The next day, Sofia woke up from. what felt like a five minute nap, took her laptop and searched for any useful information she could get on Liam and his family but it was of no use. they are very secretive and there was no useful information about them all she could gather up was there familys history and there dads business. But she couldn just give up, she was the youngest in the family but felt like the peace and sanity of there family relied upon her shoulder because she was his favorite child.

Eventually she dropped her laptop and was about going down for breakfast when her phone rang ”Hello ” she said. ” hi beautiful, good morning ” the caller replied and instantly she knew who it was ”Liam, how did you get my number? ” she asked but he only smirked and said ”Im Liam the only son of the largest business tycoon in the country, I can get anything I want ”

Sofia already feeling annoyed by him praising himself was about to end the call when he spoke ”Im sorry, please don end the call ” shocked Sofia asked ”how did you know I was about ending the call? ”. ”if I reply to that youll hang up ” knowing fully well what he meant by that Sofia didn push on the question ”I know you need my help taking revenge on your father and rescuing your brother, don worry Ill help. ” ”my father has already kept the responsibility of finding that crook on me and I won let him down ”. Liam said angrily

”Thank you, sir I really appreciate. he has really deceived lots of people and kept us in the dark while doing it I don think I can consider that type of person my father. all I want is to avenge my mothers tears, refund peoples money and save my brother. ” Sofia said with teary eyes and she was stuttering. Liam feeling her pains said ” come to the Amazon housing shelter by noon and Ill help you with anything you want ” and he hung up.

what a strange man, he wants to help the daughter of the man that duped his father. could this be a trap? no it couldn his just trying to help such a cute and nice guy can hurt me. Ill go get ready so I won be late.

Sofia got to her destination and was wowed by the building. ”omg, this building is freaking huge. what was dad thinking when he ran away from here theyll surely find him. proceeding she went to the receptionist table and asked for Liam ” do you have an appointment with Mr Clark ” the receptionist asked ” yes he said I should meet him here by noon ”. ” okay Ill give him a call ” the receptionist said. while she was talking on the phone, Sofia was lost in thought about the beautiful interior design of the building that she didn realize the call was over until the receptionist tapped her out of her daydream ”Mr Clark would see you now? she said ”thank you ” Sofia said feeling stupid.


” welcome fair maiden ” he said. ” why do you like acting like a cartoon character ? ” she asked

”because I know you love cartoons ” he replied and they both laughed. ”so, lets get to business now. I want you to help me find my brother and take my dad down ” Sofia said looking serious

”you don need to tell me that Ill already do that without you telling and I also need your help because your the only one his really close to ” he said. ”and how do you know that? ”. ”because weve done our search and asked your workers and they told us the same thing ”.

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