Chapter Five

Arabella/Bella POV

Nothing has changed at all since Ive left. The architecture and decorations are still the same elegant, classy and simple.

Student grouping arrangement are back to how they were when I first came with the jocks sitted by the entrance with girls surrounding them, cheerleaders gossiping about the latest news, the smart people who care about their future ( the nerds as youd like to call them) sorted under a tree talking about the next big robotics tournament and so on.

I thought I changed all that, wonder what happened. As if reading my mind and thoughts Amaya leans in and whispers in my ear ” Tasha changed it back after you left ”I start smiling shaking my head , I knew she would do such a thing.

That bitch never gets tired of being an idiot so I have noticed. As you
e probaby wondering Tasha is your typical queen bee of the school. Always wants to be on top and hates when someone is in the spotlight or standing up against her thats another reason of how we split up in the first place.

I met her in pre-school a month before Amaya came in. We were the best of friends up until Amaya came in. Tasha hated Amaya already because of how the two of us were talking with one another and the idea of sharing me was beyond horrible in her perspective.

She spent the whole time being nothing but mean to Amaya along with picking on her behind my back. I soon found out when we were in our second year of middle school I was so furious I ended the relationship there and then and that too in front of the whole school.

She has hated the both of us ever since that day but mainly Amaya so thats why I started training her to protect herself even when Im around.

We head inside and ofcourse a lot of people turn to look some are shocked while others were happy about my return. We reach the reception where Im given my timetable, locker number and keys.

Not surprised our lockers are right next to each other making me wonder if Amaya had a say in this and dragged her dad to make sure our lockers are together .

She takes out her timetable and surprise surprise we almost have the same classes together today.Except for after lunch where we won see each other.

The bell rings letting us know that classes are to begin. Students come bustling in all at once making it seem as If a herd of Elephants who are on a stampede have just entered.

We make it to our first class which is history and to my surprise Marcus and Kyle are in this class as well. They take their seats at the back of the class.While I seat myself in the middle row and Maya seats in the chair besides me.

All the students arrive and the teacher enters. Well you look at that, If it isn Mr sleeps a lot also know as Mr Hovier. He loves to sleep its as if he never gets any sleep at home by the number of times Maya and I used to catch him sleeping around I used to emotionally blackmall him whenever I came in late and he never even saw it as blackmailing he saw it as a sad student with strict parents who want to have good grades which made it so much more fun.

”Good morning students welcome back to East wood High very much glad to see that none of you have left but we do have a familiar face with us Ms Valasquez what a surprise please do introduce yourself for the people who don know you. ” he answers and everyone turns to stare at me.

I stand up not feeling shy at all, ” Ofcourse sir , My name is Arabella Franchesca Valasquez and I used to be a student here but I left due to some family reasons but now Im back and I would love to get to know all the new faces Im seeing ” i answer adding in a charming smile while Im at it.

”That was Wonderful Miss Arabella, now that you have introduced yourself lets begin the lesson shall we ” he says and just like that the day had begun.

The lesson was actually interesting for me but I wouldn say for the others most of them where sleeping or day dreaming and Mr Hovier was not even one of them he was wide awake it must be the beverage he was drinking every twenty minutes. I have to find out what it is so I can get some for myself whenever I go for maths class.

We had Spanish with Mrs Salvatore I enjoyed myself there as well since my father is a Spanish he taught me how to speak it.

Now its lunch time we head to the cafeteria and everyone is yet again sitting in the stupid groups which I had prevented from happening.

The guys table is in the middle obviously. I look outside to see the outside benches are not even occupied by any one. I see Maya heading for where the guys are seated but I quickly grab her and head to every groupie table in the cafeteria taking one of the close friends I have made and I lead them outside grabbing a table and joining it together with another table make it one big table and sitting them all in a seat. I peer inside to meet Marcuss eyes and i divert it to see the whole school looking at us with shock.

And Just like that the whole school follows in pursiut and they all go back to the friends they had made breaking the dumb hang out with your kind rubbish I finally start hearing laughing and people enjoying their lunch.

”Hi guys I missed yall so I brought you guys here so we can catch up again hope yall don mind ” i answer looking at them sheepishly.

”Oh its okay Im glad you got me out of there the testosterone levels were too high for me ” Becky the cheerleader answers.

We ended up talking like as if nothing had changed at all. After lunch we all declared to meet up back here every day and we said our goodbyes and parted ways heading for the lessons.

On my way out Im stopped by the one person I was hoping to avoid the whole day but I guess luck ain on my side.

”I just wanted to see whether the rumours where true about your return and it seems they are true, you have a gained a lot of weight I see ” Tasha remarks with a scowl on her face as she scans my whole body.

”Hi Tasha and yes I am back its nice to see that you have become observant on stuff that don concern you, good for you a little advice before I go maybe you should ease down on the makeup its a little too much don you think ” i answer back leaving her speechless with her face red of anger and embarrassment.

I walk past her not before hearing ”You
e so paying for that bitch ” she fires back.

”Ill be waiting ” I yell over my shoulder and hear her huff and stomp before marching away. She will never change as it seems.

Classes went by fast gym class was amazing. Andrew and I had a race and I obviously won, okay we tied and lets just say he is not too happy about that.

Apparently he was the best athlete in the school so having to have tied with someone that too a girl was beyond wild for both him and the school.

With school over we all agreed to head for the coffee shop close by before heading back to the palace.We reach the coffee shop, I have never been to this one before guess it must be a new one. Its really cute and cozy.

We settle for a booth at the back in a corner and I so happen to be sitted right next to a certain someone with our thighs brushing against one another ever so often but I try not to let that bother me.

The waitress comes by she comes with a sway to the hips and I just know I already don like her, her eyes kept wondering towards Marcus and I don know why but I felt really annoyed by it. Its like I could just lean over and grab her eyes and throw them out the window.

After she finally snaps out of it and finally does her damn job we order at last, Kyle breaks the comfortable silence. ”So Bella can I call you that, um how do you know Maya so well ,how did you meet ”.

”Yes you can call me that and I met Maya in Kindergarten, she was the new girl and me being me I walked up to her and we started talking and we have been inseparable since then ” I answer remembering all the good times weve had together.

Marcus POV

So they have been friends for a really long time, then how come I never saw her around the palace before. As if reading my mind Andrew voices out my puzzled thought.

”So if you guys have been friends for that long how come we have never seen you around before ” he asks.

”Well I honestly don know because Ive seen yall before ” she answers as she takes a bite of her chocolate donut.

”Oh well lets get to know each other better how about it ” Kyle asks with a hopeful glint in his eyes.

”Yeah sure, in fact lets play 20 questions, Maya and I will be asking yall questions and then next time we hang out it will be you guys doing the same for us how about it? ” she suggests and we all agree.

”Okay um, favourite colour? ”

M: Cyan Blue

A: Black

K: Red

”Favourite hobby ”

M: art

A: sports

K: skate boarding

”Biggest pet peeve ”

M: Dishonest people

A: Loud chewers

K: people who bite their nails.

”One feature about yourself that you are really proud of? ”

M: My leadership skills

A: The power to ignore people

K: My bubbly personality

”One thing you look for in a chic ”

M: her fearlessness.

A: honesty.

K: wether or not if she is a vibe.

And we continued on with more questions being diverted our way. After an hour we drove back to the palace where Arabellas ride was already waiting for her.

For some reason I actually enjoyed her company and felt kinda upset that she had to leave. I don even know what is going on with me, But its strange for sure.

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