The weeks to follow would be the worst in Glens life. Her whole world turned upside down, if she had thought she knew pain in Leos cold violence, then nothing had prepared her for the revenge of Leo. He had immediately filed for divorce, citing infidelity and with all the tabloids photos as evidence, had proceeded to divorce her with such haste it had left Glen spinning. She had been left, pregnant, penniless and homeless. Her father, Jeff Smith, a rich man had refused to take her in. He had not spared her either, for he was the one to make her homeless. For in her stupidity and whoring ways, he had told her, he would take away the little cottage that housed her grandma Jenny, as punishment.

The media, without the identity of a Wolff, were like sharks who smelt blood, they were ruthless. They had harassed her, paparazzi following her, asking with whom she cheated on Leo with. Who was she pregnant with? Was it true she tried passing her bastard as a Wolff? Her refusal to be interviewed or offer any comment had merely added fuel to the fodder that she was guilty, otherwise why not defend herself? Some gossip rug had dug up her mothers past, how she had once eloped with a gardener and quoted Like mother like daughter, the apple never falls far away from the tree. They had gone to her grandma and harassed her so she had ended up having that third stroke that would be her undoing. Five days later, grandma had died.

It came as no surprise that she would miscarry her baby a month later, she had not been eating or sleeping well. Hell, she could not even afford a doctor. It was few weeks after having buried grandma, I had grown attached to my baby. He- I was convinced was a boy- was the only one who kept me going. After weeks of being stonewalled as I tried to reach Leo, to make him believe me. After being mocked and laughed at my face by Cassandra, for being a stupid fool, when I tried asking for her help to see Leo. Finally, I had began to accept my fate. At least, I had my baby to love, someone who was half Leo. So I got my life together, got a job at a gritty diner waitressing, and a room at a hostel in the slums. It was all I could afford. I tried eating as much as possible to feed my baby. I poured out my heart to that baby. I bought a few pieces of fabric to make clothes for it, as I could not afford to buy ready made ones. Little by little, I was getting ready for my baby. I worked as many hours as my body could take at the dinner. Saving every penny I could. I wanted to afford a nicer place for my baby. I could not offer my baby great wealth like a Wolff, but I would give him all the love in the world.

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