lutely in control, even though the muscles were jumping his jaw, cords tightening in his neck and his lips were thinned almost to the point of non-existence. Then in an almost savage movement, he had moved swiftly to her side, his eyes were smoldered in such murderous rage that for a second she thought he might strike her. Then as if gaining control of his emotions, a shatter had come down his face, blanking his anger, and in an icy even tone he said, ”I have no respect for you, Glenda, but even you, someone who sold herself to the highest bidder, a whore, cannot believe me so stupid as to pass off your bastard as my child. A whore like you who I am sure does not know who the father is? By God, you will know that I am not to be trifled with. Do you honestly think you can dishonor me and get away with it? Get out of here, you and the bastard you carry, before I destroy you with my bare hands. ”

Glenda was so shocked and frightened that like someone under a powerful spell, she had walked blindly towards the open door. She had walked past the secretariat who pretended not to have heard. Once outside and in a taxi, bewilderment, anger, disbelief, misery but most of all an anguished humiliation, swept through her, that in her pain she sought out her harbor, she had gone to the only person who loved her unconditionally .That was when all hell broke lose.

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