Why could the family he depended on hurt him so easily, and why did strangers who were not related to him lend a helping hand the first time they saw him?

The two stood in front of the elevator, but the scene was a bit chaotic due to Mu Xiaoke’s crying.
Unfortunately, Chu Han could only take Mu Xiaoke into the elevator, and when they reached the 24th floor, Mu Xiaoke was a little unconscious.
Chu Han could only take him back to his home.

Helping Mu Xiaoke to sit down on the sofa, Chu Han squatted in front of Mu Xiaoke and asked softly, “Xiao Ke?”

Mu Xiaoke raised his head, but he couldn’t open his eyes very much, his face flushed, and he looked extremely pitiful.

Chu Han froze for a while and once again put a new tissue into Mu Xiaoke’s hand.

Mu Xiaoke knew that he should stop his tears and shouldn’t forget his manners in front of his teacher, but he really couldn’t control it.
He was really in pain.
He also wanted someone to accompany him and pat him on the shoulder when he was crying, or, just like this, hand him a tissue.
He wants to be cared for and loved by others.

But he couldn’t get it.

As time passed, Mu Xiaoke slowly regained his composure, and his mind slowly broke free from the numbness.

When he opened his eyes, he saw Chu Han sitting next to him and paying close attention to him.
He lowered his head in shame and apologized to Chu Han by typing on his phone: “I’m sorry, Teacher Chu.”

Chu Han sighed and rubbed Mu Xiaoke’s head vigorously, “No need to apologize to me.”

Mu Xiaoke smiled awkwardly, and wiped away the tears on his face to prevent himself from being so embarrassed.

“Have you eaten? Do you want to eat with me?”

Mu Xiaoke quickly waved his hand and said, “no need”.
Only then did he see clearly that this was Chu Han’s apartment.
The furnishings of the living room can be called simple compared with his home.
It is indeed a rented apartment.

“Actually… the things in this box are for you.
If you don’t eat it, then I’ll save it for breakfast tomorrow.”

Mu Xiaoke was very surprised.
How could Chu Han want to bring him a meal?

“My friend and I went out to eat.
After ordering two more desserts, I asked the shop assistant to pack them back, thinking that maybe you, a child, would like to eat them.”

Mu Xiaoke’s eyes chased after Chu Han’s hand.
Chu Han opened the exquisite packing box, which contained a cream puff and a piece of black forest cake.

It’s really dessert…

Mu Xiaoke looked at Chu Han, wondering how there could be such a good person, meticulous, considerate, gentle and kind.
Seeing him crying like this, Chu Han just stayed with him silently, even when he woke up, he didn’t ask any more questions.
He even comforted him with dessert to make him feel better.

“Why are you looking at me like that, is it really weird to give dessert to a boy?” Chu Han couldn’t help but doubt himself.

“No, I… haven’t eaten dessert for a long time.” Mu Xiaoke doesn’t want such a good person as Chu Han to misunderstand himself.
Chu Han is a good person, and any kindness should be returned well.

“Teacher, thank you, I will eat it.”

The promise brought a smile to Chu Han’s face, and all the haze in the room just now was swept away, with the soft and soothing “that’s good.” Mu Xiaoke had to admit that his mood was also infected by Chu Han.

As the girls in the class said, such a smile is really attractive and captivating.

Mu Xiaoke took the two desserts and opened the door of the room under Chu Han’s escort.
Before entering the door, Mu Xiaoke looked back at Chu Han again.
The expression on his face was no longer bitter, but a cheerful smile.

Chu Han seemed stunned.
Mu Xiaoke didn’t notice and turned to close the door.

That night, Mu Xiaoke’s painting homework was changed to making design drawings, and the sketch of a brooch was quickly completed when inspiration broke out.

After the weekend passed, Mu Xiaoke took the finished hairpin to school, and still handed it to Luo Jiaming during the lunch break when there were few people in the classroom.

Luo Jiaming’s face was full of surprises when she got it, “You don’t even know that my best friend is really going after me.
If I don’t give her the thing in the next two days, my little life will not be saved.”

Mu Xiaoke apologized slightly, “I’m not very satisfied with the few models I made.
I’m sorry to make things difficult for you.”

Luo Jiaming hurriedly waved her hand, “What’s so difficult? In fact, she is too impatient.” She said, as she opened it, “She said I’ll take a picture as soon as I get it…” Luo Jiaming didn’t finish her words.
The hairpin in the gift box was so stunning that she couldn’t speak.

The golden hairpin body is in an irregular sinuous shape, and the top is wrapped with gold wires to form a lifelike phoenix.
What’s amazing is that the phoenix tail is not made of pure gold wires, but coiled into a frame with gold wires and inlaid with glittering gemstones.
It can shine and dazzle in general indoor light.

“The tassels are detachable.
In fact, it’s more classical without tassels.” Mu Xiaoke typed and explained.

Luo Jiaming was about to cry, “How could it be so beautiful? My God, Xiao Ke, are you really a beginner? How’s this possible!”

While talking, Luo Jiaming took pictures from various angles, but the photos taken were far less than one-tenth of the actual object.
“I guess she will skip class and get it back!”

Mu Xiaoke smiled, “As long as you guys like it.” In fact, he would also like to thank this young lady for giving a high price in customization, so he also dared to pursue quality in materials.
Although the gemstones on it are not top-notch jewelry, they are top-notch materials in small accessories, which is why there is such a beautiful phoenix tail.

Luo Jiaming’s words were indeed correct.
The young lady came over and took the hairpin away before the lunch break, and sent Mu Xiaoke ten messages praising the hairpin, with five or six exclamation marks on each sentence, and her tone was very excited.

“I must show off at the weekend Comic-Con! Xiaoke didi, I will ask you to make a hairpin in the future!!!”

“Okay, I’m always available, so just tell me if you need it, oh.” This “oh” was learned from the Internet.
It is said that adding various modal particles can bring closer relationships with the customer ladies.

After school, Mu Xiaoke turned on his phone and saw the news from the young lady once more.

“Wuwuwuwu, when you’re on fire, you won’t have time, I’m sure, you’ll be on fire! Be sure to give me fire![1]”

Mu Xiaoke laughed unconsciously.

“Xiao Ke, what are you doing?”

Hearing Fu Jiayun’s voice, Mu Xiaoke immediately turned off the phone screen, and the smile on his face disappeared.





↑1 she’s talking about popularity

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