Chapter Three

Damien POV

One day later

Today is Saturday the fifth of May which means its the day of my dearly beloved sisters party celebration.

She spent most of the day sulking and groaning where she would sit on her own. The only time she began to really brighten up was when she received a video call from her best friend. For the rest of the day she was very smiley might I add.

The palace has been decked up real nice and the guests are slowly starting to arrive. We are currently waiting by the balcony for us to be called out.

”Ladies and Gentlemen welcome the royal family.Their royal highness King Mortimer and Queen Marian (they walk out audience claps cheerfully) Her royal highness and birthday girl Princess Amaya along with our future king of Genovia Prince Andrew and His royal court ”

By now we are all out and my father was asked to make a speech. ” Welcome all to the birthday celebration of my beautiful daughter Princess Amaya (crowd cheer on) hope you all enjoy yourselves tonight ”

Once his speech finished we descended the stairs and the music began to play in full blast and all the young and old were on the dance floor.

1hour later

The party is still going on every one seems to be having a great time.Just as the next song is about to begin it stops and we turn to the stage to find the DJ holding a microphone in his hands.

”Sorry for spoiling your fun but its time for the princesss present so Welcome on stage Mason ”.After his announcement the lights go off then on again and this time it was Mason standing in the position of the DJ.

( Song being sung is Slow dance by Aj Mitchell)

He begins to sing the song with his talented voice which he has been scared to let out since we were kids he would get stage fights easily so its an amazing sight to see him over coming his fears.

He stops for a bit and this time a female voice starts to sing and can be heard from the entrance of the ballroom and we all turn and it was as if I had forgotten how to breath just for a second there.

She starts to descend from the steps and walks towards Marco and Amaya starts squealing, fidgeting and smiling while giggling. I try my best to ignore and focus on the beauty that has entered the party.

She looks absolutely stunning and there is no denying that, she wore a plain yet simple body con dress that hugged her perfectly curvy body elegantly.

Her bouncy curls fall back graciously as the bangs on the front make her even gorgeous. Her tanned skin shines with the light making believe that her skin is soft and smooth. I was not able to get my eyes of off her that I hadn even noticed that the song had ended long back and she was coming over with Amaya holding her hands.

”Guys this is my best friend and soul sister Arabella this is my family you already know mom and dad thats my brother Marcus and his friend Kyle and Andrew ” she introduces us.

I begin testing her name out in my head and immediately erase my thoughts and extend my hand out to shake hers, ”Its lovely to finally meet you ” I say to her adding in a smile mom loves to call ”jaw dropping smile ”.

”Same to you ” she answers shaking my hand adding in a smile of her own and I swear when our hands touched I most certainly felt a spark rush through me in a breeze and Im sure if it.

Our hands let go and for some reason I start to miss the warmth of it. I really need to get myself together.

”You guys can call me Bella if youd like I don really mind ” she says smiling at us all.

Arabella / Bella POV

Hello everyone, I guess an intro won hurt anyone now would it. My name is Arabella Franchesca Smith. I am seventeen years of age.

I was born in Italy so my adoptive father tells me. Yes my adoptive father he adopted me when i was 4 years old. I don really remember anything about my childhood.

He never really told me where he got me from or whether or not my parents are alive. Whenever Id ask him he would Imediately shut me out. I am the only family hes got. His family all either got killed or just died of old age.

He works a very dangerous job and that is running the British Mafia making him the Boss. And since I am his first child even if we
e not by blood I am the heir to the Mafian throne.

The moment I turned ten he started training me on how to defend myself, how I should be able to make a decision or plan really fast, how to use all types of weapons and how to escape in different types of situations.

The most important rule I was taught was ”Once you
e in the Mafia its either you kill or get ready to be killed ” and thats one rule I shall forever keep with me.

Thats a reason of why I had to move to America so I could start training and come back even stronger than before. It was really hard leaving Amaya behind shes the only person who knows about me and my dad and I hope it stays that way.

Now back to the party After my grand entrance Amaya tackled me with a big hug. And she dragged me to where her family stood and introduced me to them. Her brother Marcus looked really hot Im not gonna lie there.

I stopped myself from thinking of such rubbish thoughts and focused on Amaya. But then I couldn help but start to feel a pair of eyes staring at me with so much intensity, I shrug it off hoping that this person would get the idea that Im not enjoying the spotlight which they
e putting on me.

”Wait so how did you get here without telling me and how did you get Andrew to sing ” Amaya asks as she tries putting it all together.

”I was actually already planning on coming here but I got a call from him and he was begging me to come which I was already doing and then he came up with a way of how I could surprise you so I arrived yesterday and I was staying at a hotel , he came over and we began practising ” I explain and she takes every information to thought.

”You were already coming here? ” Amaya s mother questions with a look of confusion on her face.

”Oh yeah thats another part of the surprise I wanted to announce, so its been decided that Im moving back ” I declare reminding myself that I would explain the full story to Amaya behind the reason of my return after the party.

Everyone is silent just for a few seconds before Amaya starts screaming and gulfs me in yet another hug thats the tenth hug shes given me today. All those other ones were her way of seeing wether or not I was real or just her crazy imagination that loves going wild.

”Oh my gosh I am so happy, wait does that mean you
e going to the same school as me, (*she gasps) wait are you also going to stay here with us ” she asks and I could see her parents eyes bulge out in shock making giggle silently.

”Yes we
e going to the same school and No Im not staying with you Dad got me a house to live in with Aunt Margret don worry Ill come everyday and we can go to school together ” i answer and I could see her slouch of disappointment but shrugs it off with another one of her beautiful smiles.

To clear your confusion Aunt Margret is not my relative but the maid she has been working for our family before I was adopted so shes taken care of me and watched me grow up into the person Ive become now.

Dad said since I wasn eighteen just yet I needed a grown up for supervision which Im okay with since Margret is not too strict with me.There will be other maids, My personal driver along with a large number of body guards obviously.

”School starts tomorrow don forget ” Amaya exclaims giving me the stink eye as she escorts me to my ride.

”Yeah Yeah I know, in fact Ill come really early and we can get ready together how about it? ” I ask instantly loving the idea and it seems she loved it too by the way we both started smiling evilly.

Whenever we are together we have a tendency of causing a little bit of commotion just for the fun of it. Her parents reactions is always the best part of it all. Tomorrow will surely be an interesting day.

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