Quintus already with drawn from been the king concubine and help her father to farm more from time to time little stormy was a young man on his own he lived with them from baby and still people believed he looks familiar with an un known person they never expected coni and Ceaser usually visit every weekend . now stormy I grew stronger and stronger he was still below one year .


At the market with cool atmosphere people where walking too and fro :

Nano was approaching stormy with a displease look on his face

”Nano do you see mommy ” stormy asked, no she is not there I think she went to the other side of the market.nano responded , people who where passing by where obsessed by the handsome infant. Stormy was tall, faired skin with blue eyes filled with innocent look like a cute puppy never mind stormy was already used to people staring at him .

Finally Quintus arrived . Mommy stormy shouted and then he hugged his mom I miss my baby ?

Really mom you miss me stormy looked amazed but mom it not that long since you left . stormy responded. Any way i miss you baby.quintus wore a pleasant smile on her face.quitus noticed the uneasiness in Nano face

Are you alright Nano ? Yes I am she answered forcing her self to smile.

Come here Nano Quintus embraced her.nano felt okay and said mom when i was in uncle place last two years by this time I was in school wandering around for the right way a mother should treat her child you just did one . Mom let go home it getting late stormy interrupted .

Yes that right let go home kid. They left and entered ticonis horse they were home in no time Nano carried Stormy at her back while Quintus carried the horse back to its stable.ticonis had a new job in the castle as the king royal Dutch. now handle his farm for Quintus.

When they got inside they were welcomed by the pleasant aroma of the corn bread and bone broth.the door was closed by Nano after then ticonis was out of the kitchen with an apron tied around his waist . immediately Nano and stormy saw him they jumped and hugged him dad good evening . Quintus greeted him ,grandpa we are hungry I have already served you guys food at the table , stormy don forget to pee after eating because if you hold your pee you can be at risk. Okay grandpa stormy answered

The next day ticonis went to work , Quintus took stormy to Mrs Hyde to be home school with Nano . Nano was not only a great beauty but also smart at her age it was closing hour as Nano and stormy were on their way home when the wind blew sand in stormy eye Nano tried to help but stormy sliped into the lake Nano had no choice but to shout for help the prince heard and told coni someone needs help let traced the voice of the person who called for help.fave responded they both climbed the horse immediately let head at the stream coni responded. Fave nodded in agreement. Nano eye were red from tears fave came to help them but Nano was stunned by his same appearance the boy at her front as same as stormy . Fave saved stormy from death Nano tapped him what your name sir ? Miss he is prince fave.coni answered. Fave put is hear in stormy chest he was still breathing then put a little sneer powder in Stormy nose . immediately stormy sneezed and was awake fave mouth was opened the boyl he saved look exactly like him .coni never knew it was thandos son.fave helped stormy up Nano never say anything she was stunned to see another person exactly like stormy. We look alike .fave told stormy but I have blue eyes so as you or are we twin stormy asked


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