Heavy rainfall beats down on a small town in California. The clouds became darker as the rain continued to fall. The wind blew harshly, causing branches of trees to fall off. The streets were littered with leaves, twigs and trash. There were crashes of lightning in all directions, striking random places at any time. The place resembled a ghost town, as no one was seen outside their homes.

During the storm, a bird got caught in a gust of wind. The wind propelled the bird in different directions, until it finally crashed into a small glass window of a small rundown house.

Moments later, a skinny figure slowly walked towards the window. She placed both hands on her small black sweatpants pockets and stared blankly at the bird stuck on the other side of the glass.

”Its going to die soon. ” Alya mumbled with a plain expression on her face, then turned and walked away from the window.

We skin was pale and unhealthy, and underneath her eyes, wew dark eye bags. She didn seem to be sleeping well.

She then noticed a big roach climbing up the dirty white walls. Her pupils dilated and she quickly stepped away from the roach on the wall. She didn like the thing one bit.


Alya muttered and walked towards a tiny termite infested bookshelf beside a small white mattress on the floor, which looked more like a boulder than a bed. She reached for the only book there, then turned on the lights and sat on a worn out sofa.

Alya opened the book to find the first three pages torn. Alya was not surprised.

What thing ate the book now?

Right between the second and third page, she found a smaller cockroach resting there. Instantly, in a panic, Alya closed the book and threw it on the floor. The roach then came out of the book and quickly crawled away for its dear life.

Alya was getting tired, she bared her teeth in anger.

”No matter how clean this place is, or how much bud repellent I use, I still see these damn cockroaches everywhere! ” she yelled as she yanked her hair furiously. She hated insects, especially roaches. Those specific were a pain in her neck. They just kept on multiplying, no matter what she did.

After muttering some unknown curses, she finally calmed down. She took a deep breath and rubbed her temples.

Alya sighed deeply and picked up the book on the floor. She was really tired of this. She sat back down on the sofa and slowly opened the book again, not hoping to find another one.

She slowly exhaled and tried to read what was on the first page,though it was futile. She closed the book.

Before she could keep it back on the shelf, her stomach rumbled loudly.

”….. ”

She groaned, then slowly stood up to her feet. She then walked up to a small wooden table in the middle of the room, her chocolate brown eyes spot two dollars and an apple.

Hesitantly,she grabbed the apple and took a bite out of it. She cringed at the sour taste, but managed to gorge it down.

It mustve gotten bad on the inside.

Suddenly, Alyas stomach felt uneasy, she quickly ran to the kitchen sink and drank a glass of water. Alya could no longer hear her tummy rumble, with the loud crashes of thunder outside. She had barely eaten in the past few days, and her stomach couldn take it anymore.

With no other choice, she pulled out a small phone from her pants pocket and dialed a number. The phone rang twice but went straight to voicemail.

”Nikki, Im a little short on cash right now, so if yo

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