Mu Xiaoke bought a lunch box and took it back to the classroom.
Luo Jiaming was stunned when she saw the lunch box on the table.
Mu Xiaoke showed her the words, “Let’s eat, thank you just now.”

Luo Jiaming was also hungry, so she didn’t treat Mu Xiaoke formally, and complained while eating, “Your gege is really too much, bullying you and saying so many messy things just because you can’t refute it.”

“It doesn’t matter, I’m used to it.”

Luo Jiaming couldn’t help but feel a bit sorry for him, “If you need my help in the future, you must tell me.”

Mu Xiaoke smiled and nodded, then took out a jewelry gift box and put it on Luo Jiaming’s table.

Luo Jiaming looked confused, “Is this…for me?”

Mu Xiaoke motioned her to open it.

Luo Jiaming wasn’t courteous either.
She opened the box.
Inside was a braided bracelet with light gold braided ropes.
In the center were three brilliant white and round pearls.
Next to the pearls were a few small broken diamonds.
It was very elegant and exquisite.

“Is it for me?” Luo Jiaming liked it right away, but she felt ashamed of it.
She didn’t do anything.
How could she make her classmates spend so much money?

Mu Xiaoke typed: “I made it myself.
Just don’t laugh at me.
Try it on.”

Luo Jiaming was even more surprised.
Mu Xiaoke, a boy, had such a skillful hand.
She couldn’t see any rough marks.
This workmanship, even if it is put in the jewelry store, it’s also possible.

Luo Jiaming sighed: “You’re too good.” While saying this, Luo Jiaming put it on.
Luo Jiaming’s complexion is very white.
Wearing this bracelet makes her skin as white as snow, and it also adds some ladylike elegance.
“It fits so well.”

Mu Xiaoke smiled happily when he saw that she was wearing it well, and his heart was full of accomplishment.
This was specially customized for Luo Jiaming, and it was regarded as a small test he gave himself.
He was so satisfied with the result.

“Xiao Ke, thank you so much, I like it a lot.”

“It’s me who should thank you.
You helped me so much before and it also made you offend the other girls in the class.
This bracelet can’t be called a thank you gift, it’s a little token of appreciation as friends.”

“Then we’ll be good friends from now on!”

At the end of the lunch break, the students in the class gradually came back.
Some sharp-eyed girls couldn’t help but come over and talk when they saw the bracelet in Luo Jiaming’s hand, “Class monitor, did you buy this new bracelet? It’s so beautiful.”

“What bracelet, let me see too!”

“Really, class monitor, you’re whiter, it looks good.”

“Where did you buy it, tell me quickly.”

Luo Jiaming silently became proud.
“I didn’t buy it.
It was given by a friend of mine…”

“Then can you ask your friend to send a link.”

When Chen Xiaoxi heard this, she couldn’t suppress it anymore, and she also probed her head to take a look, and she was shocked, “This… this is a real diamond, how can it not look good?!”

Luo Jiaming was startled by Chen Xiaoxi’s words, “A real diamond? Chen Xiaoxi, you’re not kidding, right?”

Although many of the students in their class come from wealthy families, no one has casually worn real diamond jewelry to school.
After all, they are still young, and even if they wear jewelry, there are many necklaces and jade pendants.

“You think, I’m you? You can’t even tell a real diamond from a fake one.”

No one refuted Chen Xiaoxi’s words, because her family background is indeed good, and she has the most research on these clothes and accessories among the girls in her class.

“Class monitor, isn’t your friend too kind?”

Luo Jiaming couldn’t help but glance at Mu Xiaoke, only to see Mu Xiaoke smiled faintly and shook his head, telling her not to care.

It wasn’t until after school that Luo Jiaming found the opportunity to ask Mu Xiaoke privately.
Mu Xiaoke wrote: “These broken diamonds are worthless.
It was left by my mother who used to make handicrafts.”

“If the class monitor feels overwhelmed, how about you promote it with your friends.
I can accept customization.”

Luo Jiaming exclaimed, “Do you want to open a shop? But your family…” Mu Xiaoke’s family background is obvious to everyone, so why bother to work hard to do these things to make money?

“Class monitor, there are some things I don’t want to make too clear.”

Luo Jiaming wanted to say something, but finally stopped asking, “Okay, I’ll help you! I won’t be formal with you, and you can’t be formal with me in the future either.”

Mu Xiaoke breathed a sigh of relief and smiled sweetly, “Okay.”

Luo Jiaming is a person of action, and she was really not vague when she said that she wanted to help Mu Xiaoke promote.

On the third day after the bracelet was delivered, Mu Xiaoke received his first customer.

After attending the cram school in the evening, he returned to the community.
While waiting for the elevator, Mu Xiaoke took his mobile phone and read the text message, his face smiled unconsciously, and he was full of joy.

When the elevator arrived, he quickly put away his mobile phone, and it was Chu Han who stepped into the elevator with him!

Seeing Chu Han’s handsome face, Mu Xiaoke blushed suddenly, thinking that he had just stared at the phone and giggled, his silly expression must have been seen!

Chu Han was amused by Mu Xiaoke’s copper bell-like deer eyes, he raised his hand and gently flicked his forehead, “Are you afraid that I will eat you, such a fuss for nothing?”

Mu Xiaoke hurriedly lowered his head and slightly touched the place where he was flicked.
This feeling… is so strange ah.

“Xiao Ke, which floor are you on?”

Mu Xiaoke took out the back of his phone with a 24 printed on it.

It has to be said that Mu Xiaoke can always surprise people around him, including this action of writing the floor on the phone case.

“What a coincidence, I’m 24th floor too.” The elevator door closed as soon as the words were spoken.

Mu Xiaoke really can’t control himself.
What’s going on?

When he got to the 24th floor, he didn’t really believe that the world was really small until he saw Chu Han open the door to his house.

“Are you on the opposite side?” Chu Han asked, standing in front of his home.

Mu Xiaoke nodded vigorously, “Teacher, is this your home?”

“Oh, no, it’s temporarily rented.”

With that, Mu Xiaoke returned home in a daze, recognizing his new neighbor.

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