Mu Xiaoke was sitting on a recliner on the porch, looking at the familiar, almost unchanging woods outside the balcony.
He has been locked up in this room for three months.
In the past three months, he has tried to escape countless times, but every time he asks for help, it will lead to more severe punishment.

A few sparrows flapped their wings and fell through the anti-theft net on the balcony.
They bounce vivaciously in his footsteps.
He smiled unconsciously.
If only… he was like these little birds.

He leaned over and gently touched the little sparrows.
The little sparrows were not afraid of strangers.
They tilted their heads and looked straight at him with their crystal and cute little eyes.

It’s just that soon, the little birds were deterred by a man and scattered one after another.

Mu Xiaoke was also frightened uncontrollably.
When he looked at his back, he saw his nominal husband, Rong Yanzhe, standing behind him.

The last time they met was seven days ago.
Although Rong Yanzhe was his legal spouse, they have never been a couple; he was just a substitute for Rong Yanzhe’s lust, and his older brother was the dream lover that Rong Yanzhe wanted.

Rong Yanzhe locked him up, tortured him, and abused him.
He had become a frightened bird[1].
He was unwilling to face Rong Yanzhe.
When facing him, he would think of some terrible images, which made him restless and even vomited.

So when Rong Yanzhe leaned over and approached him, he immediately jumped up and retreated to the edge of the balcony.

Mu Xiaoke looked up and saw Rong Yanzhe frowning at him.
The fury in his eyes made him even more afraid.

“Is this how you greet your husband?”

Mu Xiaoke turned his head.
He didn’t know what a husband was.
He only knew that he wanted to be free, and the person who deprived him of his freedom was the one who was questioning him in a righteous manner.

Mu Xiaoke was alert, and as soon as Rong Yanzhe raised his leg, he immediately leapt to another corner.

The fury in Rong Yanzhe’s eyes was even stronger, Mu Xiaoke could feel his anger even two meters away.
He groped the wall behind him with the back of his hand, trying to stay away from Rong Yanzhe a little.

But Rong Yanzhe was a head taller than him, with his long legs, he trapped him by the wall in one step.

“Have you forgotten who you are! How much longer do you want to be pretentious! You’re the one who pretends to be pitiful to outsiders.
The one who is timid and afraid to take the blame! Do you think you’re still the same child who can get toys by tears!”

Mu Xiaoke was stunned, his heartbeat had almost stopped, and those terrible images appeared in his mind again.
He wanted to scream, but he couldn’t scream.
He couldn’t cry out.
He was a mute.
There was no way to vent all his fear and suffering.
But Rong Yanzhe uncovered his scars repeatedly, making him remember his nightmares over and over again!

He didn’t want to harm others.
He didn’t want to avoid the blame and he didn’t pretend to be pitiful to get toys! He really wanted to ask Rong Yanzhe, what did he get, what did he get that makes Rong Yanzhe hate him so much.
Is it because he’s not obedient? Is it something he once liked

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