thorn heads are honest, no one will make trouble.


    On the day Chu Han left, 30 children took photos with him again and begged for hugs as a souvenir.


    However, the cold and handsome guy didn’t agree to the girl’s request for a hug, but what surprised the girl was that the man who said he was not close to others turned around and gave Mu Xiaoke a hug.


    When Chu Han hugged Mu Xiaoke before Mu Xiaoke could react, Chu Han’s strong chest pressed against his face, and those big hands that often rubbed his head were patting his back.
This is the first time I feel that a man’s hug is so gentle and warm…


    Here again, among so many people he knows, only Chu Han gave him the tenderness he wanted.
Mu Xiaoke closed his eyes and gently grabbed Chu Han’s sleeve.


    Chu Han let go of Mu Xiaoke, and still did not forget to rub Mu Xiaoke’s head again, “Okay, Xiao Ke will accept this blessing on behalf of the whole class.” 


“Teacher, you cheat! Just hug Xiaoke but don’t hug us.
We don’t accept it!”


    Chu Han seldom burst out laughing, “That can’t be helped, I can only hug Xiao Ke.
Right, Xaio Ke?”


    Mu Xiaoke’s face is about to explode.
When did he say something like that? Why didn’t he know?


    Chu Han patted Mu Xiaoke’s head full of question marks, “Okay, I’m leaving, everyone, goodbye.”


    Chu Han left without showing any reluctance.


    For some reason, looking at Chu Han’s back, Mu Xiaoke felt uneasy.
Maybe after leaving the identity of the trainee teacher, Chu Han would no longer care about them, and this farewell might be a farewell forever.     


On the first day, Chu Han left, Mu Xiaoke sent a message to Chu Han: “Can we meet again in the future, Teacher Chu?”

After the message was sent out, Mu Xiaoke buckled his mobile phone and looked outside the window, unable to sleep for a long time.



Bao Gong is often portrayed as a dark-skinned Chinese man.
He is a Northern Song official renowned for his honesty.


Picking up a stone to throw it on other’s feet, however, it dropped on one’s own feet.
means wanting to harm another person but harm himself instead.

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