The bag had the artistic logo of “Ke Yan” printed on it, and Chu Han recognized it as Mu Xiaoke’s stuff at a glance, so Chu Han took it from Cen Luo’an and asked, “Is it for me?”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded and took out the contents of the bag.
There were two gift boxes inside.
Mu Xiaoke opened both boxes.


    In one box was a brooch and in the other is a pair of cufflinks.


    Mu Xiaoke took out the brooch.
The main body of the brooch is a writing brush the length of a little finger.
The penholder was made of dark green lantian jade, and the lantian jade was bright and lustrous, which made the penholder quite elegant.
The pen tip is carved with dark green jade, and the dark green end is connected to the pen holder.
The color radiates to the point where the nib is almost colorless.
It is integrated with the pen holder and has a sense of unfinished meaning.
The pin of the brooch is also connected to a thin gold chain, which can be clamped in the pocket of the jacket, imitating the style of a modern pocket watch.


    Because he had never learned jade carving before, it took Mu Xiaoke more than two weeks to complete the brooch, which resulted in him not daring to accept many orders.


    But this brooch is a thank-you gift to Chu Han, no matter how much time it takes, it is worth it.


    As for the pair of cufflinks, it didn’t take much time.
He just made a few oval-shaped with the leftovers of the brooch and inlaid them.



    “Did you make these things yourself, kid?” Cen Luo’an picked up a cufflink and looked at it carefully.
He never expected that Mu Xiaoke, who looked weak and ignorant of the world, would have such good craftsmanship.
Although these things can’t compare with the craftsmanship in jewelry stores, they are not much worse than those in gold stores in shopping malls.


    Mu Xiaoke typed: “Mr.
Chu, you helped me so many times before, I always wanted to thank you.
Before my father asked me to bring you some drinks, I thought it was a bit perfunctory, but at that time these things were not yet done, so I didn’t dare tell you.”


    “Okay, no need to say more.
This is a practical gift for me.
I like it very much, thank you, Xiaoke.”


    Mu Xiaoke looked at Chu Han, feeling that in his heart the reluctance became stronger.
But what’s the use of reluctance? He knew early on that he was just a passerby, and to him, he was just a small character who he met by chance.


    Chu Han felt Mu Xiaoke’s attachment, and said some cold words again: “Xiao Ke, don’t let me have any worries.”


    Mu Xiaoke was taken aback, and suddenly understood something in his heart, and he nodded solemnly.


    After Mu Xiaoke left, Cen Luo’an looked at the jewelry and sighed: “How can such a good child be mute?”


    “Probably because of bad luck.”


    “You can say such things? It’s really rare.”


    “Life is not good but he can earn his own good life.
I am not worried.”


    Cen Luo’an looked at Chu Han strangely, “I didn’t ask you if you were worried.
Brother Chu, you can’t do this.”


    “All right, go do your thing.” 


    As soon as he arrived in the classroom on Monday morning, Mu Xiaoke saw another bottle of milk on his desk.
Since the fallout with Fu Jiayun, although Fu Jiayun did not appear in front of him directly again, he still delivered breakfast to Mu Xiaoke.
Even if he didn’t deliver it himself, he would ask the students in the same class as Xiaoke to help bring it.


    All in all, it’s haunting.


    Not only that, after Mu Xiaoke downloaded the chat software back, Fu Jiayun spent nearly 10 hours trying to add him back as a friend.


    Mu Xiaoke doesn’t know what Fu Jiayun is insisting on.
If he has the skills to deal with him, why not go directly to please Mu Kai? Now he and Mu Kai have fallen out.
If Mu Kai knows that Fu Jiayun is so attentive to him, he will have to fight Mu Kai again.


    Does Fu Jiayun still think of himself as an adolescent who knows nothing about the world?


    Fu Jiayun really unconsciously regarded himself as an ignorant child, but unfortunately, he didn’t realize it, he only knew that now he wanted to coax Mu Xiaoke back.


    Whether it’s for Mu Kai or for himself, Fu Jiayun believes in himself – he must coax Mu Xiaoke back.


    How could Fu Jiayun’s tireless actions not attract Mu Kai’s attention? Mu Kai discussed Mu Xiaoke with Fu Jiayun several times, but none of them made Fu Jiayun give up delivering breakfast.


    “Why do you insist on doing this? You have also seen that every time you send something, he will take it to the recycling bin and give it away.
He is not willing to accept your kindness at all.” Mu Kai and Fu Jialun almost quarreled again on the way back to the classroom from the first year of high school.
Mu Kai really couldn’t stand Fu Jiayun’s empathetic behavior now.


    Several times he almost pierced the window paper between them, because Mu Kai really wanted to question Fu Jiayun: “Do you like me or Mu Xiaoke?” 

And there is another reason why Mu Kai is so irritable, that is, Rong Yanzhe didn’t come back to see him once for so long after he went to college.
This is completely different from what he said before.
Could it be that Rong Yanzhe also empathized with Xiao Ke?


    Fu Jiayun was also very displeased: “Then what else can we do? If we don’t even do this little thing, Xiao Ke won’t be reconciled with us anymore.
Haven’t you talked to him at home? You can tell us directly what he wants.”


    “By the way, Xiao Ke’s birthday is on November 21, and it will be in a week!”


    Fu Jiayun didn’t know why he suddenly thought of this.
Talking about Mu Xiaoke’s birthday before, Mu Xiao Ke would pester Fu Jiayun in advance, asking Fu Jiayun to prepare a birthday present.


    And now it’s less than a week before the day, Mu Xiaoke didn’t say anything.
This must be Mu Xiaoke testing him, “Xiaokai, let’s go buy him a birthday present this weekend!”


    Mu Kai almost died of anger.


    In fact, the first priority they have to face now is the midterm exam.


    The midterm exams for the three grade levels are all focused on completing this week.


    Mu Xiaoke had made sufficient preparations.
Even though Chu Han was going to leave early, he still had a good review of the content assigned by the teachers.
Therefore, in this four-day exam with a total of 9 subjects, he completed it without arrogance or impatience.


    After the mid-term exam, there will be a parent-teacher meeting.
The teachers and students of the whole school attach great importance to the first performance report this semester.
Chu Han had already planned to help, so he would wait until the parent meeting was over before leaving.


    However, when the rankings were released in the mid-term exam, Mu Xiaoke was extremely surprised.
He wasn’t surprised that he was in the top 20 of his grade, what surprised him was his older brother Mu Kai’s grades.


    He didn’t find his brother on the first hundred!


    On the first day when the grades came out, Mu Kai took his papers to the teachers of various subjects to check them, but no matter how he checked, his grades did not improve at all.


    “Didn’t the teacher make a mistake?” Fu Jiayun couldn’t believe it.
Mu Kai’s grades have always been among the best.
How could it be possible that he couldn’t even make it to the top 100? There were only 500 of them in the third year of high school.


    “No, I don’t know…” Mu Kai’s eyes were red.
He remembered what Mu Xiangyang said to him that day.
Mu Xiangyang put such heavy expectations on him.
If he couldn’t do it, he couldn’t imagine what Mu Xiangyang would do with the future of the Mu family.


    “Hey, school grass, I saw the rankings for the first year of high school.
Your younger brother Xiao Ke is ranked eighth.”


(TN: School grass/flower – most beautiful or the heartthrob of the school) 


    Mu Kai turned his head in shock, “What did you say!”


    Mu Xiaoke!


    When Mu Xiaoke went home at night, he was on guard when he saw Mu Kai.

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