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    Mu Xiaoke furiously turned around and rushed into the house, not daring to look at him more!


    It’s the first time in Mu Xiaoke’s previous life and this life that someone called him cute, how could Mu Xiaoke not be shy? Besides, he is already at the age of adolescence, how could anyone find him cute?


    Chu Han is indeed no ordinary person!


    Mu Xiaoke looked up and saw his doghouse-like living room. He immediately began to clean up! Chu Han can’t be scared away by this doghouse as soon as he comes in! Not caring about other things, Mu Xiaoke rushed to the edge of the sofa to pick up the littered clothes and homework and threw them into the study, and then closed the study door tightly!


   By the way, prepare tea and snacks for others!


    Xiaoke went to the kitchen in a hurry to find a teapot to boil water, but he was so busy that he didn’t know Chu Han had already packed up.


    Chu Han stood in front of Mu Xiaoke’s room and was about to knock on the door, but he didn’t expect that there was still a big gap in the door.
It turned out that Mu Xiaoke was so careless that he didn’t even close the door! Chu Han pushed open the door and went in.
He heard the noisy sound of boiling water coming from inside, and the sound of him closing the door was also covered up.


    Chu Han walked over lightly, intending to teach Mu Xiaoke a lesson.


    Mu Xiaoke was boiling water in the kitchen, thinking that Chu Han should be treated well when he comes to visit for the first time. Who would have thought that as soon as he turned around, he would see Chu Han appearing behind him?


    He was so frightened that his hands trembled and he almost smashed the teapot on his hand.


    Chu Han reached out to take the teapot and said very seriously: “Even if there are only two of us on this floor, you have to close the door, understand?”


    Mu Xiaoke patted his chest for breath and nodded to show that he knew his mistake.
However, Chu Han couldn’t be allowed to hold the teapot like this all the time, so he quickly led Chu Han to sit on the sofa, and then poured tea for Chu Han.


    Chu Han looked at Mu Xiaoke’s living room.
The decoration in the living room is very gentle.
It can be seen that someone has carefully designed it.
The sofa was obviously tidied up in a hurry, and the pillows on it were still crookedly placed.
It really is full of childishness.


    The thing that attracted Chu Han the most was of course Mu Xiaoke’s workbench.
After Mu Xiaoke put down the teapot, he pointed to the workbench and asked, “What is that?”


    Mu Xiaoke hurriedly found his phone to type, “My workbench and desk.”


    Chu Han walked over and saw that under the countertop was a wall of materials piled up with layers of storage boxes, and there was a U-shaped hairpin half made by Mu Xiaoke on the table.
Chu Han looked at Mu Xiaoke, “Are you making hairpins?”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded, a little embarrassed, but not ashamed to admit that making hairpin jewelry is a profound knowledge, and boys can also make it.


    “It’s beautiful.” Chu Han didn’t hesitate to praise him, nor did he say anything to him about making hairpins.


    Mu Xiaoke smiled heartily.
Sure enough, Chu Han could understand everything.


    “However, this thing won’t delay your study, right?”


    As an intern class teacher, it is necessary to ask this question.


    Mu Xiaoke waved his hand, “No, I only use some spare time to do it.”


    Chu Han nodded, “Is there anything else?”


    Mu Xiaoke hurriedly took out the other hairpin he had made, and then stood aside as if waiting for the teacher to mark the paper.


    Chu Han carefully observed it under the lamp, not missing every detail.
This made Mu Xiaoke feel satisfied and happy.
What he made was taken very seriously.


    “Is such an exquisite thing custom-made for others?”


    Mu Xiaoke shook his head.
These few were designed by himself and he has not found a buyer yet.
However, he has already made up his mind to do video promotion on Station X.
Station X is a popular video website for young people, and it is a two-dimensional cultural base.
Of course, handmade Hanfu also has a place in it.
Maybe it can attract some new customers.


    He told Chu Han about his plan, and Chu Han nodded, “What is the account number, can you show it to me?”


    Mu Xiaoke opened the app of Station X and displayed his homepage.


    “Ke Yan…” Chu Han was speechless when he saw the name.

(Ke Yan literally translates to It may be said)


    Mu Xiaoke quickly explained, “Teacher, don’t get me wrong, I just typed a random name, don’t worry about it.”


    Chu Han looked at Mu Xiaoke, obviously, it was his own pain, but he was worried that others would feel embarrassed. How could there be such a silly child?


    “Understood, I will forward it to you when I go back.”


    Mu Xiaoke smiled so happily that his eyes narrowed, “Teacher, you are my first audience!”


    Chu Han rubbed Mu Xiaoke’s head vigorously.
The feeling of rubbing the small head is really good.
Chu Han coughed lightly, concealing his bad intentions, and asked seriously: “I haven’t said anything about what you’re looking for, what about the pile of gift boxes at the door?”


    Mu Xiaoke quickly relayed his father’s words.
In the end, Mu Xiaoke typed seriously: “Thank you.” 

His eyes were burning, and his sincere eyes were unbearable.


    But Chu Han gradually put away the false smile on his face, “Really…Xiao Ke, aren’t you afraid that I have some purpose in approaching you?”


    “No, because you are not that kind of person.” Mu Xiaoke replied seriously.


    “What kind of person, you are a child, how do you know what kind of person I am?”


    “You are not a bully.” Xiaoke looked Chu Han in the eye, and there was no hypocrisy in his eyes.


    Chu Han raised his hand and flicked his forehead, “Finish your video first.
I’m going back.
Let your father take those drinks back.
It’s my duty to help you.
He doesn’t need to give me extra gifts.”


    Mu Xiaoke hurriedly followed and sent him away.
Chu Han stopped at the entrance and looked back at Mu Xiaoke, “In the future, don’t leave the door open.”


    Mu Xiaoke smiled at him obediently, “Got it.”


    At this moment, Mu Xiaoke’s mobile phone rang suddenly, and it was Luo Jiaming who was calling him.
He looked at Chu Han, Chu Han waved his hand to say goodbye to him, turned, and went out.


    Luo Jiaming yelled on the phone: “Xiao Ke, do you want to come to the comic-con? Xiaoyin and I are both at the comic-con, come and have fun!”


    Mu Xiaoke looked at the time, he made an appointment with the teacher for a make-up class in the afternoon.
It’s still a math class.……


    Mu Xiaoke couldn’t speak either, so he could only type for Luo Jiaming.


    “Oh, just once.
It’s very close to our school.
Don’t you live near the school? You can come here by riding a small yellow cab.
If you feel bored, you can go back to class in time.”


    Mu Xiaoke hesitated, Luo Jiaming speak again: “Do you have any other finished hairpins? Bring them here too! You won’t suffer if you come here!”


    At this time, another girl’s voice came from Luo Jiaming’s cell phone, “Xiao Ke! I’m Xiao Yin! Come quickly, bring all your belongings, come here immediately, while there are many people, hurry up!”


    Mu Xiaoke gritted his teeth, looked at his things, and finally decided, “Okay, I’ll go now!”


    Ten minutes later, Mu Xiaoke finally arrived at the exhibition center where the Comic-Con was sitting.
It was already noon at this time, but the entrance was still crowded with people.
Before he recovered, a group of COSERs wearing game uniforms walked towards him in groups, and suddenly they yelled a few harsh words together.
They are all slogans from the second grade, and the surroundings are crowded with tourists holding short cannons.


    This is the first time Mu Xiaoke has seen this kind of battle.
It’s amazing that he still feels a little hot-blooded and impulsive when he stands on the scene.


    “Xiao Ke!”


    Luo Jiaming waved to him from the red line at the entrance.
Next to her was a young lady in a gorgeous Ming-style Hanfu.
The golden phoenix on her hair was shining brightly under the sunlight, dazzling and eye-catching.
That should be the young lady who asked him to customize the hairpin.


    Mu Xiaoke ran over and Luo Jiaming gave him the admission voucher, “Come in, Xiaoyin’s booth is very crowded! Hurry up!”


    Mu Xiaoke didn’t dare to delay, followed them in, and went straight to Xiaoyin’s booth.


    On the way back, Xiao Yin didn’t forget to hold down her hair bun, especially the hairpin.
Mu Xiaoke’s eyes were also stuck to the hairpin and couldn’t be moved away.
He didn’t expect this hairpin to be so eye-catching when dressed up.


    Back at Xiaoyin’s booth, there were nearly ten girls in Hanfu, most of them were high school students, and a few were older, but they were all young.


    “Madam! You are finally back!” 


    The madam called Xiao Yin gasped desperately, “I’m sorry, I went to pick up someone just now. Aren’t you looking for a hair clasp, little sister? Here he is!”


    Xiaoyin exaggeratedly recommended Mu Xiaoke to everyone, which flattered Mu Xiaoke.
All of a sudden, more than a dozen pairs of eyes were looking at him.
Xiaoyin’s voice and movements even attracted tourists who had just passed by.


    “A boy?!”


    Mu Xiaoke nodded shyly, and then took out the box in his school bag.
Several hairpins were wrapped in sponges and kept in the box properly.
When they were taken out, everyone’s eyes lit up.


    “!!” Everyone was amazed, these hairpins were so radiant under the dim light of the hall, they were as noble and elegant as the golden phoenix on Xiao Yin’s head.


    “Did you make these? Did someone make an order? Let’s buy it!”


    Mu Xiaoke was stunned for a moment.
He turned his head to look at Luo Jiaming and the two, his eyes full of uncertainty and disbelief.


    Xiao Yin hurriedly calmed down those excited young ladies, “Slow down, he can’t use his voice recently, he wants to type, let’s see what he says first.”


    Mu Xiaoke looked at Xiao Yin gratefully, Xiao Yin smiled playfully, encouraging him: “Xiao Ke, take your time, don’t worry.”


    Mu Xiaoke introduced the hairpins he made before, and he recorded the materials and inspiration sources for each hairpin, including the price.


    Seeing this, Luo Jiaming simply read the introduction for him and asked him to display it, but when he read the price of the hairpin, Luo Jiaming was stunned, “This agate hairpin costs 1,000?”


    This price stunned the other young ladies, “Is it so expensive?”


    This agate jade hairpin is carved from agate stone, and a crane is wrapped around it with a gold thread.
The eyes of the crane are inlaid with black crystals, and the moire pattern on the edge is made of white nephrite jade.
Although it is not real white nephrite jade, the price of jade is not cheap.
The shape of the hairpin flows like clouds and flowing water, which is quite ancient and can surprise people at a glance.


    Xiao Yin saw the fineness of the hairpin at a glance, so she helped to explain: “Several young sisters are all knowledgeable.
If you look at the stones on it, you will know that the price will definitely not be cheap.
Xiao Ke, you have seven or eight hundred for materials.


    Mu Xiaoke nodded, in fact, he also knows the market, and the price he set is not acceptable to everyone, but this hairpin has to do so to have an artistic conception, Any change of materials would not have this effect, which would lead to the cost reduction.


    Mu Xiaoke saw that the young ladies were less enthusiastic, so he quickly waved his hands and typed out: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t accept it, I didn’t think too much about this hairpin…” 


“I’ll buy this hairpin, madam, please sell it to me!”


    A crisp voice interrupted him suddenly, and the owner of the voice squeezed into the first row.
The young girl with exquisite makeup smashed the cosplay flute in her hand on the table, staring at the agate jade hairpin in Mu Xiaoke’s hand with a smile, and sighed again: “Madam! I like this very much! Sell it to me!”


    Someone next to him exclaimed: “Oh my god, it’s Luo Sheng! That Luo Sheng who sang Liuli Dust!”

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