Only now did he come out of it.

Mu Xiaoke is used to this kind of situation.
Mu Kai said that he asked Fu Jiayun to come and see him.
In fact, he secretly followed Fu Jiayun.
When the time comes, he’ll walk out with the appearance of missing him sickly.
This kind of theatrical effect is very interesting.
After all, in Fu Jiayun’s eyes, it was the weak and vulnerable lover who reluctantly suppressed the love in his heart, just to complete his cruel and unscrupulous young brother.
On such a thought, Fu Jiayun’s love for his lover can burst out in an instant.

Mu Xiaoke nodded to Mu Kai as a greeting, turned around and left, bypassing the two of them, even though Fu Jiayun was still urging him to say, Mu Xiaoke didn’t look back.

Mu Kai pulled Fu Jiayun’s arm, which prevented Fu Jiayun from chasing Mu Xiaoke as he had just done.
Mu Kai opened his mouth in time, his voice was very soft and also with some grievance: “Have you guys talked about it, how’s Xiao Ke?”

Fu Jiayun looked at Mu Xiaoke quickly disappearing back, and shook his head helplessly, “His statement is the same as before…” Fu Jiayun wanted to say that it was the same as what he had seen on the phone before, but after thinking about it, it seemed different.
However, he could not tell Mu Kai about Mu Xiaoke’s ambiguous feelings for him, and discuss the person who has a crush on him with the person he is attracted to, which was really weird.

On the hallway of the floor above them, the person who had been standing there since before Mu Xiaoke left, turned around and went upstairs.

This figure attracted Mu Kai’s attention.

Mu Kai looked up, and his pupils tightened in surprise after seeing the man’s face clearly.

Fu Jiayun looked up after him in confusion, “What’s wrong?”

“No, nothing, let’s go eat, there’s not enough time for late study.”

Mu Xiaoke went to cram school.
Most of the children who came to the evening class together were from No.
1 Middle School, so they were actually familiar with each other.
Since the rumor that Mu Xiaoke was mentally ill was denied last time, these students who went to cram school together no longer continued to exclude him.

Moreover, many of those girls have recently liked to get close to Mu Xiaoke.

Today, the girls finally dispatched collectively, “Xiao Ke, I heard that there was an intern teacher in your class last week.”

Mu Xiaoke saw the girls’ starry eyes and immediately understood that they were trying to get close because of Chu Han!

“Yes, didn’t you guys see that too?”

There are only 10 classes in a grade, and they are all coming and going in the same building.
How can you not see such a tall, long-legged new star male teacher whose face is comparable to that of a big showbiz star!

“I heard from the girls in your class that you have a very good relationship with him ah, we…”

“We just want to know if he has a girlfriend!” An outspoken girl made a sudden remark directly!

Mu Xiaoke laughed, not in mockery, but he thought the girls were cute.
However, he wasn’t sure about Chu Han’s private life, even though they were now neighbors.

He typed and told the several girls, “I don’t know, the teacher didn’t tell us much about himself.”

“Hey, why is this…” The girl no.
1 wrung her hand, “But he is so handsome, I really don’t want to give up.”

“It’s not just handsome, okay! He’s also from Plonchet University, which is world-class.
I don’t understand how our school can recruit such a top student for an internship.” The girl no.
2 said so.

“Right, right, right.
I went to Baidu for his name at that time.
Can you imagine? He has a special Baidu Encyclopedia!!! A college student with Baidu Encyclopedia.
It’s surprising that the page pull bar can be shrunk into a small section.
I couldn’t even understand the various competition awards he won.
God of learning ah, God of learning ah!” The girl no.
3 added.

“Humph! He’s still a scheming man! I called him and couldn’t get in.
It must have set up a whitelist.
I can’t find his WeChat ID.
He was too much.”

Hearing the girl’s words, Mu Xiaoke felt cold in his heart.
The girl not only made a call, but also tried to add him on WeChat.
If she couldn’t get close, she would blame Chu Han for being dishonest…

“Teacher Chu is a good teacher.
Don’t say that about him.
He takes care of us very attentively.” Mu Xiaoke wrote a sentence unhappily.

Several other girls also felt that the girl had gone too far just now, and they all smooth things over and said, “Aiya, we didn’t mean that.”

“Yes, yes, a guy as good as him must have many excellent girls chasing after him.
He’s also doing this to protect his privacy.”

“Xiao Ke, don’t tell Chu Han.
We can watch from a distance.
Don’t let him get angry.”

Mu Xiaoke naturally promised: “I won’t say anything.
Teacher Chu won’t care about us children either.”

Several girls then dragged the girl who said the wrong thing and left.

He thought Chu Han had just attracted some adolescent girls, but he didn’t expect that his older brother would also send a message to ask him: Did you guys have an intern teacher, what’s his name?

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