up for themselves.
He only had these two relatives when he was young, and gradually, he reconciled with them and even relied on this excessively beautiful brother.


    However, in return for his dependence, he got schemed… He no longer wants to play the role-playing of friends and brothers with Mu Kai, and he no longer cares about his father’s face, he only wants to live a good life!


    “You…what did you say?” Mu Xiangyang was stabbed by Mu Xiaoke’s eyes.
He couldn’t believe that Mu Xiaoke still cared so much about his mother who had been dead for almost 10 years and even wanted to inherit her career.
How could this be? 


    “I’m not interested in managing the company, so I won’t compete with Mu Kai for family property.
I also told Mu Kai that I don’t want anything from the Mu family, except the house left by my mother.
However, Mu Kai said that he would also take this house.
He wanted me to do nothing, and make me a waste so that I could only be at his mercy for the rest of my life.”


    After Mu Xiaoke typed these words, he sent them directly to the family chat group where the three belonged.  It was too late for Mu Kai to stop it.


    “Mu Xiaoke, what are you doing? Are you going to separate before you become an adult?”


    Mu Xiaoke calmly continued to send messages: “I’m not qualified to divide your home, I just want to get back what my mother left behind.
I don’t care about anything, but I can’t give a penny of my mother’s things to others.”


    “Mu Xiaoke!”


    “I won’t eat, you enjoy it.” Mu Xiaoke finished his gestures, picked up his bag, and left.


    “Father, I’ll go after him.” Mu Kai immediately chased after him.


    When the two met at the door, Mu Kai directly pulled Mu Xiaoke into a corner outside the restaurant, “Mu Xiaoke, how could you be so talkative? You even told Dad what we talk about.
Aren’t you afraid that Dad will never want you again?”


    Mu Xiaoke looked at Mu Kai indifferently, “If he abandons me, I can still get my mother’s house.”


    “What do you mean?” He saw MuXiaoke’s sign language clearly and couldn’t help but want to sneer.
Where did MuXiaoke get the confidence to take the house?


    “Don’t you understand the law? I’m a minor.
My parents have the responsibility to raise me until I’m 18.
And that house is my mother’s pre-marital property.
I’m the one who has the right to inherit it.”


    Mu Xiaoke pushed Mu Kai’s hand away, “I hope you will consider the legal consequences when you do something bad.
You are already an adult.” 


    In the end, Mu Kai returned to the restaurant alone, and the father and son sat silently.
Mu Kai wanted to please his father, but he saw his father looking at his phone, looking at the message that Mu Xiaoke had just sent.


    After eating and coming out of the restaurant, it was almost time for the parent-teacher meeting in the afternoon.
Mu Kai and Mu Xiangyang walked all the way back.
On the way, Mu Kai asked nervously, “Dad, does that house belongs to Xiao Ke’s mother?”


    Mu Xiangyang looked at Mu Kai with irritability in his eyes.
Mu Kai quickly lowered his head, acting very self-blaming and weak, “I went to see Xiao Ke once before, and I asked him if I could live there, and I didn’t think too much about it at that time I should not have spoken up.


    “Didn’t I tell you that if you want to live outside I will make another arrangement for you? Why do you have to ask these things? Do you really want that house?”


    Mu Kai quickly waved his hand, “No, I… I’m just too bored living in school, I have no other intentions!”


    “Don’t mention it anymore, his mother notarized the house a long time ago, and he can only own it.”


    Mu Kai frowned immediately, what Mu Xiaoke said was actually true! He was begrudging that he couldn’t help clenching his fists.


    Mu Xiaoke returned to Shihua Community alone, his stomach was rumbling, and he fell on the sofa weakly.
He didn’t have the strength to cook now, but he couldn’t stand being starved.


    At this time, a timely rain came, “Xiao Ke, are you home?” Chu Han’s voice came from outside the door.


    Mu Xiaoke jumped over to open the door, with a smile on his face.
When he opened the door, he was blocked by a bag filled with delicious food.
Chu Han smiled and moved the bag away, “Have you eaten? Do you want to eat?”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded vigorously, “Eat!”


    Chu Han went in to eat with him.


    “Why didn’t you go to school in the morning?” The parents’ meeting was also a time for students to gather together, and several students also prepared a performance.
Mu Xiaoke should have taken on the task of sharing successful experiences, but considering that he can’t speak, he was replaced by Luo Jiaming.


Chen planned to let all the parents know you.
It’s a pity that you didn’t come.” In fact, it was more to make the previous rumors of mental illness unfounded, but Mu Xiaoke didn’t want to go, and they were helpless as teachers.


    “There are still two hairpins to be designed…” Mu Xiaoke lied, he just didn’t want to go to class and have a conflict with his father.




    Chu Han didn’t believe it, because he saw the dispute between Mu Xiaoke and Mu Kai in the mall.


    “Really.” Mu Xiaoke faked a smile, and then he couldn’t help but confide to Chu Han, “Teacher, what should I do if my family stops me from continuing to make hairpins?”


    “Then do it better, so that they have nothing to say.” Chu Han said it normally, but Mu Xiaoke could see the dazzling confidence and firmness in Chu Han’s eyes.



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