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In the afternoon, when he left after finishing cram school, he saw the person he was most afraid of downstairs——Rong Yanzhe.

Rong Yanzhe leaned on the side of the sofa in the lobby of the building with his chest in his arms, obviously waiting for someone.

Mu Xiaoke didn’t want to be narcissistic, but why did Rong Yanzhe come to this office building full of educational institutions? Was it to apply for a job as a remedial teacher?

Mu Xiaoke immediately lowered his head and mixed with the students who went out, hoping to get away.

However, Rong Yanzhe is not such an easy person to fool.

“Mu Xiaoke, if you don’t raise your head, you’re going to bump into someone.”

Mu Xiaoke didn’t want to hear Rong Yanzhe speak at all, let alone hear Rong Yanzhe’s words that were completely disrespectful again.
He painfully closed his eyes, slightly tilted his head and didn’t face Rong Yanzhe.
In order not to receive more insults, he could only stop in his tracks.

When Rong Yanzhe’s tall figure pressed over, Mu Xiaoke already felt that he had difficulty breathing, but he couldn’t speak, and Rong Yanzhe couldn’t understand his sign language.
He could only take two steps back to express his resistance.

Rong Yanzhe could clearly see that since he chased Mu Xiaoke in the community last time, he had not seen Mu Xiaoke again.
At that time, he had already realized that the situation was far more serious than they thought, rather than like Fu Jiayun.
It didn’t realize it until someone said something nasty.

After Rong Yanzhe took the call from Fu Jiayun, he thought to come and see just how much the unyielding kid could hate them.
But the first time he came here and saw Mu Xiaoke, Rong Yanzhe’s long-prepared ridicule couldn’t be said smoothly.
He raised his hand to pull Mu Xiaoke’s shoulder, however Mu Xiaoke dodged it very emotionally and looked at him with wide eyes in horror, as if he was a murderer.

Rong Yanzhe gritted his teeth and endured his anger, “I’ll take you to a meal.”

Mu Xiaoke shook his head like a rattle, grabbed the strap of his school bag and bypassed Rong Yanzhe.

How can Rong Yanzhe let him dodge again.
He pulled his arm, “Why are you so afraid of me, you said you hate me and Fu Jiayun.
Are you also afraid of Fu Jiayun?!”

Mu Xiaoke nodded without hesitation, he was afraid, he was afraid to be alone with any one of them!

Mu Xiaoke forcefully broke Rong Yanzhe’s palm and escaped as if fleeing.

Panting back to the community, Mu Xiaoke didn’t expect to be seen by Chu Han again in his extremely embarrassed appearance.

Chu Han is waiting in front of the elevator with a take-out box.
Seeing Mu Xiaoke’s sweaty appearance, he couldn’t help but ask, “Why are you in such a hurry? What happened?” Chu Han also took out a paper towel and handed it to Mu Xiaoke.
Mu Xiaoke looked at Chu Han and the paper towel he handed over.
His grievances suddenly soared.

Why? For what reason?

Mu Xiaoke suddenly collapsed, and Chu Han didn’t expect it.

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