her eyes locked on the dancing ballerina.

”Happy birthday sweety ”,her mother wished her and leaned forward, placing a kiss on her hair.

”Thank you mommy ”,Hazel replied with a wide grin. She settled back on the seat and watched the ballerina dance slowly to the tune of the music.

Silence reigned in the car as they sped towards the busy highway. Hazels parents planned to throw a small birthday party for her in one of the small five star restaurants in the city. Since they lived in the country side, they didn want to take Hazel to the local restaurants for her special birthday party. As they drove towards the express, the only sound in the car was the melody from Hazels music box.

Suddenly a loud screech sounded and echoed around the forest surrounding the road.

Hazel jerked up in her seat, her blue eyes looking around fearfully. She pushed the button on the music box and the song stopped.

Her father looked around the dark road and tried to see past the illumination of the headlights while her mother reached around and tried to soothe her daughter.

”Momma what was that? ”,Hazel whispered in fear and her round blue eyes looked out into the dark night. Her lower lip trembled and she bit down on it, preventing herself from crying.

”Im sure it was just an animal sweety ”,her mother said in an attempt to console her. She turned and looked over to Hazels father and they both exchanged worried looks.

Suddenly the street lights behind them began to go off. One by one, the street light turned off gradually until the road was plunged into darkness. The only light left was from the headlights in the car. Total silence reigned.

”Momma…Im scared ”,Hazel whimpered and the tears she had been holding back spilled down her eyes.

”Don be scared honey. Don be scared. Mommys here ”,her mother whispered to her while her heart slammed within her in dread.

Hazels father pressed down on the accelerator, increasing the speed of the car. He needed to get out of the rural area as soon as possible. There was a rumour that it wasn safe to be on the country road at dusk and he began to regret his decision to leave the home with his family late at night. As he sped down the road, he was totally alert to his surroundings.

Out of no where, something large and mighty slammed against the car, hitting it violently.

Hazel screamed out and pressed her palms against her ears as whatever hit the car the first time hit it a second time.

”Hazel get down! ”,her mother screamed while her father tried to steady the car on the road.

”MOMMY! ”,Hazel screamed again and got down on her knees, crouching low beneath the seat.

There were loud sounds of snarls and growls in the air and suddenly something crashed against the car again, shaking it violently. The windows shattered, spraying broken glass everywhere.

Hazels father struggled to keep the car steady on the road but it was a loosing battle. With one last heavy hit from the snarling creature, the car swerved off the road and soared into the air. It crashed into the forest and somersaulted severally before coming to a stop upside down.

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