**. **. * ”* Huge dream

Ramiel ran out of the prince strong arm now you want me to do wicked things to you I only ask will you be my girlfriend . What! a girl friend am still only four years ,answer me will you be my girlfriend or not she couldn know who was this either Marvin and Myron or a stranger.

She took it all as a reflex , and said Yes I will long to be.

Immediately the stranger laughed loud saying you bitch have you ever been told not to be any one boy friend.the stranger slapped her hard ,her face swelled.

He continued to beat her . She felt weak in her nightmare her vision started to fade, with that her eyes were shut before she passed out she heard people running then she died in her nightmare and her real life

* * *

Alot of people where running to save their princess palace doctors tried their best finally the news about the dead princess is viral now isn it coni Ceaser asked ? If thandos was still alive the blame will be put on him or his son the king will say the baby had bad luck ?

Yeah brother you killed the kid father remember . Ceaser responded.

Knock knock ; coni some one is at the door.ceaser said immediately coni said come in . Sebastian came in with duske

”Master ceaser the king calls for you now? . Okay am coming. They left

Brother go and meet the king he might be angry . okay here i go see you later coni . Ceaser waved at coni then he left.

*. *. *. the king wasn himself I loosed my daughter , my wife too at same year is dead now my precious daughter was included never who ever did this is mistaken. Ceaser came in with the king large chest he bowed lightly your majesty where should I keee-pp before he finished His word the king yelled at Ceaser *were again do I keep my are just asking me foolish questions out of here now.the king looked more cruel by his emotions, character, he had changed his style of talking.ceaser thought Irene bowed to the king a old man came forward then bowed your majesty am random the seer of the spirit world. I can know who killed your daughter .okay let me see how you will help the king answered. Mr sebestain my l luggage to your majesty the dead body banda and duske bring her dead body here now.random luggage and the dead body.random mouth opened wide ”who will have kill the little girl any way your majesty your place of sacrifice Banda direct him before two minutes they got to the king sacred home of sacrifice, some cocontion were with salt spray on her body random and the of death faced with an un known language after a while random was out your majesty you killed your wife by putting trouble with the dead as I heard thandos before he died .he said Instead of you taking care of stormy you rather want to kill him but the baby is safe your majesty the King of the spirit said you any mistake he will take your life or your sons life what no no do you say the baby is alive. Isn Mr random.the king asked Mr random nodded quickly thanks Mr random take he passed gold and diamonds to him . thanks your majesty he bowed lightly and left

* * *

Quintus already with drawn from been the king concubine and help her father to farm more from time to time little stormy was a young man on his own he lived with them from baby and still people believed he looks familiar with an un known person they never expected coni and Ceaser usually visit every weekend . now stormy I grew stronger and stronger he was still below one year .

Chapter eight: infancy status

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