door and looking at him.


When Mu Kai, who was chasing after him, saw Chu Han, his heart rose in his throat.


Chu Han said expressionlessly: “Hung up the phone, Xiao Ke.”


On the other side of the phone, Fu Jiayun was happy because of Mu Xiaoke’s initiative to contact her but was cut off ruthlessly before she could speak.


Mu Xiaoke walked up to Chu Han and looked up at Chu Han, his round deer eyes were still a little red, but he didn’t show any weakness, which made Chu Han very satisfied.
Chu Han comforted and rubbed Mu Xiaoke’s head, and said to Mu Kai: “It’s rare for you as an older brother to see your younger brother and make such a mess.
You are really a considerate and gentle brother.” However, Chu Han’s gaze stayed on Mu Xiaoke all the time, and he didn’t give Mu Kai, who had always been arrogant about his beauty, the slightest glare.


Mu Kai gritted his teeth and lost the mask he had worked so hard to create in front of outsiders.
This was more embarrassing than being punched by Mu Xiaoke, not to mention that the other party completely ignored him at this time.
He squeezed his fist and finally decided to leave.


“Wait, Xiao Ke, how long has he been at your house? Go and see if you lost anything.”


Mu Xiaoke looked at Chu Han in surprise, and then at Mu Kai.
Mu Kai’s expression changed suddenly, “What do you mean?!”


Mu Xiaoke immediately remembered that in his previous life, Mu Kai also stole something from him – a painting, an insignificant painting, but Mu Kai posted it on his every social account.


Mu Xiaoke didn’t hesitate any more and ran back to look for the things on the workbench.
His mother’s notes and posthumous works were all locked in the locker under the sofa.
Mu Kai didn’t know the structure of the sofa, so of course he couldn’t find it.
But his own drafts had apparently been turned over.


Mu Xiaoke thought for a moment, then went to the door and asked Mu Kai, “Did you take a picture?”


Mu Kai stiffened his neck and refused to admit it, “What nonsense are you talking about, what am I taking pictures for?”


“Then show me your phone.
“Mu Xiaoke signed in sign language, then reached out to Mu Kai.


How could Mu Kai agree, “What right do you have to look at my phone? Are you invading my privacy? Do you know how will Dad teach you when he knows you bully me?”


Mu Xiaoke was extremely disappointed, “So, are you going to tell Dad?”


Mu Kai sneered, “Of course, you do such a job in private without telling Dad.
Do you think Dad will let you go easily?”


Mu Xiaoke was helpless, he looked at Chu Han.
Chu Han shook his head lightly, he had no choice but to give up.
The two of them couldn’t grab Mu Kai’s phone by force, and if there was big trouble, maybe more people would know about him.


“Hmph, Xiao Ke, you still listen to your brother’s advice and don’t mess around on the Internet.  I can’t help you if you lose the face of the Mu family.”


Mu Xiaoke stared at Mu Kai.
He always knew that Mu Kai was selfish, but he didn’t expect that Mu Kai, who was only a high school student, would be so relentless.


That being the case, he will also ask Mu Kai not to blame him for not showing family affection in the future.


Mu Kai was a little surprised when he saw Mu Xiaoke’s expression.
Mu Xiaoke was really different from before.
Before the summer vacation, Mu Xiaoke was naive and stupid, and he was extremely dependent on his brother.
But now he saw a trace of coldness on his face, “Mu Xiaoke, what the hell are you planning?”


“I’m not as smart as you, so I can’t think of so many tricks.
But I won’t recognize you as my brother again in the future.
From today onwards, you are no longer my elder brother.”


After drawing a clear line with Fu Jiayun and Rong Yanzhe, he finally made up his mind to make a clean break with Mu Kai.
Ever since he was imprisoned by Rong Yanzhe in his last life, he knew that he was too weak and incompetent, so he never attributed the failure of his life to other people.
After his rebirth, he only wanted to be independent.
He wanted to repay what his family had done to him, in order to gain the power to dominate his life, but he never thought about breaking up with his blood-related relatives.


But everything that happened after he was reborn made him unable not to make such a decision.
He has already seen clearly that as long as he retains this family relationship, he will be pressured by all parties, and he has to live in the shadow of Mu Kai, and once again step by step back to the original old path.


“Mu Xiaoke! How dare you!”


“I will do what I say.” Mu Xiaoke finished signing and stretched out his hand to ask him to leave.


Mu Kai wanted to say something else, but since Chu Han had been standing by the door, he didn’t want to say anything embarrassing, so he could only leave.


After Mu Kai left, Chu Han came to Mu Xiaoke’s side, and patted Mu Xiaoke’s shoulder lightly, “You did a good job.”


Mu Xiaoke closed his eyes, and things finally came to this point.
What’s the point of using the way of severing family ties to solve the problem? No matter how well he does it, what’s the point?


“Teacher, thank you.”


“You’re being polite again, but I remember that I warned you to close the door, but you forgot this time.”


Mu Xiaoke smiled wryly, “I know I was wrong.”


After saying goodbye to Chu Han, Mu Xiaoke immediately sent those design drawings to Weibo and station X.
He would not give Mu Kai any chance to hurt him.


Sunday morning and afternoon are the parent meeting time for Senior one, Senior two, and Senior three respectively.

(TN: I assume it’s Grades 10, 11, and 12.)


Mu Xiaoke was busy repairing the hairpin that Mu Kai broke and ignored the parent meeting.


It wasn’t until Luo Jiaming sent him a message that his father had arrived that he realized that he was going to face Mu Xiangyang and Mu Kai’s attacks.

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