Mu Kai’s question made Mu Xiaoke instantly alert.
What’s Mu Kai planning again?

Mu Xiaoke hesitated in replying to the message, but even if he ignored Mu Kai, Mu Kai had other ways to know Chu Han’s name.

Forget it, since the other person can know anyway, why should he bother?

Just ignore him.

The next day, Mu Xiaoke went to look for Chu Han, but when he arrived at the door of the office, he saw Mu Kai talking to Chu Han.

Mu Xiaoke frowned and walked over, the annoyance on his face was very, very obvious.
Chu Han was the first to notice Mu Xiaoke, raised his head and smiled at him, and spoke to him affectionately: “Why are you here? Is there anything wrong?”

Mu Xiaoke nodded hard.
Chu Han wanted to take him into the office, “Come in and talk.”

“Teacher Chu!” Mu Kai hurriedly called up.

Chu Han turned his head, “Is there anything else?”

Mu Kai smiled lightly, “If you don’t mind, let me treat you to a meal this weekend, Xiao Ke bothered you in class.
I heard you took good care of him, and you also helped him uphold justice the other day.
My father and I have always wanted to thank you.”

Chu Han looked down at Mu Xiaoke.
Mu Xiaoke shook his head slightly.
Chu Han knew that Mu Xiaoke didn’t want to come to such a Hongmen feast[1], “Let Xiao Ke and I talk.
You’re not in our grade.
You’ll be late for your class if you don’t leave.”

Mu Kai looked at Mu Xiaoke, but Mu Xiaoke refused to look at him.
Mu Kai could only give up, “Well, if you agree, please tell me, Xiao Ke is always forgetful, I’m afraid he forgot it.”

Mu Xiaoke couldn’t believe that Mu Kai could even talk about him like this in front of his face.
This was also said so righteously as if he, Mu Kai, was really a considerate older brother, but unfortunately had a good-for-nothing younger brother.

Mu Kai didn’t care about Mu Xiaoke glaring, and the smile on his face became somewhat more obvious, “Then I’ll take my leave.”

Chu Han patted Mu Xiaoke on the shoulder, “Xiao Ke?”

Mu Xiaoke returned to his senses, with a pair of deer eyes, he looked at Chu Han brightly, and then typed: “My father didn’t say that he wanted to invite you to a meal.”

Such straightforward words were full of childishness.

Chu Han was amused, “Is it really proper to talk to the teacher like this?”

Mu Xiaoke realized that he had made a mistake and was discouraged, “I didn’t mean it, it’s not that my father doesn’t thank you, it’s…”

Chu Han smiled when he saw this, “Okay, okay, I’m teasing you.
Your older brother seems to be quite interested in me.”

Mu Xiaoke was a little stunned, how could Chu Han tell him this? Interest… What interest?

No way, didn’t Mu Kai already have Fu Jiayun and Rong Yanzhe.
Did he still want Chu Han to adore him too?

This person was a bit too much.
No, he can’t let Chu Han be confused by Mu Kai.
How could such a good man be deceived by his scheming older brother?

“No, he should have come to you because he heard that you helped me.
He’s not interested.” Mu Xiaoke hurriedly explained, but it still didn’t seem to make sense.
He was so anxious that he scratched his head.

“Little kid.” Chu Han patted Mu Xiaoke on the head and said with a smile, “Don’t think about it.
You said you had something for me, what is it?”

Mu Xiaoke thought for a moment.
It seemed that there was nothing to do.
He mainly came to see Chu Han and arrived to guard him against Mu Kai.

He was very concerned about Chu Han.
Such a gentleman and gentle big brother helped him several times.
As a result, he was targeted by his selfish older brother.
He couldn’t help but have the mentality of an old hen protecting his chick.
He didn’t want Chu Han to be stolen.

“So it’s all right?”

Seeing that he was hesitant to speak, Chu Han also saw it, “Then I have something for you.”

Mu Xiaoke was startled and lifted up his head to look at Chu Han.
As a result, Chu Han took out a test paper.
“You got a big question wrong on your last class test.
At that time, I looked at you and it seemed that you were distracted.
As expected, it will be wrong.”

Mu Xiaoke hurriedly took the test paper back, looked carefully, and the topic reappeared in front of him.
He remembered his state at the time.
When he was halfway through writing, he suddenly remembered the customized hairpin, and made a mistake after thinking about it.

“Guilty?” Chu Han looked down at him, forcing him to confess——“I’m distracted…”

In Class 3 of Senior 3, Mu Kai and Fu Jiayun were in the same class, and Cao Chengli, who was outspoken in the chat group, was also a student in this class.

Mu Kai disappeared after class today, as he did in several classes, which certainly attracted the attention of Fu Jiayun and Cao Chengli.

Seeing that Mu Kai came back after the teacher arrived, Fu Jiayun couldn’t help thinking.

When the class was over, Fu Jiayun pulled Mu Kai, “How many times have you run back and forth today? Where have you been?”

Mu Kai sighed, “Where else can I go? To find Xiao Ke.
I’m sending him a message and he’s not returning it.
I just went to check on him, but he didn’t greet me even when he saw me.
I don’t know what to do.”

Cao Chengli sat beside them early, and when he heard Mu Kai’s words, he got angry on the spot, “Do you have any bottom line at all.
Didn’t your mute younger brother hurt us badly enough? I almost got kicked out of school, you don’t care about me, but you still want to coax him?”

Mu Kai sat and watched Cao Chengli go crazy, his eyes were somewhat cold, “It was you who misunderstood me out of context and sent these things to hundreds of people.
Isn’t it your fault?”

Cao Chengli immediately cursed, “If not for you, would I care if that brat was sick or not?”

“Cao Chengli, that’s enough, if you keep talking like that, I won’t let you go either!”

Surprisingly, Fu Jiayun burst out and became angry because of Mu Xiaoke.

Cao Chengli sneered: “Ha, it’s true that the sun rises in the west.
Isn’t it you, Fu Daxiao, who was the one who annoyed the little rabbit the most? Why change temperament in a few days? You speak for that brat, you don’t want to get along with Mu Kai anymore!”

“Cao Chengli!”

“That’s enough!” Mu Kai finally stood up and came between the two, “You guys should stop talking about these things, the past is over, I don’t want to mention it again and I don’t want Xiao Ke to be hurt by the rumors once more! Shut up, all of you!”

The quarrel was simply amazing in Class 3 of Senior 3.
Two men fought for a man and condemned the male protagonist’s younger brother.
The joke soon spread.

Mu Xiaoke heard the rumors that had been adapted to an unknown number of versions, and only felt that he had made the right decision to stay away from them.
Now he could get hurt by mistake if he didn’t hang out with them.
If he was still inseparable from them, he didn’t know how others planned to exclude him.

On Friday, Mu Xiaoke received a rare message from Mu Xiangyang.
The meaning in the message was to ask him to invite Chu Han to a meal!

Mu Xiaoke still underestimated Mu Kai’s methods.
He knew that he would definitely prevent Chu Han from eating this meaningless meal, so he directly asked Mu Xiangyang to put pressure on him.

Mu Xiaoke was a little angry, so angry that he refused directly, even if the other person was his father.

“I have something going on this weekend, can’t go out to eat!”





↑1 banquet set up with the aim of murdering a guest / refers to a famous episode in 206 BC when future Han emperor Liu Bang escaped attempted murder by his rival Xiang Yu

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