At least for now. And that is where you come in Miss Smith. Your genetic makeup is the only one in the entire federation that matches the system. I would like you to be its host. ”

Glen eyes bulged as she looked at the man in front of her. Had the mans brain been flooded or what. Binding systems to humans was a huge risk not to talk about how expensive it was. Dr Saraus must have read the look in her eyes right for he went on to explain.

”Look Glen, I know this is a huge thing to ask of you. But you are the only person I know with the funds and the probable genetic makeup to pull it. Besides, don you want to make a difference. Imagine how such a system would change the way people took care of children. Think of what a big help it would be to the institute. I swear I will donate to the children institute for free when we move into mass production. ” Saraus persuaded Glen.

”Alright, I will do it. I will pay the money to have the system as soon as I can liquidate my assets, but I want it in writing that if anything happens to me, all of my wealth goes to the institute. Otherwise no deal. ”

”Ok, ok, lets get to it then. Thank you so much Miss Smith. ”

The rest was surprisingly easy. It took Glen very little time to get liquidate her assets. By six months she was laying in a system infuser in Saraus s lab, waiting for the system to be installed within her consciousness. It was an agonizing process but Glen held on by sheer will of mind. After what seemed like forever she finally gave in to the darkness.

* * *

Glen woke up with a start, someone was whispering her name. She sat up and looked into the oddly familiar room. She searched for the person who was calling her but saw nobody there. She tried to recall where she was but the memory kept deserting her.

[No need to look for me, I am in your head]

A voice suddenly popped in her mind.

”Who? ” Glen asked loudly into the room. She could have sworn she heard someone speaking. But there was no one in the room so maybe she was hallucinating.

[I am in your consciousness. Remember me the system you were installed with? I am the good mother system. The only of my kind.]

”Uhm…hi there, but where am I? Did that greedy scientist kidnap me for further experimentation? ”

[No. You are on blue star planet in the early nineties. You are experiencing what is commonly referred to as Rebirth. During the implantation process, Dr Saraus killed you in hopes of keeping the money and me but I saved your life. Let me retrieve all your memories of this life in chronology to avoid confusion for you.]

A sheering pain tore through Glen as a host of memories bust through her mind.

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