Since Li Shanghai handed over his chat history, Mu Xiaoke has been constantly harassed by inexplicable people, which forced him to uninstall several chat software, and none of his accounts were made public.
Mu Xiaoke knew that these things must have been leaked by his so-called childhood friends.
It may even have been spread by his older brother himself.

“Mu Xiaoke!”

Mu Xiaoke didn’t know that he could cause waves just by queuing up in the canteen to eat.
He looked back and saw that it was Cao Chengli who came, and his older brother was still on the sidelines, pretending not to stop.

It is worthy of being his older brother, who can not only let him lose his dignity in front of so many people, maintain his relationship with his friends, but also maintain his own brotherly and respectful persona.

Mu Xiaoke stared at them indifferently and stood still.

“Ah Cheng, don’t be impulsive, Xiao Ke doesn’t know anything, there must be some misunderstanding.”

After hearing this sentence, Mu Xiaoke estimated that Mu Kai’s play should be almost finished, so he took out his mobile phone and started recording.

“Mu Xiaoke! What do you mean by that!”

Mu Xiaoke is mute, everyone knows this, so he doesn’t say anything, no one can do anything to him.

Luo Jiaming hurriedly got out of the crowd, “Xiao Ke, are you okay!”

Mu Xiaoke shook his head, but the camera was still aimed at Cao Chengli and Mu Kai.

“Senior, what is the matter with you guys that you have to be so desperate, our class is in a frenzy because of your nonsense, and now you want to humiliate Xiao Ke in front of so many people! If you can’t spread rumors, you guys are doing this!”

Luo Jiaming stood in front of Mu Xiaoke and with a spurt of energy, she buckled all the slander back to Cao Chengli.

In fact, Mu Xiaoke told Luo Jiaming these words, and it was Mu Xiaoke who invited Luo Jiaming to the canteen for a meal.

Seeing Cao Chengli and the others blushed with anger, Luo Jiaming couldn’t help but snicker.
What Mu Xiaoke told her was really damaging.

“Xuemei[1], are you a classmate of Xiao Ke? He has some disabilities.
It’s rare that he can get girls’ attention.” Mu Kai spoke softly, but the tone of his voice made people a little confused.
Isn’t it right to care? Classmates can’t care anymore?

Luo Jiaming was immediately blown up by these words, “You didn’t think someone could help your younger brother, and when you see that the situation is wrong, you will spread rumors about my relationship with him, right? Are you really his older brother! How can you expose your younger brother’s scars in front of so many people! You yelled about Xiao Ke’s illness in front of so many parents and fellow students when you came to register in our class! How many students have alienated him because you yelled at the time of registration.
Your older brother is terrible!”

After that, Luo Jiaming grabbed Mu Xiaoke’s arm, “Xiao Ke, let’s go, I won’t eat this meal anymore.
Who can afford to stay with such a bad person!”

Mu Xiaoke was not in a hurry.
He put away his mobile phone and followed the girl out.

Mu Kai stood still, his fists clenched tightly.

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