Sofia went back home like a walking dead, she had no Idea if what she just heard was true. she couldn ask her mother or sister cus they also don know the truth. All she did was cancel out everything and everyone from her life. she needed space to think, she had different thought running through her mind and didn know how to let it out.

Nora noticed her sisters distance nature and decided to talk to her about and went to her room which she locked herself in for two weeks ”Sofia, whats wrong with you? is anything bothering you? I can help, Im your sister and you know you can tell me anything. ” Nora said but she didn get a reply then she thought she was just upset with their father and she left.


Sofia still hasn left her room and she was getting everyone worried. her Mom has tried talking to her but to no avail she just didn reply to anyone and she didn eat or drink anything in two weeks. obviously disturbed now her mother asked the butler to break open the door only to find Sofias almost lifeless body on the floor. ”Nora, where are you? call the doctor, Sofias fainted ” she screamed. Nora ran and did as she was told and within the span of thirty minutes the doctor had arrived, he examined Sofia and figured out she was weak due to the fact that she hasn eaten for two weeks. he diagnosed some medicine for her and took his leave. Lucas (the butler) hurried to the pharmacy to get the medicine and it was given to her after her meal.

”Sofia darling, you really scared us. you wouldn come out of your room, talk to us or even have your meals, whats wrong my love? ” her mother asked in tears ”I can keep it in anymore, its obvious they truly love love me regardless if Im theres or not. Ill have to come clean ” she thought. ” ” mom, am I your real daughter? ” she asked. the question came as a shock to Sabrina, no one else knows about it except her husband and her so how on earth did she find out? ”My dear, who told you that? ” she asked ”just answer my question mom Im I your real daughter? yes or no. ” Sofia shouted ”no, your father found you on the street one night and brought you home ever since then Ive always considered you my child. but who told you about this? ” ” don worry about who told me, I can believe you didn tell me all this years. at least you could have told me that Im not your child I felt really hurt hearing it from an outsider. and he didn find e in the road he took me from my parents after they died of depression because he took all their money away. that man is a murder and I don want to have anything to do with him ever again ” she said in between tears ”Sofia what are you saying? did Damian really Kill your parents? ” Sabrina asked confused ”yes, and he took Derek away so he wouldn revel his plans against Liams father. ” she saw the sadness In Sabrinas eyes as she left the room leaving only Sofia and Nora behind. she ran into her sisters embrace because thats the only place she feels safe at the moment.


Everything is back to normal now but Sabrina still couldn get over the fact that her husband is a murderer. Sofias phone rang and when she checked it was Liam, she had no idea why he was calling her but she picked up the phone anyways ”hello ” she said ”hi Sophia, how you feeling now? I really need your help to bring Damian down. would you help me? ” as he said those words she thought about the pain in Sabrinas eyes and everything she has ever done for her. she can hurt this woman that would do anything for her. after much thinking she finally spoke up ” I won help ” then she hang up the call .

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